Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Young Sun Where Are You?

Where are you my child?
Here I am here
Where? OK I am looking for you now
Here I am here I am!
OK I still can’t see you! Where are you!
Here girl I am in here right here!
Hey you, Young Sun where are you?
You will find me soon if you want to…
Don’t rise your voice my child
Under the plum flowers

Child and Monk
Child ask
What is true?
Well true is true! Monk’s answer
What is mean “Well true is true?” Child ask
Well, the true is the true! Monk said to the child
Well master you are lying because you don’t know the true
So you can not tell me the true! Blunt child
Well that is the true! Monk says

Heavenly Mate

On a fine day under the plum tree
There is a bosom mate of Lie and True finally made a heavenly nuptial
Questions and answers for exchanged their vow ---
Hey True what do you think of me? Do you really love me? Lie’s passionate ask
Well you are my finest ever graceful thing as ever, my dearest love of my life of course! I am deeply smitten by your enchantment!
Now, my dearest lovely thing tell me the true what do you think of me? True ask Lie
Well you are my pack of goodness of heaven, my dearest of love, I can not bear let you out of my sight, we are heavenly mate! Lie says breathlessly