Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You'll Come a-Waltzing Matilda, with Me!

Bushranger Ned Kelly and the Child jolly walk side by side sang as they shoved that jumbuck in their tucker bag…, Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda … and they aim to the Advance Australia…,

Hello Ned, how long it takes time we get there? The child asks
Good question, I don’t know…, still wild and free mate! Ned answers
Did you see the parliament yet? Again the child asks
Yeah, it is hanging at the open gallows! Ned says

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Empty Head

Wow so many monks are doing nothings, so the child asked the master,

Master, why these monks sit and are doing nothings?
Well my child they are doing something, they are emptying their heads for nothings! Monk answered.
Wow master they are going to be all dummies because they will empty their heads! That is why "they laugh out loud to themselves and do nothing but smile.”


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Buddha’s Competitive Advantage!

Do Nothing!
Why do you think the Buddha is so popular ever? I finally cracked the Buddha’s secrete. His everlasting popularity is soaring to the sky and dwelling everyone head. His disciples are very busy, weaning finest robe go around world and preach his “nothingness.” Any wizardry formula can not be explained his centuries-old-devious-dead-man-shrewd-sitting-none discountable amortized investment. He is not even lift a finger, just sit there do “nothingness” money is rolling in, it is called the “enlightenment”. So all the mess come to him and learning his death-note “do nothingness! You must find yourself and you can do nothingness, be nothing, nothing is your ultimate happiness… the happiness, the goal of life, this is your life long endeavor, I am the dead proof! Come my child I am your saver, save yourself from my bosoms of nothingness, so all the mess are packing their pack of hopes and go to Buddha’ dark darkling dark ascendant rooms, mediate mediate through dead cloud, raping dead rain, dead bugs tear drops, kissing silenced misty dead mouths, think of dead lovers, thinking of nice dead glass wine, dead pecan pie etc…, and until finality the Death Knight come to their final dark night: knocking knocking… and saying “ hey you, your times up, lets go the next station of nothingness!”
The Death Knight dragges the child away so the child is calling to the Buddha
“Hey Buddha where is my happiness as you promised!”
My child I promised you the “nothingness! Finally you achieved it” I keep my promise always! Buddha says.

The child has been thinking it is so unfair the whole things so he declare with a burning vengeance as:

As the leaves of fall burn more crimson than the flowers of spring
All of creation is completely laid bare
As living is empty, and dying too, is also empty
I go forth smiling, within the ocean-like absorption of the Buddha
He dethrone the dead-greedy Buddha and become the new-greedy dead Buddha himself, reincarnation! It is called a deadly business!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ground Breaking Discovery

I really good look at my self this morning
Surprise surprise I was there with me
Amazing stuff
Kidding myself
Divine grace the hellish nine headed beasts
Earthly seven sea bodies
Licking truth her hellish tongue
You are the universal truth I told myself
Greediness of the truth have more
Always greedy for the sake of the truth
The truthfulness of sword
The truthfulness of shield
Play around poking around
That is going to be a fun
I need the whole truth nothing but the truth
Finally I made myself home within me
Declare I am the universe
The truth I am the truth!!!

Gee that was easy to beat the record!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding Young Sun

Hey Young Sun
Do you find yourself?
Well yes or no
I thought I find true of the truth but then
I ask myself true and false question my findings
You see I find myself full of vileness full of vengeance full of nastiness all full of ugliness O I was a hellish beasts with nine heads I hate myself… true or false? =Truth
And I find myself also full of goodness full of graces full of virtue full of beauty I was a purest maiden I was smitten myself full of my merits and resoluteness…. True or false? = Truth

So Truth +Truth = Truth or False?

Child and the Master

Why do you say
Do nothingness?
How that is my utmost happiness
Negations of all my burning desire
Overcome emotional hiccups
Why is that Master? Child ask him dispassionate manner
That is what I have been doing ever since, the Master says
Wow I don’t want to be the Master of nothingness

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Young Sun Where Are You?

Where are you my child?
Here I am here
Where? OK I am looking for you now
Here I am here I am!
OK I still can’t see you! Where are you!
Here girl I am in here right here!
Hey you, Young Sun where are you?
You will find me soon if you want to…
Don’t rise your voice my child
Under the plum flowers

Child and Monk
Child ask
What is true?
Well true is true! Monk’s answer
What is mean “Well true is true?” Child ask
Well, the true is the true! Monk said to the child
Well master you are lying because you don’t know the true
So you can not tell me the true! Blunt child
Well that is the true! Monk says

Heavenly Mate

On a fine day under the plum tree
There is a bosom mate of Lie and True finally made a heavenly nuptial
Questions and answers for exchanged their vow ---
Hey True what do you think of me? Do you really love me? Lie’s passionate ask
Well you are my finest ever graceful thing as ever, my dearest love of my life of course! I am deeply smitten by your enchantment!
Now, my dearest lovely thing tell me the true what do you think of me? True ask Lie
Well you are my pack of goodness of heaven, my dearest of love, I can not bear let you out of my sight, we are heavenly mate! Lie says breathlessly

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Things Comes So Easily!

Alan says I am a something of intellectual snob. I am not sure I am, but I have been thinking, the thing is I look into well known, I mean worldly well known, every one says so, hey I am not an angel. I don’t know what is this mean worldly well known, there is lots of brilliant people who is not well known but nevertheless they are brilliant. In this information age, there is unbelievable size of things out there for us. A huge challenge is then how we know what is right for us what I have to read and same time I don’t mind my brain washed, brain-drain by some brilliant minds instead of some of evils! People; e.g. Nobel medallist, entrepreneurs, with proven track record holders, they have a well known brand-brain in their sheaves so my choosing is purely connivance for me and time saving. I said to myself WOW they had this and that, so they must very really smart, I can pick their brains, Thanks! Thanks! Your tank size of emphysema noisy announcement! Anyway I am not have to go through immense data and filtering out. But simply tell my brain, hey you brain read this, it is recommend by Prof Krugman so my brain says Ok, safe, thick off, go on, read it but mind you he is not an angel but he is also a devil, mind your steps Ok. But I am reading this because he says it is one of his best specimen in his archipelago spacecraft! Gee thanks all the sweat and blood for the work I can read it freely He he hee definitely there is a such thing as free lunches!!! A Lot! All mine!

Update: Many thing I learn when I follow well-known brain-brands’ tracks, they disclose everything what they know kindly without reserve, sometimes they rant, they rant more the better while they rant they tell us more! Have a great sparing matches, they fight like boxers, instead on a ring but on their blogs. So a great opportunity for me harvest their hard work, this Project Syndicate also a great example of I picked up when I read Prof Mankiw blog.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moral Is Fabric Of Our Life!

Pet hate going to supermarket, why so many people in the supermarket same time, they should shops middle of day while they are at work, few hours skipped from work, doesn’t’ matter, forget about loss time for economic terms, threat yourself, I say, well very same reason I go there. I just can not understand people loves shopping sake of shopping. Goaled their hand and feet trolley, dance around, made a supermarket is their ideal place rant and temple of auxiliary.

Self check out ideal for person like me, fast few items in a basket, probably that is why I had to so often, but then I go supermarket what I need when I need so desperately.

Tonight for example, my bread barking, yeah I have been trying, few time went to flops e.g flat bread reached flatness only, temperature was wrong so bunt, succumb bread, stone bread, finally last few time I was success of brakeage so I am proud of it. Bread becomes swollen like a maiden breasts inside my oven. This afternoon, I went supermarket for egg for my bread. I picked an egg tray and some dry fruit and went to a queue. O man, heck of long queue made me rampant and dismay, looking at the people at the queue with aghast, I hate the people too. Bitterly blames them my incipience inconvenient. Olden days some time I left basket right there I walked off, I couldn’t bothered waiting the long queue, but now I realized and become a wiser if I do that I lose my double time, so I won’t do that anymore. I become a smart aren’t I? so I sigh deeply, and put my basket side and was reading shelves, it was coffee and tea section, wow so many difference teas, I never trust tea drinkers I told myself, at coffee section I have never seen so many difference coffee honestly! Wow you coffee come from long way and thank you very much my every morning, I only trust coffee drinker like myself I told myself. I was looking around my right side which behind my queue; they are young Chinese girls netting away their mushy mushy stuff and left side a girl was reading away her waiting time, waste not want not. She a was faraway grail, don’t care her inference foot work in her basket-moving following queue. She was full deadly concentrations on her swastikas rowing brain is a waiting line striker. So I was interests in what she was reading. What are you reading? I asked her invisible way, and I was poking my head into her book too. I self- invited into her visual territory, reading her book, I was taller then her so I actually top of her head into her book. She was reading “ black gate never open” a book chapter, it was a science fiction. She was absorbed the afar. Getting interesting so I put my head more closely read the book with her, a line come to me “Moral Is Fabric Of Our Life!” humh…, then suddenly she was looking at me her blackest smartest silently eyes with be-wildest and her eyes were asking “what are you doing? So I said “gee that is interesting?” what is it? I bent my head her book face, it was wired wiry book cover. She didn’t do anything but she put her head into her book again, but she put her book out more distant so that I can read too. she couldn’t care less whether I invade her space, I could not care whether she share with me her book or not I just read her book away and the time came she fold her book without regarding my reading just gone to a check out counter….