Sunday, December 22, 2013

YOU Listen This ...

And we talk.... then...

Remember This????

A shining pearly summer morning, when we walked into our thumb side school gate, O blooms of summer beam explosion through green shade…we are the most blessed child of earth! We  dance with  millions summer beams, our steps are pure and courageous,  the summer always has been kind, wise and brave.  Distant hot summer  blooms and intoxicated scent of trumpet never wrong stepping,  which was gift for us forever!! This music, make me happy with along white garmented cobalt sea, our untainted courage come with a great old man! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

What I Am Listening Now

Actually I am watching and listening, after I listen  Ruckert lider...never tried  of...

Spring Rain

Lonesome rain is wailing
Its sorrows its beauty
Wail wail and wail...
Until burst your heart
Into millions pieces
Then there is nothing wail for...

Syria's Lost Generation

From New Yorker  
For six months earlier this year, the photographer Elena Dorfman covered the Syrian refugee crisis for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, one of the organizations that mobilized to build the Za’atari refugee camp, in Jordan, which David Remnick wrote about in August. Of the millions of Syrians displaced by the civil war, Dorfman was drawn most strongly to the teen-agers. “They seemed particularly shell-shocked and bereft,” she said. “They spoke to me of powerful longing and frustration.” 
In these portraits, Dorfman documents a small fraction of a population disproportionately affected by the war. As Remnick writes of Za’atari, “The dispossession is absolute. Everyone has lost his country, his home, his equilibrium. Most have lost a family member or a close friend to the war.” The same is true for the teen-agers Dorfman photographed in camps in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan. “They all talked about missing out on lives,” she said, “on futures that now seem lost.”
 See more in here 
 This is all unsc 5p responsibilities, their masterpiece execution of its charter "world peace and security"  able to produce millions of refugees and millions of lost generation. If the lost generations  grow up and angry at you and when their  anger points at your very hearts then  you should not blames them but blame yourself only! That is fair, that is more than fair!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bring this despicable criminal to the justice!

'Massive evidence' links Syrian regime to war crimes, U.N. official says

(CNN) -- A United Nations fact-finding team has found "massive evidence" that the highest levels of the Syrian government are responsible for war crimes in the nation's long-running civil war, the U.N.'s human rights chief said Monday.
The panel's members have "outlined their view that the facts point to the commission of very serious crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity," Pillay, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland. "They point to the fact that the evidence indicates responsibility at the highest level of government, including the head of state."

Pillay called on U.N. member states to refer the report to the International Criminal Court, a move that might be blocked by the U.N Security council, where Russia and China have so far blocked efforts that could punish the Assad regime.

Same old story, but it is humming birds in desert, their song is good omen and it will be magical work of nectarine, all the UN Members should rise against the unsc 5p and change it. It has to end their exclusiveness, if you abuse power then take it away then no one able to abuse. The Chief should sing more aggressively explicitly ceaselessly her song so that everyone can hear everyone can remember her song! Bring  this despicable criminal to the justice!