Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Man Walking

Libya's Berbers warn of campaign against govt - AFP
They also want their rights and language, Tamazight, to be officially recognised in the new Libya...

What a great future this shining young man, indeed he is future of Libya, part of Libya!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moon At Dark Night

Images are from Google
Last few days I have been constantly thinking of midnight seascape, pitch dark sea where is a ghost is standing at a bay she is tenderly gazing at sea  so I searched but I could not find something I like but instead of these. They are acutely very beautiful darkness, all the things in there  to clarify. When you are in the dark you can see more Cleary. Moonlight o yes illuminate moonlight moonbeam is bathing her rite in her ocean, wearing with dark silvery boot walking softy watery land. Naturally she lives at night when night is pitch dark, not many people able to see her becase they are all busy to sleep, so when she wake up walking with her  splendor dark nightly gown, so no one but her lovers only see her.   Her hair is pitch dark and her face is shining white she has so many pearly stores in her treasure box and selling endless evil eyes lucky stories to stars.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling Each Other

Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels The Daily Telegraph

Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities for aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against tyrant al-Assad's.  Matter of time friends, how much blood need in  his hand? Here is another dead despot walking!

Photo: EPA
They feel each others, so naturally they can offer weapons for  sure. I mean how anyone, so called  a leader can get away from killing so many people, wrecks their countries midst of atrocities. Everyone knows everything there is no such things as secretes. They forget their duty, they are servant of their people to serve, if they forget this holy duty and wrong ideas in their heads, that is end of their terms for sure! Despots’ faith are all the same, digging their own graveyard!   

I think all the ghosts will come to live and haunting all the despots and they will be punished by their deadley sins. Like this heeheha…

Ghosts say, we come from abyss, ten thousand  years afar. There darkness carved into lighting years, sins of sinners, their own killing marbles their  own killing. We come to live punish you all. Your greediness is your own hanging robe, knotting your  sin every grip of your breath into your end.

Signed by the Hell Evil Eye Messenger

Lose A Whole Lot Or Lose A Bit!

Here the Telegraphy-via to Kurgman’ blog, Ms Merkel was talking about punishment first instead extinguish fire first.  Also she refuse ECB as a lender. Wonder all the way what she has been her mind.  But “lose a whole lot or  lose a bit!” That is a question. Yearh, I go to listening my music!   

I was listing this late last night, dark sound of running, edge of soul running away fading away with darkness, shadow hunting you follows,  desperation or something, then I realized when I read euro I feel like this music I am not sure why but  it agitates,  and get all stuffed!! Thriller  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I and My Amazing Sunset

image from Google

When I open my eyes can see $$$$$$$$$%%%  euro meltdown,  so my mind is toward beautiful things that I can have my own without anyone’s bugging.   I know where is the most magnificent sunset I can see, that is my secret so I can not tell you even if you share with your pecan pie with me. Budding wild flowers sounds I can hear sound of night all that belong to me without anyone bugging.

Hey I just listened this ABC FM you can have too!

I think the world  are actually better off without euro I think, the  leaders are so politically driven instead doing right thing

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I and Sunset.

The most beautiful moment  

Google Image

Why sunset is the most splendorous and amazing phenomena. Becase simply I love it that is why. I don’t need know why; love it that is good enough for me.  But one thing clear that it is “fleeting” feel utter that is so brief, gone with dusk. Magnificent things that are never remain forever.   When you see or feel thing so splendors you forget everything and you are with them with that moment.   Think of fisherman tied his board shore, squeaky smell to seas chafing sound of dusk prepare to the dreamy night.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pecan Pie and I

I love pecan pie, I am not sure why, but crunch crunch melt into my mouth and I can eat whole lot. I am not regrets that is I am and my pecan pie is. I treat myself, sugary bit weight forget it that is all gone out of window. Fleeting moment only pecan pie and I. The nice taste and small, take away whole my soul and heart.

Picutre from NYT
Sometimes back, I brought pecan pie and went to a bench (mind you I don’t eat food in public), while I was having it there is nice music my ear and sunset O yes sunset set his holy face to the dusk amazing smile was giving  away to his night so, I chocked myself and  taste of  pecan pie was bitter but nicely bitter. Thinking of things…,    heart and soul to pecan pie fleeting  

By the way pecan pie goes with a nice glass of red, try it very nice indeed! Money back guarantee!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

South China Sea is My Sea

Everyone claim over the China Sea so I declare myself of the owner of the Sea too.

Chinese officials have given the most optimistic estimates of resource wealth in the area. According to figures quoted by the US EnergyInformation Administration, one Chinese estimate puts possible oil reserves as high as 213 billion barrels - 10 times the proven reserves of the US. But American scientists have estimated the amount of oil at 28 billion barrels.

According to the EIA, the real wealth of the area may well be natural gas reserves. Estimates say the area holds about 900 trillion cubic ft (25 trillion cubic m) - the same as the proven reserves of Qatar.
The area is also one of the region's main shipping lanes, and is home to a fishing ground that supplies the livelihoods of thousands of people. ...
There is no country has military power claim over the resources rich sea, except China. So China using their manpower building military power along with their economic (billion people is weapon, asset and burden) last decades and increase its presences wherever its interests are.   

Heads of Expression

Narration of Body Language

Talking about China Sea, humh deadly sensitive issues. China is looking for old glory.  Least Yankee, they don’t claim land of their old colonies. They spent on trillions dollars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the  day they don’t claim these countries’ sovereignty. They have  some resources, economic benefit so as other counters do the same, but wihout spent on penny.  

The below is Mrs Clintons' America's Pacific Century
Harnessing Asia's growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama. Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology. Our economic recovery at home will depend on exports and the ability of American firms to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia. Strategically, maintaining peace and security across the Asia-Pacific is increasingly crucial to global progress, whether through defending freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, countering the proliferation efforts of North Korea, or ensuring transparency in the military activities of the region's key players.
Just as Asia is critical to America's future, an engaged America is vital to Asia's future. The region is eager for our leadership and our business -- perhaps more so than at any time in modern history. We are the only power with a network of strong alliances in the region, no territorial ambitions, and a long record of providing for the common good. Along with our allies, we have underwritten regional security for decades -- patrolling Asia's sea lanes and preserving stability -- and that in turn has helped create the conditions for growth. We have helped integrate billions of people across the region into the global economy by spurring economic productivity, social empowerment, and greater people-to-people links. We are a major trade and investment partner, a source of innovation that benefits workers and businesses on both sides of the Pacific, a host to 350,000 Asian students every year, a champion of open markets, and an advocate for universal human rights.
Many neighboring countries, boarder with China, the very reason worry about China’s territorial ambitions, along with economic and  military power. The memory is so fresh as not long ago some these courses were colonies of old China empire.  Tibet is a morden story.  Funny with world of politics  

Music for the Night

From FM ABC  now

Friday, November 18, 2011

Heads of Feelings

The PM and the President appeared to have an affectionate relationship, said Michael Kelly.
Ms Gillard fawned over the President and looked like she was going to cry during Mr Obama's address to Parliament yesterday.
"It's amazing how Gillard looks at him," Mr Kelly said.
"It almost looks like he is her hero."
Mr Kelly said the event was also likely to have brought back fond memories of Ms Gillard's emotional speech to the US Congress in March, when she choked up on revealing the 1969 moon landing made her believe the US could do anything.
The President appeared less comfortable with Tony Abbott, raising his head when the Opposition Leader spoke.
I think everyone bit of envy that is all. I think not only the PM but rest of media crew too. Well mind you, a kittle called a pot black. But sadly their in a glass bowel  they can not mischief even if they have some kind feeling each other for sure. But it doesn’t’ matter as long as genuine that is good for us. Ms Gillard  should not forget her role, because if she had bit of infatuation she may be compromise our interest, but as long as she keep us in her mind she can play.  We need alliances, democracy and  powerful is always better  dark unknown. Mr Abbott will be right there too male kind of revelry.   Anyway stop tongue wigging as long as they are doing their job and bring the home with  heaps of jobs their private feelings their own freedom.   

I have been thinking we are all incredible feeling about Apollo 11 Moon landing.  I think fair to say that is not only USA achievement, but also all humanity achievement, how we human are so we can be  ingenious creative.   We should give Yankee a huge credit that. Going to moon is not something of going to your local market for sure. Every times I look at the moon, I think of how a great human species is. We are indeed very smart species so proud of ourselves.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Freedom And Democracy Are The Fundamentals

"The currents of history may ebb and flow, but over time they are moving decidedly, decisively in one direction," he said. "History is on the side of the free - free societies, free governments, free economies, free people. And the future belongs to those who stand firm for those ideals in this region and around the world."

You know if you have firm ground you can actually play a bully big brotherly game. What Yankee-Nato alliance has done Libya I am so grateful because   all the Libyan get free freedom in their life forever.  The world bit weary about ever growing strong presence of  China at the  Indian Ocean water and else where. While Yankee carried their trillions dollar( do Yankee way a huge scales)  mission both Iraq and Afghanistan, China has been expending their trade blocs along with Silk Road, access all the natural resources for their need to grow two digit economy and food supply for feeding billion people. There should check and balance power.  

This is bit of side story,  I think Ms Gillard poll is boosting. Do you think (obviously they have very good relationship Aussi and Yankee always have been cuddling relationship!)  Gillard asked  President Obama that; “Hello Barack can you help?  My poll every bottom pit, can you come down for short time and boosting my poll?”  And Obama would says  “ O Julia, no problems I can be handy what is good thing about mate, sure I will come down! “  

Yankees are amazing, they give amazing power to their executive and same time put them into a glass bowel ever scrutinizes their every movements during in their office terms. Every Yankees  are ready in their impeachment pick line in their garage.

President Obama Got Lots Of Kisses and Hugs

Rick Rycroft / Reuters
"We need growth that is fair; where every nation plays by the rules; where workers rights are respected; where businesses can compete on a level playing field; where the intellectual property and new technologies that fuel innovation are protected; and where currencies are market-driven, so no nation has an unfair advantage.
Play by the rules, norms and culture. If you don’t play rules you are out. Unwritten rules are much more powerful than written rules. Written rules are enforcement but unwritten rules mind of people and essence of souls. That is why most often Nobel laureates( peace) recipient were went to jail.  We don’t do certain thing because not the law says so but that is against our essence of consciences. Ms Gillard gave him lots of kisses and hugs and sent him off lots of love cuddle cuddle,  because he plays by the rules, he is the guy who plays big rules. I think international politics all about a big guy and small guys. We rest of us what is best for us, in-between sandwich fillings,   wind blow whichever side so we go for that side.  I must say Yankee did a great job around world, plays a bully big guy, no one complaints, as long as markets there for us well what-the-hell,  not that they are angels but rather democracy, transparency better then unknown dark systems for sure. So I think Ms Gillard kisses and hugs are very worthy of affectionate (yarkk…) down under – upper head politics. Umh yeah... hoping he is not one night stand guest!! O yes he said that he will stay for long time…! Wow what a heavenly cuddling relationship! Do you think somewhere down under deep sea bed  there is a huge oil reserves? That would be nice!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Structural Surgery In Euro

Here is Nouriel Roubini from Project Syndicate: says bloody euro need an austerity measures and structural surgery:
So, now what?  
Symmetrical reflation is the best option for restoring growth and competitiveness on the eurozone's periphery while undertaking necessary austerity measures and structural reforms. This implies significant easing of monetary policy by the European Central Bank; provision of unlimited lender-of-last-resort support to illiquid but potentially solvent economies; a sharp depreciation of the euro, which would turn current-account deficits into surpluses; and fiscal stimulus in the core if the periphery is forced into austerity.
Unfortunately, Germany and the ECB oppose this option, owing to the prospect of a temporary dose of modestly higher inflation in the core relative to the periphery.
The bitter medicine that Germany and the ECB want to impose on the periphery – the second option – is recessionary deflation: fiscal austerity, structural reforms to boost productivity growth and reduce unit labor costs, and real depreciation via price adjustment, as opposed to nominal exchange-rate adjustment.
That can be a risky business but there is no other option as you have to do it. You have to go through painful steps and getting things right. It is called “all suffer togetherness”.  


Wow from Al Jazeera; Italy problems, speaking lots of different language!  

Don’t say too big to fail too big to bail out, that is lonely language only!

for change...,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We are Janus

Dani Rodrik from Project Syndicate

Euro problems essentially leadership problems. Need a strong leadership , who able to tell stroy that emphasizing nationalism “without overtones of nativism and xenophobia.”
As my Harvard colleague Jeff Frieden has written, this paved the path for two distinct forms of extremism. Faced with the choice between equity and economic integration, communists chose radical social reform and economic self-sufficiency. Faced with the choice between national assertion and globalism, fascists, Nazis, and nationalists chose nation-building.
Fortunately, fascism, communism, and other forms of dictatorships are passé today. But similar tensions between economic integration and local politics have long been simmering. Europe’s single market has taken shape much faster than Europe’s political community has; economic integration has leaped ahead of political integration...,

Woah, that can be challange, there is anyone in history of this kind of political leaders? We human are basically fear of strangers, it is a human nature, human being are instintiviely agaisnt others that are differenct than they are. Gee, telling people you are wrong becuase you fear of strangers, that can be diffiuclt! I need my old blanket, thinking of how familietity so comfort! Nice sweet rose smell, cool story starry night, lovely voice lullabies… Hey just moment but we are Janus! I want to see the horizons, how far it is! It would be see wonderful see other side of world, to meet nice people felling in(out) love…

All this euro problems everywhere  desist euro diseas, there is no magic potion for sure!  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who Likes Euro Mesh Potatoe?

No angel in the euro table - Yeah Yeap euro is too meshed up, too messy to serve!    From Reuters

Which way you want to go?

I want to go my way!



That can be like Kamikaze?


The euro signing singing its heart out like this!

Listening this lady singing, amazing splendorous voice and performance!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

It is normal to discuss the sovereign debt problem by focusing on the sustainability of public debt in the peripheral economies. But it can be more informative to view it as a balance of payments problem. Taken together, the four most troubled nations (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece) have a combined current account deficit of $183 billion. Most of this deficit is accounted for by the public sector deficits of these countries, since their private sectors are now roughly in financial balance. Offsetting these deficits, Germany has a current account surplus of $182 billion, or about 5 per cent of its GDP.

Is there any way of improving the chances of success for the eurozone’s chosen strategy? Theoretically, yes. Germany, as the main creditor nation could choose to grow faster, and accept higher domestic inflation for a while, in order to ease the process of adjustment. In practice, Germany shows no sign of accepting this, but it is the best solution available, not only for the debtor economies, but also for Germany itself.

Here, the below  is ever again Krugman's  nice “a  picture tells millions story within second!!” visual feast! Nice decoupling red and blue, are they go separate direction?  O euro are you going to divorces!

 Yes, there is a clear policy, both side of beneficial but why Germany doesn’t want to do? That is question, I suppose politics, and inflation is immediate affect on people’s daily life!  Need a visionary bold decision, Ms Merkel needs a glass of steep drink?

Here the euro sing song of their faith!

It is now ABC FM!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Best Person Should Get the Job

"We don't want a Party of God here in Libya, like Lebanon or Afghanistan," Omar Salem el-Ghaied, the deputy head of the Misrata military council, said, referring to Hezbollah and the Taliban. "We want to build a state on normal, modern organizational terms. The best man for the job [of leading the national army] would be a man who is a patriot with skills and experience, not someone who counts how many times he prays each day."…
I like that I thought the Chairman of NTC, he is been in that position because of he plays to the God so many times a day! I might be wrong! Anyway if everyone same set of objective well yes, why not they can solve problems by mutual respect and talking. But power is strange things when people smell of power they are intoxicated by  they can not get out their addiction. That is a problem.

P.S. Yeap definitely plays not prays!  

Euro Should Be Diversity

Euro should learn its creativity from the Diversity!  

Amazing they are must reading  and watching lots of Star Wars! Spunky Spunky!!

a vision, small mounds or mountains, O probably desert field, there is no trees but bare soil, light golden cooper colour, there were dark bird like creatures; bird headed and winged but bodies are like human and dance at the top of the mounds. 

And there is another vision, standing a top of mountain, a field of mid spring spread out front of me,  mess golden flowers covered at the sliding field, bees butterflies flying over golden collared field, what a scene!

Spunky-Spooky Euro

Here is Rogoff from Project Syndicate  says strong euro is spunky-spooky  business.  
Absent a clear path to a much tighter fiscal and political union, which can lead only through constitutional change, the current halfway house of the euro system appears increasingly untenable. It seems clear that the European Central Bank will be forced to buy far greater quantities of eurozone sovereign (junk) bonds. That may work in the short term, but if sovereign default risks materialize – as my research with Carmen Reinhart suggests is likely – the ECB will in turn have to be recapitalized. And, if the stronger northern eurozone countries are unwilling to digest this transfer – and political resistance runs high – the ECB may be forced to recapitalize itself through money creation. Either way, the threat of a profound financial crisis is high.
And here 6 things that make the euro spooky-spunky!   Spunky-Spooky Euro!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where The Golden Goose is

Yuriko Koike’s article from Project Syndicate –
TOKYO– Despite the relentless shift of global economic might to Asia, and China’s rise as a great power – the central historical events of our time, which will drive world affairs for the foreseeable future – America’s focus has been elsewhere. The terrorist attacks of 2001, followed by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Great Contraction of 2008, the Arab Spring, and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, all diverted the United States from helping to create a lasting structure of peace to accommodate today’s resurgent Asia… 
What Asia most needs today is a well-conceived regional system, embedded in binding multilateral institutions. A “Trans-Pacific Partnership” between Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US, and Vietnam to govern supply-chain management, intellectual-property protection, investment, rules on state-owned firms, and other trade issues – likely to be announced in Hawaii – is a good start in the economic sphere. But much more is needed. 
Ultimately, the best way for peace to prevail in the region is for the US and China to share responsibility for a regional order with Asia’s other powers, particularly India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea.
…Keep reading

So clearly where the future economic power is, the emerging economy is, the Asia pacific ream. Least foreseeable future next few centuries the economy power house is the current emerging economy.  Demographic; education and population and all other mean.  US focused on these Middle East and Western and Central Asia was because of their acquisition of resources. China  has been  the old silk road which is a great success to extent to the African continent.  Recent US involvement in Libya was one of the great successes. As the  Yakee demonstrated  they are not  “Kangho Kangho” bully big brother but powerful ( there is reasons behind this ) or sophisticated   enough  sit backseat let the French and UK at the front driving seat. In Libya,  Yankee contribution( relatively short and small compare to US has been spending elsewhere i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan) will be, well reward for their mutual beneficial relationship. Most Libyans thankful to US’s help for their freedom –The new prime minister is US educated-- That is all about smartness.   Yes US involved Iraq and Africanise Afghanistan is costly and headache, beneath façade there are lots of hostility toward “Yankee”. I think it is time US really serious focused on Pacific Ream, for their smartness,  where the golden goose is next centuries.