Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Visionary And Ruthless Radical!

The question is how could the international community make Russia role to Syria significant to insignificant or none?  how could US allies could get around Russia or excluding Russia, left Russia out, so that Russia can not do anything! Or Russia will be a huge a huge loser! How could we do that? How we make a Russia a huge loser? Because of their evilness!  

Anyone solve this problems they must be a hugely talented genius for savior of world humanity for millions sufferings not only that savior of   trillion dollars of world economics so deserve worldly medallion for sure! We need a compelling  leadership s/he lead this Syrian problem,  we don’t need a pleaser, spineless eloquence speaker, or a status-queue keeper, but we need someone   able to see the beyond, decisive and visionary and ruthless radical!  


Ha Ha Very Sad and Very Funny and Funny and Sad!