Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gaddafi elegy

I killed my son but I am alive! My power more important than my childerns'  life! Gaddafi's says.
Here Al Jazeera says : Nato strike 'kills Gaddafi's youngest son' So Gaddafi feels now?  how so many other fathers"  feeling  who lost thier sons becase his madness? Least Gaddafi’s son become a free from his father’s sin and finally he is free man for cost of his life!  I think Gaddafi is lying as he claimed he was there with them, I think he was not there! Amazing hoping he is not lying his son’s death too! Is this  true or another Gaddaif’s  fabrication for propaganda for fooling the world?   So the world,  we, presume that everything he says is lying we do act accordingly!


Gaddafi wants to negotiate to the World, here is how Gaddafi’s:

Gaddafi: Come world negotiation with me!
The World: Why? I don’t believe you, you are lying again!
Gaddafi: I never lie I am trustworthy wanna rego negotiation
The World: NOP you are lying again you killed so many people!
Gaddafi: I am not laying I never killed single Libyan people you are lying!
The World: Nop you are a lair!
Gaddafi: I never killed any Libyan I am sure of it, I never lie! I am very honest man myself!
The world: OOOOHHHH did you ever dishonest yourself?
Gaddafi: NOP! how could I do that? How could I dishonest myself? I am very honourable to myself, believe me, I know what I am saying I am not lying I am never lying I am very sure!

Freedom is Priceless

Money can not buy everything certainly the Beauty, the Beauty of Libya the Freedom of Libya  for sure!   

Real power within you, Zen teaches us, true charismatic power raised when one truly self-annihilator, quest of non-being. Wonder when we see the vast dessert or vermillion sunset, something  evoke us so  profound that we want the time annihilated right there for us, so we can have the moment  forever,  but we are entity of time,  if the fleeting stops probably we  don’t feel the great yearning for the momentary. That is why we have a great longing for the fleeting unfinished business.  That is why sometimes ideas are much more splendours than perhaps psychical beauty! People give their life for it willingly.  So you see the Libyan people they don’t sell their beauty to any costs!  Their  freedom which embodiment of their own souls precisely they are born into who they are, their birth right, they can not exchange themselves for mere few bob! Ridiculous!  They want it back their own souls and fighting for their beauty - the freedom, free soil.  That is why Libyan People very powerful so Gaddafis  afraid of them as he has been trying destroy it but he failed.  All these world tyrants are killing their people precisely same reason. They can not bear their people much more powerful than they are.   

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Freedom Fighters

The Beautiful  Libya!!

Image from the Reuters

The Awareness of their Goal:  Resourceful, Disciplines,  Fruitful and Victory!  

What a great work! Keep it!


The Great Misrata Fighters!

Hey the world when you give the freedom fighters new weapons?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sons of Libya

Fragrance of soil sound of soil beauty of soil fertile soil the soil of Libya all belonging to the freedom lovers! Worth for fight for!  Worth for fight for!  

Image from EPA


Tunisian troops clash with Gaddafi forces

I don’t know what is this mean international politics level! Great, how wonderful to hear someone give bit of nice caring hand to the Freedom Fighters. The UN might keep asking Tunisian g overnments beats Gaddafis off the Dehiba-Wazin crossing for humanitarian level. I am hoping the Freedom fighters will have their arms very soon. Wonder why NATO is not there to strike Gaddafis force!

Bahrain sentences protesters to death

You might kill the four courageous men but they will rise with millions of Bahrain!  That is end of your fitly soiled throne! Remember that!

The Symbol of Libya

Symbol of Libya is the Great People of Libya! The Sons and Daughters of Libya!

Al Jazeera blog 07:40am

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Lbya's former deputy ambassador to the UN, objects to being called a rebel diplomat
According to him, Gaddafi is the rebel and he and the 14 diplomats he works with are the true loyalists, laboring for the good of the Libyan people.

"We want a civilized state, a democratic state," Dabbashi said in an interview with The Associated Press this week.

Dabbashi says he and diplomats are loyal to the People of Libya so they are  loyalists. They serve Libyan People not mere one individual Gaddafi and his family.

I think US’s recognition of the Republic of Libya mean immense: rest of the world would follow US, that is probably one of single most imperative factor. Because lots countries are sitting at fence, side glance at the brash-bold Yankee’s swaggers. Yankee first incisive swagger then they will follow. Also a huge moral strikes to the Freedom Fighters too! What else US left for studying Libyan peoples’ a great yearning! You can study as you go surly that still plenty of room to study and prepare their exam too to pass Libyans' great longing. Yankee Go I go too! so that: i) Libyan people able to access the billions which seized form Gaddafis’( able to have cool new weapons match Gaddafis’) ii) encourage defect from Gaddafis side people( give them assurance not revenge if they do early), iii) The Libyan people sense of belongs to the world, evokes sense of pride, they are not isolated lone freedom fighters of corner of the Africa, their leader is not a crazy shameful terrorist but the  leaders are the Libya people themselves, proud of owners of their own country as they stand a centre stage of world, to be heard their struggle for their cause, and they are the citizen of the world, who cares freedom who loves beauty!

This also send warning  messages that lots of the tyrants around traps  stop killing their own people instead they should voluntary reform before the horrendous volcano explosion, as it has been already very active volcano just beneath surfaces indeed  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love gives life

Love rises from its ashes - walking with  magic boots, very versatile, kicking hurricane, flying with fearsome propellers

Picture from Reuters

These magic boots are all different shade and shapes, probably come from all different countries as they  are trying to rub  bit of Libyan magic! Mind you rest of the world you should hurry your time rapidly running out!

Love is a genius, even blooms from its skeletons

Image from AFP


Love makes them superhuman!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Primary Responsibility Of The Resolution

The primary responsibility of the Resolutionn is:

“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”

The primary responsibility of The  Resolution is  protection for civilian. Again again.  The World has the technology able to kill Gaddafi for sure. What is the world waiting for? How many more  innocence civilians to be killed? Who is Gaddafi anyway?  He is just an ordinary man, every day we can see leaders strip off  from their office, and Gaddafi  mean nothing. He has no right to carried out immense destruction and atrocity to the People of Libya and Libya.  He took that position  from a coup. The Libyan people have been saying they don’t want to him.  The Resolution says clear mandated what is the propose of the Resolution is. They even ask the world bombing their own country for because of him.  


The Rebels Ground Standing the Nafusa Mountains

Al Jazeera 11:27am

A ship chartered by the United Nations World Food Programme, WFP, has delivered more than 500 metric tonnes of food assistance, three ambulances, medical supplies and other relief items on behalf of humanitarian partners to the Libyan town of Misurata.
This is the second time this month that a WFP-chartered vessel has delivered food and relief to the people of Misurata. The ship delivered 350 metric tonnes of wheat flour on April 23 - enough to feed 23,000 people for one month.
It also offloaded 150 metric tonnes of mixed food including pasta, rice, potatoes; 84 metric tonnes of bottled water; 12 metric tonnes of medicines and three ambulances on behalf of UNICEF, and other international aid organisations.

No countries in this world want political instability in oil reserve regions, primary their own interests, that is same as NATOs’ and its Alliances'. Out of diplomacy or whatever their deviance reasons, some countries are barking out randomly as if mother-in-law unauthoritive voice of their right of the UN Resolution etc…, because they want remind the world that their presences but that is precisely ineffective. Anyway US should recognise the Libyan Republic legitimate representative of the Libyan People so that the rest of the world would follow so that the Libyan People able to access the billions seized from Gaddafis. How could the world expect the Libyan civilian survival without money from all this atrocity and destruction, without weapon how they can fight protect themselves pro-Gaddafi. So far very short period of time they have achieve a lot, 17th February. If they have weapon they can able to do much effective fight with pro-Gaddafi, along with NATO Air strike. So The world should recognized the Libyan Republic –Transitional Government as legitimate representative of the People of Libyan


The Malign Misurata Fighters

Do you hear anything? Yeah, Umh Gaddafis…, they are trying to counts their numbered days..., umm… they are saying, one two. They can not counting anymore because they have only one two days are numbered to count. Mate that might be lie! Nop they are talking themselves.

Here NYT - Finish the Job, re: Libya.

Misurata Fighters exceptionally organised given their Civilian statute. They are all ordinary people, still some of them no weapon at all. They are different than Eastern front e.g desert open spaces v city streets and buildings...etc News says they wait until their mates fail and pick their weapons, unbelievable. Only last few days they have bit of new weapons which clearly make really different. Without even basic weapons they have been fighting Gaddafi well armed firepower last few months. Breathtaking ingenuity, unbeatable high moral with their courage and mateship. When arming them they can easily beat no moral pro-gadaffai force off their back yard do more for sure! It is crucial for arming Misurata fighters is very important!!! They have to and they will win this game for sure!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Malignant Metastasis Misrata the Murderous Misrata

The Malignant Metastasis Misrata! the Murderous Misrata, Gaddafis’ pain pain the killer pain!

Libyan government forces shelling civilian areas of Misrata    

Gaddafis has no cure for the Misrata, as the Misurata is Gaddafi advanced malignant spine cancer  combination with of throat cancer!


"It's just hell," said Marie Colvin,...Asked about the rebel army, she laughed. "We're talking about an army of shopkeepers, engineers, car mechanics," she said. "Very, very few trained military."
The world we must unite front decisve action. The world must kill him for protecting and save the civilian. Just kill kill him.    The world can not ask the civilians for stop fighting for their life their freedom their homes, their families for their towns and for their friends and save their country!  So now you the world you have choice  of decisive action kill Gaddafi or let Gaddafi kill the civilian!

Here from Al Jazeera blog

Libya's Western Mountains

Picture from Reuters

The fighting in Libya's Western Mountains has not received as much international attention as the siege of Misrata or clashes in the east, but rebels in the mountains have also been putting Gaddafi's forces under pressure.

Residents and insurgents say pro-government forces have been bombarding Western Mountains towns, which joined in a wider revolt against Gaddafi's four-decade rule in February.…

NYT-Berber Rebels in Libya’s West Face Long Odds Against Qaddafi
DHIBA BORDER CROSSING, Tunisia — For decades, the remote mountains of western Libya have simmered with resentment. An enclave of the Berber minority, mistrusted and neglected by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s Arab nationalist government, the region’s isolated hamlets were among the first to join the uprising, raising the rebel flag on the first day of the revolt.

Beyond neglect, Colonel Qaddafi has forbidden citizens from giving their children Berber names, disallowed the teaching of the Berber language in schools and banned Berber festivals and holidays. Protests in the 1990s demanding the right to practice their culture openly were put down forcibly by the police and followed by a series of public hangings, instilling a profound animosity toward the government.

Nowhere is safe in Misurata

Who is Gaddafi? Because of one little human being, so many people are suffering why not the world decisive action just kill him, whatever outcome better than this 6,6 million peoples' suffering. What right he has to do this to all Libyan people? What right he has destroy all the Libya? He is just a little useless human being no one want him but they all want him dead. Why we the world tolerated this little human madness?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Libyan Childern

Childern Say -Image from Reuters

The most vicious united front:  I navigate where Gaddafi is and  my mama shoots to kill him!

These are all my counties and my friends, I am a world citizen, that is my future!  I have wings of love and I have huge giant feet to walk to across the world! There is no Gaddafi's green flag!

My grandparent say, don’t listen don’t talk for the sake of safe, but I want to talk I want to hear the world that is much safe!

OHUUUU don’t cry sister, I am going to waging war to Gaddafi for retaking our playground for you soon!  

I am just about my winning corner kick to Gaddafi, poor Gaddafi no money no honey no game to kick off!  

Beauty of Libya

Beauty and Power are two side of same coin, when we are powerful we love beauty, when we don’t have power we hate and envy the beauty so we resent it so we try to destroy the beauty! I think we human have innate of understanding the beauty when we see them.

So the question is, how could we make ourselves strong and powerful that when we see a beauty that make us delight it instead it is  threatening to us?  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gaddafis Welcome Area

 "Fighting area. No entry for civilians and journalists" but olny Gaddafis are welcome!  Pictures from Reuters

This area is exclusively reserve for Gaddafi only!

Come come Gaddafi here! lair lair gaddafi! lair lair Gaddadfi! We can hang him our Tripoli freedom tree! Thief thief Gaddafi poor poor Gaddafi, we have Freedom noose in here! No one wants him, but we only want him!

Song of the Freedom Fighters


Poor poor Gaddafi! hungry hungry gaddadfi! No no Gaddafi!

Tripoli, the sleeping volcano’s song


Misrata TriBoot Marching  On the Ground

The freedom fighters run through spine of the city, night riders, starry air, ghost whistles calling their love their mates calling their wind calling and their cobalt sea where they played and their victory!


Allah says we are all brothers! We should not kill our brothers! So Gaddafi is not our brother!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It’s not Science Fiction

Space Command -The Ultimate High Ground

Cool Slinky Drones!!

Drones Drones killer drones up down up down swing swing hawk eyes view drones drones cool killers! Scary scary drones, they are not missing anything, super eyes sonic eyes they can see you inside your blanket when you eat children teardrops! They see you everyday! Be aware be aware when you read of so much science fiction when you are kids this is deviance result of, grown up as wiz-buzzs!

Drones are Gaddafis’ best friends for street play!  Gaddafi Parkinson trembles  trembles tumbles  

Informtion flying around the thousand thousand mildes few scounds!!! HHHHHOOOOO HAAAHAA >>>>HUUUUUUUUU We are comming Gaddafis...after you!! 

The Sunshine Libyan Democracy

Mr McCain, says the US should recognise as the Libyan Transitional Council as the legitimate government.

Here from Al Jazeera too Mr McCain's supporting the Libyan Freedom Fighters
"I would encourage every nation, especially the United States, to recognise the transitional national council as the legitimate voice of the Libyan people," McCain said, speaking to reporters in the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi on Friday.

The Wazin Strategic Crossing

The Wazin Heroes in Control! Their mountain their valleys and their enemy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Omnipresence of Misurata

The Misurata Eagle Fighters

Picture Telling - Pictures from The Reuters

Ghosts' Wishes:   Dear mates, here is my shoes, cost of my life, but I give you free, you step into my shoes make the free foot prints  

Every ounce of civilian fighters’ blood conspicuous evidence of Gaddafis’ criminality, chocking his neck!

On the other hand we have no illusion but the full view of Gaddafis rats  

I have a dream of freedom without Gaddafi, the cobalt sea where is my friends and I played at the street!

When I looking into this rat holes, Gaddafi rat just wake up in his juncture formalism.  See below more of Gaddafi’s Formalism*

Every bullets holes  numbered amortized  accumulation of Liby’s freedom  

The Freedom figthers' hunting ground of Gaddafis-rats,  is the united participation cold powers of separatists wits

I am the  invincible freedom fighter! Hands up Gaddafis your time running out!  

*Gaddafi’s Formalism: he sleeps his little rat hole bunker with a feeble blanket, wakes up with his rheas cry and stretch, he brush his teeth with Libyan peoples ’agony, shower with his own blood bathing, he eats a breakfast Libyan children teardrops porridge, he works at desk made from narcissistic mirror, he eats his lunch a raw sushi with filling litigious phobia, drinks deception of fountain, … at the twilight, he sees a dried petrified Gaddafi fruit at the Freedom Tripolis’ hanging tree, hangs with noose around Gaddafi's neck, dangle dangle …so he fills another glass of Libyan crimson blood from his Parkinson diseased bottle etc… he creeping into his graveyard bathtub with candles lit his tombstone, opens his green book, which page is “ the truth and the free?” He asks his own ghost, "there is no such thing is free and truth in your green book!" His ghost says. That is true! Ghaddafi's last admission.


P.S. I have been thinking Gaddafi’s sleeping bunker, a long slender cubical tunnel come through outside, a dark security camera beside, the deep room, a small rectangle, ivory colored bare walled room, ceiling has one light.

The Fearless Misrata

Stick into your gun into Gaddafi head! That is name of the game!

Love and handsomeness goes hand and hand!

Our love is burning always burning!

Image from Reuters
Mate guess what! What I have found: Crime and Punishment

The 'Grand Lions' Of Libya

Image from GALLO/GETTY

The 'Grand Lions' Libya's  deadly smile is sneering at Gaddafi feeble run away show!

Message from the Temple of Mistrata!

Libyan rebels in Misrata will 'fight until they die' O Yes therefore you will be the Victor!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Libyan Republic Potential Man Power

The Defender of Libyan People  potential Man Power is  CIA Factbook says 15-64 years: 62.7% (male 2,124,053/female 2,011,226)Ok say all the variance we consider easy possibility that 300,000 to 500,000 manpower will be there for waiting and can be mobilizes too. So time is the Freedom fighters side, so i) training training people, organizing and logistic preparation is important. ii) the NATO and allies make sure Gaddafi not access outside help iii) Keep encourging Gaddafi troops and government officials defections vi) NLC leadership continues road show diplomacy, vii) Economic activity must keep going, oil must sell. viii) Under the UN Resolution, humanitarian level, Libyan people able to access the Gaddafi billons which seized by countries. How they survival under the atrocity? The Defenders  are getting stronger stronger day by day and Gaddafi is getting weaker weaker by day by day! Gaddafi has only 12,000 soldiers? Gaddafi troops’ moral is bottom pit. Contrary The Defenders of Libyan moral is sky rocketing. Really nice to see they have good new arms, the NLC should supply to the Mistrata Defenders new arms too. So hey you world you should know which side has sweet honey is! Moreover when is the conscience is calling it is hardly called is a game but that is the wining strategy. So hey you world rush to support the the Defenders of Libyan!!

Libyan rebels in Misrata will 'fight until they die'

Ingenuity of The Defenders of Libya

Hello Misrata how are you doing?

How lovely their smile, world how could you so thoughtless, you lost redden of conscience of the world!

Young Defenders living on borrowed time use wits and captured weapons to protect streets from Moammar Kadafi's forces.

From Al Jazeera Blog
8:14am According to the AFP news agency, a rebel official in Libya's besieged city of Misurata has pleaded for Britain and France to send troops to help fight Gaddafi forces, ...

Nuri Abdullah Abdullati, a senior member of Misurata's governing council,said they were asking for the troops on the basis of "humanitarian" principles, in the first request by insurgents for boots on the ground.

A Great Idea the Chairman of NTC Mustafa Abdel-Jalil on the Road

                                                              Image from Reuters
Face to face is alway better!


Here I am again reading the UN Resoultion and reaffirming  that the primary responsiblity of the  Resoultion
“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”
There is lots of interpretation of the Resolution difference ways. This is my part too. The Resolution is clearly set out “ the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.” Yes although foreign occupation excluding but the primary for civilian can be or able to over rules everything. Hence excluding a foreign occupation force is not the primary  but the protections for civilian is, so the primary rules.  Ever since the Resolution, the ground fighting has been changed difference form. Gaddafi uses civilians for his primary protection or take advantage of it. Thus the Resolution does not say, when the enormous atrocity on the ground to the civilians, allies force can not go or forbid to  the Libyan territory for protection civilians. In here the Resolution's the primary responsibility... is protection for civilian.

Also it does not  stop allies kill Gaddafi to stop the atrocity to protect civilians.  It does not stop  arming the Civilian protecting and defending  their families their homes their live hood and defending  their cities and towns and their right to be human their right to be free their right to be protect their dignity! How could you feel your brothers and your mates are bleeding to death front of you?  What would you do? Ask yourself!   

The UN Dispatch - War Crimes in Libya


Monday, April 18, 2011

How Are Misrata Doing?

Image from Reuters

Previously, NATO leaders had ruled out sending ground troops into Libya, but EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Monday "The 27 (EU members) have now adopted unanimously the concept of the operations" -- if the UN requested it.

"It is clear Gaddafi wants to wipe out Misrata. NATO's inaction is helping him carry out this plan. Are they waiting for a massacre to happen to realize that they need to change tactics?" rebel spokesman Abdelsalam...

How long UN waiting for your action?  Are you enjoying witching people are being killed by Gaddafi? Are you enthralled by Gaddafi’s horror show? Indeed you are paying premiums prices for the killing show!
When are you NATO putting your shining boots on Misrata stop this massacre? If you are not stopping this massacre  history would say NATO lost its marble and its plots!   

Here Al Jazeera, Misrata has strange  confidence. Believed in what they have to do!  I think if NATO bit of help the Fighters of Misrata and  with new weapons  they can easily push over the Gaddafis out of the Misrata!  

Here from CNN Misrata

Cost of dragging on keep Gaddafi  alive is immense. Not only cost of Libya and collectively  the cost of the world,  not only human cost, but ripple effect on, everything; inflation creeping up, high oil prices, the cost of living the ordinary people in some part of  the world. All these foreign workers lost their live hood; the Libyan economic activity stripped and stoped the destitution destruction of all the infrastructures and their homes. And most of the 6 million Libyan effect from this war and their wounds years to heal but I am very optimistic the young people, their struggle made them stronger, wiser and bestowed them with fortitude.  I think they will rebound rapidly when situation turn their side around. They carry no baggage but their future aspiration!  

 “…the UK and France not to stand back and "betray" people in the city, which is under siege by forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Gaddafi.

When we can see human ingenuity and super human strength is, their utter situation, that is “sink or swimming.” Then we see our the greatest human strengths. Based on a personal experience, I contested anyone disagree this.

I saw the below  video clips these Defenders fighting with top of their mates dead bodies and bloods, their buddies bodies lay there on the floor, they were tripping over mulling over their dead mates  and their guns point their enemies hearts with clear appreciative execution. The Zen teaches us, our soul supreme realization is when we enter into unknown territory our own without prior knowledge of the defilements. That is perhaps I can express the Defenders situation. Momentary everything negates and everything is become so pure so crystal clear…

Here Catherine Ashton, the European Union's Foreign Policy Chief, says she is ready with 1,000 troop to march intoLibya and beat hell out  Gaddafis. The UN do not mulling over anymore, just say “Yes!”

Watch out Libyan Democracy

Image from NYT

The world, all these world leaders they are talking about humanitarian like their brush tooth, brush off after taste of something of nastiness. Nothing at all. Open their geopolitical map, they nimbly pinned down red here blue there where their interest lies, according to their terms in the offices. They sit in their cosy arm chair how today goes by and tomorrow is surly comes. They made world leadership fried greasy consciences on the NATO bomb grill and eating up source of cowardice. Bravery is uncomfortable beacon of laurel so they should avoid all cost, courage can be mean Bach Easter oratorio so play down or be silence so even if worst case you can still middle. Most of these leaders were rocking their freedom cradle, grown up with independent branded  nappies, so they don’t have any clue what is like to be in a suppression. Thinking of election, so their steps are like ducklings follow their people like spring ducks field trip. Anyway. in my opinion, Libya never will be another Somali or going  to coddle with al Qaeda , when Gaddafi  goes, read this Libya's false chaos theory. as Kinninmont point out that
It is a common strategy for authoritarian rulers to destroy and deny alternatives to their own rule. This allows the leader to argue that change – especially a popular uprising or democratisation – will lead to chaos, while the status quo promises stability. It's a powerful argument: in Britain, a similar case was made during the English civil war by political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who argued that an absolute monarch was necessary to prevent man's natural state of war.
Prior the Doha meeting, ex Libyan foreign minister  Koussa who defected to the West said  “without Gaddafi, Libya will be another Somali”  This was coined  by Gaddafi's son and that made him suspicious and questioning his trustworthiness. After Koussa defection the Allies and many world leaders mind somehow changed from “ urgent” Gaddafi go  instead  "no hurry."  And same time also stopped the high ranking  Gaddafi’s regime defections.

Cleary Libya is not Somali:  i) High literacy Libyan, majority of population urbanized, under 35 years of age, large population exposed to the West, thank to the Google etc…, ii) The 17 February Up Rising Young People’s aspiration is not Al Qaeda or tribes, but the Western democracy, open society, end of suppression,  Facebook Google or Time of Your Life... make Gaddafi worst off as they know what is mean to  freedom and fairness.  iii) They have rich resources and just out side of door steps of the EU countries. Also inside Gaddadi regime people  want to defect to the opposition but they can not becase of their families are human shield. When Gaddafi goes they are easily amalgamated and united.

Now the world stop insulting the Libyan young people their aspiration and struggle. Luckily they moved with an agility so they have the Transitional Government.  They try very hard eyes of the world which they never had democracy in their history. Thus the World must encourage and applaud the young Libyan Democracy just step out her spring! Watch out her magical steps!!!  

We should keep watching  what the bravery  MISURATA doing, I just can not comprehande why the hotshot world leaders are not doing anything about the Defenders of the Misurata. Their bums are dread bolted at burning seats name of humanitarian determination.

We same mind of people around the world,  we must speak  out clearly loudly to  the world leaders they must stop this massacre and do something about this unbelievable Gaddafis’  horror show on Misurata.

This CNN video says all: We want to be like you just like you!  The young man says

Here from Al Jazeera the Horror of Misurata stuggles

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gaddafis Going Going Gone!

U.S. and Allies Seek a Refuge for Qaddafi

Mrs. Clinton told NATO ministers that the coalition had acknowledged the transitional council was “a legitimate and important interlocutor for the Libyan people.” She added: “We all need to deepen our engagement with and increase our support for the opposition.”
Finally NATO Allies and  Arabs are auctioning Gaddafi future! Here Allies  Auction house a dark seedy shadow full of wires phones tagged with countries flags - connected around the world: auction begins with;  here is the Gaddafis the most famous Gaddafis,  the world brandedof  killers, lairs, and thieves committed atrocities last 40 some years, blood in their hands,  you will never regret having them for nothing gaining but instant recognition of  international stage, that is world brand magic for! Moreover they comes with few cackles travellers accounts and lot of baggage so you don’t worry about their hospitalities and necessities!  Ladies and gentles you are doing inhumanity to humanity, ladies and gentleman bidding begins, you can access NATO Allies Gang-ho gong-ho amorous massage with bomb flavour, any bidding? You can have the famous Yankee’s Mac-love with Google combo any bidding? Ok  the  gentleman near dark sunglass shade behind human rights naggers  chaperon with inhumanity oily sniggers, bright purples jackets OK gentlemen sir Yes, You sir  Going one any another bidding?  Going Two! Any another bidding the famous Gaddafis you never regret that adding the world brand in your portfolio, leverage this opportunity up for efficient frontier! Another bidding Going again Twooooo Going Threeee! Gone to the gentleman with dark sunshade with dodges smile…!  


Libyan Freedome Says

Image from Reuters

I get my bargain!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Great Defenders of Misrata II

The Misrata Fighters Are Tough, Resilient And Organised- From Independent

One fighter, Ashraf Ibrahimi, was at pains to stress the revolutionaries' gratitude for Nato air strikes. "But we really need more. This is not an equal contest. It is in the interest of the West that Misrata stay alive. Gaddafi says the revolution is al-Qa'ida, which is nonsense. In Misrata, we have the highest literacy rate in the country. Our arguments here are whether we have an American- or European-style system once we are a democracy."…
The below video dated 10.03.2011. you can imagine what is like now!

U.S. and Allies Seek a Refuge for Qaddafi- From NYT

That effort has gone more slowly than some expected; after the defection of the former intelligence chief and foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, no other senior officials have broken with the man who has ruled Libya for 42 years.

Picture from Reuters

 Here some horror pictures from Misurata -From Telegraph