Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wake up with Lovely Song

If you love for love,
Oh yes, do love me!
Love me ever,
I'll love you evermore


Wake up with lovely songs at ABC FM, this one I have so I have been listening all morning for change that right, lovely stuff I have not listen this for long time I must say. Dark rainy day in here…

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tyrant’s Last Confession

Gaddfi is a fable in his rabble and he is an antisocial manic and he is hedging his own spectacle which no one interesting to buy! Dance dance with his cort├Ęge!

What can I say!

After watching the above and I am listening this piece

And reading here and here Lovers enthroned their sovereign right at ramshackle tyrants’ nest and waiting for their dawn, The Freedom is their dawn breaker!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheers to the People of Libya!

Wow the great people of Libya with a huge appetizer for their freedom, crowned themselves as their own lofty head and enthroned their own golden throne! Called freedom! THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA! venomous and voraciously eating up all the cities! Gaddafi has no land for his standing, trampling with his little tripled green dimwit and running miles like headless chicken! It is called a little twiddle twiddle Gaddafi march into his own tomb! His green little tombstone says ‘Gaddafi is resting in his fiddle in his riddle!’ O the veracious Libyan eating eating their own cities towns. What a magnificent march! Keep going keep going all the way summit! The world behind you and we all cheer your splendour march! Gosh Revolution has many difference faces and CAN DO many different ways! What a day! I think UN should not sanction to Libya that only hurt Libyan people and I think the Libyan army their first duty among many is to protect the oil field and natural gas etc… which is the breast line for the People of Libya! Have a great day!
Live Blog Libya Here
And the below is Gaddafi in his little wisdome! In his inauguration speech as a king of his own graveyard!

Here is also Bird Eye View NYT Reporting!

Here is how Gaddafi lost his mind of NO land!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Lucky Charm

The Face is so woefully glorious sinfully charming
Weathered million smiles, golden foredated, broke my heart think that this charming frontier, who was he? He could have been a real daredevil? Feel very close, I called him my luck charm, indeed so very beautiful? I love the Silk Road. Read more...
By the way do you think I was a one of the Silk Road merchant in my prior life? By the way again, why do you think this person touchs your heart? His weathered happy smile that broke my heart you can imagine... all the seasons he endured, I think beauty is millions fold really...

Another by the again again: Think of this splendours silk gown, he thought of immortality yes that is why we think he is beautiful, his weathered mucking face, woeful gesture says there is no such thing as immortality that is we feel the distant, times and fleeting. Composition in our life is in a such way there is no such thing as agreeable disagreeable but a fleeting nature. Weathered fading away. Wonders. Purely selfishness that made them blind their own shadows. All these tyrants around world if they have little bit of wisdom and accept their limitation and weakness, then this world bit more happy place. Hey Col Qaddafi take down our rusty medallions, achieved rusty bounty in your own regma, No foundation of rotten seed, your times up – mate, it is time to go to your resting place for tenure dwell, mating with your arm length wisdom at your stone fenced tombstone! What is going you Korean north? Why don’t you wake up for run for your 60 or of years lazy feet and brain sake of your pride and dignity. You Korean North dimwit what is wrong with you? World deep admiration all the great people who fighting for their freedom in their great soil, surly they deserve their sovereign right!

Another thing I want to mention on my beloved Kiwi land. I rang some of my friend they are all Ok but incredible they are one of most kind kindest sincere people you ever met, stimulatingly Alan Skpye text on me middle of his meeting, he says “Bad earthquake in Christchurch again, worse than the first one. People killed - not sure how many yet!” Alan text time was 1:59:04 PM, and I just listening on FM news. I think we Australia should send some recues what is good for the mateship? Wonder anyway when one currency and one economy?

Friday, February 11, 2011

No One Indispensible In This World!

Early this morning I thought all Egyptian people was reaching their Holy Grail. O what a beautiful morning was with full genies sings, puns wits jokes chant around all my morning. Gosh the stuffy stoned Mubarak was the dead man walking, he didn’t know how to couples and please. He was the walking mummy with his crippled walking stick, an amnesia mortarboard and shrouded with kowtows off-limits. Thirty years inside his coffin he has never learned the lesson “Grace”, he was forgotten who he was, he was a zombie, was calling his finals. Gosh when you do quick dirty number work on his $70 billon, able to build least 10 top science institutions with magnificent research centres with top notch academic staff and with full of thrilling young minds. Ofcourse administrated by well trained but crazy PP ( Public Pest) like me- Alan calls me - the formidable Excalibur whip drive everyone around band with rotten manners. Imaging what is is like within ten years time?

Sums up, you have no obligation for your enemies, it is time to build a super cold blood thirsty Marvel Universe and you crowned yourself as The Chief, that is right you are the Chief! The Dark Knight Avenger, The Batman, O the Joker, The Spider Man… O yes the Assassinator… so on and go after your enemies, each of them. The below is the army of cold blooded specialists on our fortress.

Monday, February 7, 2011

5 Years Old Genie!

Found an amazing little 5 years old genie!
O man she is 5 years old! Wow what can I say! Beautifully execute her scores! Settles with them beautifully elegantly!!
When I was 5 years old I had always hand-me-down cloths. Gives and takes that is all about sort of attachment! Highjack grown up achievement! She is very responsible, look at her eagerness on her face! Though I don’t agree with her in a stage!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sleepless Night Egyptian Revolution

Last few days my past time of obsession what is going on Egyptian Revolution.
To start from The NYT
and The CNN
and The Australian
and The Age
and go over the BBC
and go all over again some of these as very addictive what is going on the Egyptian Revolution.

Yes, "... nothing will be the same, Genies won’t go back to the bottle for sure! Cohen  from The NYT." 
Smell of freedom is intoxication! Their sovereign right, fragranced free soil rightfully belongs to the people of Egypt! Well done!!!

P.S Alan says I should go to Egypt, join the revolution instead front of a computer screen becase he can not stop me talking about and he thinks I am now become an Arab expert! I must say it is exultantly event really!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Air on G String

Amazing stuff, I had a short dream, I was in the sky high narrow room where is open paronomasia view of field, among many people gather in a cocktail party a sort.  I was bumped into a mad man, I am not sure I how I knew he was mad but I know he was mad, he was bit skinny hollow sockets with hived deep eyes were glistering. You know often you meet a mad man you know what I am mean ( think of van Gough right!)? If you don’t know what I mean that is Ok you never met a mad man that is Ok right, and he was keep telling me “ I teach you how to play “Air on G String” so I said to him I know how to play it so don’t worry but he was keep saying he wants to tell me how to play  “Air on G String” so I avoided him circled around people,  he still followed me keep saying and also he start to tell other people but they are all laughed off but I was bit annoyed by his telling...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What a great people with a great romance!  The great Love is an enthralment of all the Lovers!  The LOVE is honest  and simple.  The Lovers’ hearts stark bare to the world without sham!   Fiercely guard their love!   The Truth is Beauty The Truth is The Victor!

Images from the NYT