Monday, July 30, 2012

Heroes’ Ritual

Some of media is fuss about the FSA religious rituals, jihad etc… why? You ask anyone this earth whether they believe something, probably almost everyone would say “yes”  especially major battles like this the heroes need creed for their unity, every religion there are radicals and none radicals! The revolutionary they only believe themselves as they are very religious, you can imagine so few of media please do not distort this heroic endeavour! Do not distort their holy duty of liberation of their Syria and their people from the suffering! 


Criminal Assad intention of Syria going down with him in his grave, what option he has now, no mother what either way he is dead! 

FSA# Interior ministers of Defence have defected and join the FSA .
30 July 2012

Large defection from all side: diplomats, police chiefs  and military personal, they know that this is criminal last  breath, there is when criminal start killing his own people that is end begin with!