Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bit of Understanding!

Korea, politics and economic maturities put aside for while, spiritual maturity, we still long way to go to become one Korea. We used learn a song “the unification is our hope, the unification is our dearest dream …, the unification…,” alongside “ red north is our the first, and foremost deadly enemy of enemy…” Older generation still very hostile to the “bbahlgangee(red)” our generation bit of skeptical and “ none of my business” don’t care thing. Koreans we must understand that we have thousands years of same history, culture and same root, everything same but the ideology, which has been divide for more than six decades without Korean’s consent. Wounded land, she has been cut her waist; upper to “north” and down to “south” for how long she is going to suffer in this way? We wonder sometime. World become so close, global village but another side of our Korea is much distant than any other part of the world. One of most sad and heart wrenching things is, people ask me “where are you from?” “I am a Korean-Australian!” I answered and then they asked me again “ north or south? So I answered “Korea!” but then they insisted to know which part of “ north or south” this is happened about only 5 or years ago! Not long, used they just accepted as “ Korea” but now they wanted the clarification; “north or south “ they make me a choice where should I belong to, I want to belong to “Korea” not “north or south” that makes me immensely sad. When looking at from outside, objectively, in this way I can see things less subjectively, become more clearer my understanding of Korea. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about our own kind, humanity, when most people, emotionally economically rich; they are generous to others. That is goodness, or spiritual maturity. Prior to the Berlin Wall smashed down, I met many then West German people; I admired their generous affection of their then East Germans. They didn’t bar anyone talk badly about “East German!” All of them were keep saying “we are all same German!” They were very broad minded and spiritually mature, ownership of their mission in their generation “ the unification” their deep sympathy and willing to understand their ideologically different brothers and sisters. I wonder and hoping we “south” Korean people should learn from then the West German’s mindset, bit more affection to our “north” Korean brothers and sisters. We should reach them out with tolerance and understanding from civilian level. Economical maturity should go hand and hand with spiritual maturity, without these we only can sing “ the unification is our dearest hope, our dream is the unification…” is remain as just a dream only!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Secrete Receipt of Most Tasty Bread In the World!

Knock-out glorious! I don’t not buy breads, they were tasteless. My taste of food all based on my childhood food. cling on the unpretentious humble Korean countryside food, no arrogant just humble all home cooking. That is why I can not eat or drink any of instant food or drink. Simply my system is not used to these greasy fat saturated food, except ice-cream. I have also large problems with cooking my own food; I was not trained to cook even simple cooking, so my food taste is not really advanced still remain as primitive humble Korean country style home cooking, my childhood. Especially bread, my grandmamma breads, mixed with our own brewery beer! I am not making this up! See Here the evidence! If you tasted on her breads you could know what I mean. Say when you and your fried friend share the bread you don’t know even when your friend died beside of you because so tasty; soft white smell of beer, smell of brewery house in your mouth, smell of bit vinegar, mixed tangy hard to described taste, knock-out nevertless, inside red bean or nuts stuffed, sometimes just white so eat with golden honey beside pine tree log burning and read story books and cartoons. Especially cool season, a giant black pot at bathing room kitchen burning with pine lump logs burning, smell of pine logs burning away with “ccrik crickik… red hot fire warm you and you sit beside fire mouths, and reading while was waiting my buns ready. You would never guess city brewery like you – you loss- I win of course. Very nice sweet moment soon reward you tasty prize! Then finally steam huffing –puffing fluming furiously yelling from side lid, ignored their yelling for while, let them yelling, meaning good yelling for their dutiful tasks. And grandmamma or whoever duty that kitchen says; “ Child move little over!” So I move from the pot, then the lid flung was opened! Full scream of stream escaped their furry sudden force and saying “ gosh it was hot there!” then they all clearly away air, and then inside white linen clothed layer, there were buns nicely arrays lined up with their fate into my mouth. Yum yum you never know what I am saying you lose I win!! Do you think I should applied a paten for this receipt? Hummb..., But I only know how to eat?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was heartbroken utterly last night for our another Korean team. I went a pub again, I was alone front of a small screen one corner and other corner had a huge screen already was occupied a gang Portugal supporters. They were keep saying “North Korea North Korea” every goals they shout, their cheers rose loudly so as my feeling was snaking down deeply, rainy ground all but sad. I said to them “just one goal guys just one goal!” but they didn't so I left when score was 4-0, and had a ice-cream underway home, sat a bench moon looking down at me, so I curse at her, she didn't do anything to the game for us, and had little cry, ice-cream taste was funny! Our guy were lost bit lost spirit so early, it was mind game yourself, I don’t know still why they gave away so many goals, not that they were bad players, but lost balance because they disappointed by themselves so early. They had to free of restraint of what was held for their spirit. All but sad, but that is game anyway one has to lose so that one wins. Life is that all about that. But mind you life is not end anyway we gather things again stand up and keep going again again… I think I am not going watching soccer for time being… I don’t want my heartbroken again that is why…going to read hard scores numbers… Not soccer scores mind you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Chollima

All you have to do is run just like who you are truly from ancient soil
wild brave gracefully for your land across wounded river breasts
across heartless no man land just run for this moment for yours only

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Down Under Fire!!

My KIWI Mate All Whites All WOWW just now! Whooarly All Whites has a goal just now amazing stuff! Wow All Kiwi gone banana next few days!!! Promulgation of down under superiority I declare my ownership of down under, I must say our Socceroos too they did very well with 10 men ingratitude foot work. To be informed what is going on if I am not going to sleep OK! Here is Kiwi commentary head and head blog, gosh livery ants are creeping around ethic of goal, mush mush impious creeping words. They are talking about possessiveness, the possessor or possessed of the cult. Wonder all the live bloggers dead on Sunday, probably they hold their shunned hand on crimson glass and rituals exercise of end of Sunday...!wELL done Kiwis, don't be a such snob!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Disowning Red Devil Jellyfishes

Better Mood-UpDate; Write bit more of my bitterness of the red devil performance! Can you imagine I was in a pub! I would like to a feel really what is like to be whole mad crowd, a handsome Argentinean just sit behind my table and saying “Korean?” he was greeting and I said “yes! Are Argentinean?” he said “yes good luck!” But I just smiled, some how beneath, a devil said to me that “don’t say anything to him!” so I just smile at him and I saved my word! Anyway I regretted my stingy action I should have been nice to him too as he did to me! Honestly I have been thinking why so distinctively physically difference players! Argentinean was good, their magical foot work, graceful movement, art-form good natured, grotesquely grilled their affection each other, strangely loveable and touching, you see we Korean are brought up confused Confucius slab, we never display each other affection in a public sphere; restrain is virtue, you come long way to be little silly or half mad! I like the other Korean team Chollima, they might restoration of my sprit through guide by the genius loci! Still have a choice! It is nice to have lots of choice! So I can move my affection to one and another!

The red devil lost, they didn’t do well, they didn’t fight like warriors but bunch of jellyfishes tidal waggles, gingerly struggle with bunches of huge ablest of wreckages! So the red devils were waggled, weighed man-made terror horror! No where to be seen, ball there but no red devils there to greed with their sphare! Speed and gravity the counter-intuitive in your sphere, you have to conquer the sphere with speed! The red devil had no sense of direction, deadly bowlegged nothingness rupture! Any my passion soccer is a great mirage which retreat a deep mountain; surround by sharp of pertain cloud and I will fish not a jellyfishes but golden fishes! Telling myself “ Young Sun, don’t venture our as a physical rapture, it is a time for mental rapture, endurance is all about mental thing, you have to see yourself first and then see your enemies.” Surround by enemies without where you are you lose, you have to firmly bases, without base you are just a crippled, half blinded and deaf gulf open your gate for everyone come in come in! So you are homage ablest of wreckage of your own shore! You have to strong enough control that mess!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tonight, here is the RED DEVIL, ready to the pageantry of vengeance and hate of their land of dream, born into conniving flesh “han” affiliation of self-mutilation self-pity. Whether they like it or not they have to live with whole Korean expectation of “ han” so their fight tonight is “to be killed or to kill their enemy”, in the field, the warriors of true war! Fierce urgency bold gravity utter grace they will fight for their land and their people with fortitude, determination, and mental agility ! Strategic movement is eloquent bony taunt beyond people’s imagination! That is what we made from, a double-winged altarpieces, fight like a gladiators if they win they will spare for their life otherwise they will buried in that field of angry Korean mobsters(I am one of them ofcourse)! To endure to underground, to gaggle, to be tuned dissimilated, and to devote of utter acolytes!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Now our another Korean team "CHOLLIMA" ready to run!! Great Mystical name goes with the Great Guys! Beautiful romantic name indeed!

Also Our down under mate Kiwi All White has done a great job!! Well done All White! You should give your mate Socceroos some friendly wining even even tips!!

Some day, you know some day not long from now, terrible feeling that the two Korean team end up the Final? That would be very unbearably nice indeed love and vengeance pinnacle of their mane runs through waist of their land!! I think everyone should cheer up the first time "CHOLLIMA" !

A Great game well done Korean Red "CHOLLIMA" ! What a splendorous game! The Goal! We have a bright future!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Inferno Socceroos!

Inferno Socceroos mania! Your dammed performance! Are you not shame? Are you not mad or still not mad ye? Shame on you! If I were you I shave my head and go to deep mountain and tending bloody wound and friend of shame rest of your life and never come out this carnivorous jungle! I tell you what! I woke up -no alarm need to set, I can wake up any time I want -- and become an elaborate fateful spectator, watching the game --saw the mad Korean-Greece game!! Korean were mad weren’t they? Their faces were banqueting with hate, that vengefulness they can cater for tsunami for lovely monument-- I even was looking at a live blog too, I was thinking that if we have a goal I will participate the live blog too, shot my vocalic words through the world and decorate my heart with sheer glory of your gallantry! I said “ a goal guys just one gory goal start with, that will do! I was more then ready to convey my enthusiasm for the Socceroos! If a goal I might go out join rest of crow at a pub! Because if I watch the game with all together would be more fun, because been through Korean game, that would be fun watching whole madness. I could be tolerated crowd with sprit of comrade mates! Sneering live blog for German fans, growl myself “ don’t be a such a snob ass! Don’t honking your fingers through bullhorns in your keyboard! I will see you a little late, with my bullion gigantic words, crush your creepy pests off your beneath the beetle dung! Just a goal guys! I said to myself. I promised myself, your magic shot! Remote control laptop beside of me, ready to do to multi-tasks goddness multi-hands multi-heads. I was more then ready you know! O And I heard “ German get a goal……………………..llll, what? You are kidding, na na na… it can’ t be true! Too early only 9 minutes… It can’t be true…!!!. But it was true…! O no you can’t do that that is so early! What is so early? Never too early name of the game! O how could you do that!? all of sudden all the morning was broken, air is crack, my mouth is bitter with coffee, with a saliently motorcade to a stolen generations, land of tortoise feet marsupial mastiffs races, crocodile tears, land of blue sky and endless sandy moody, I hate you Socceroos, well yes you eat grass drink pearly mist, while enemies are carnivorous drink blood, there are full of carnivores in the camp and they all drink human blood, full of vultures. All meat eaters! Bloody vegan Socceroos, how could you win the game, what is Socceroos anyway? That is wrong name too! Gosh they have no vengeances, no burning hate! Born into silver-spoon in their mouths they have no desire fight to death! I growl growl…
Only 9 minutes they give them a goal, it is ridiculous losers… change the name and call yourself evil or monster, hurricane eyes, blood shot eyeballing with the enemies or man eater or hunted vampire or the ghost, rise from grave and suck the stinking enemies blood, buckle down your sacrament of beat yourself against shame million times and rejuvenated yourself thrust the world!!!..... Gosh I am utterly raving lost interest your bootlaces mish-mesh kick, your risible, nutty performance! And I am going to sleep! So I went to back to sleep!.... phone rang rang rang, ALAN was, he was saying Scocerroos lost German has 4 goals!... he said with no feeling in a matter of fact!! I must say the Scocerroos didn’t do well! What a detached third party’s non-sentimental comment! FM news wagering in goony kitsch wordings whaling whaling bloody all day the Scocerroos scarecrow lost by 4 goalll…. 4 goallls not only one but a 4 goallls…. No one want owns the scarecrow… But you know you would be the Killer again…!!! Killer…Not romance with nuns but with harlots... Executioner and Harlot will do...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Torment

Few days back, middle of night I woke up, a thing comes to my mind which made me a panic. The world cup soccer fever, the mania mania, I am not a great fan of any sport. Except my solitude activity- which I immensely enjoy--- Heinously, all of sudden a things really going to happens.
“Australian and Korean teams will end up the gory glory final WOW!!” O man! I was very excited very indeed excitement! I was a little girl again! I can see really that awesome glory happens! All of sudden, in a deep dilemma, I have to make a choice which team I am going to cheer!” I was thinking that it happens really and then thinking is not just thinking but it comes to reality that is happening. Truly I was torment by the prospect of the ultimate choice of love, old theme the choice of love, between two lovers! I have to make my mind up and make the choice and I was morbid the thinking of that happens! I said to myself “Young Sun you have to make your mind up which team you are going to cheer! I was deeply tormented by it honestly, sake of thinking, thinking over thinking, exploration continually presumptuously mulling over budding love of the two teams but I could not make my mind up after all still uhm...! Not that I am a patriot or traitor, but dread of the situation I might be in! Ensure myself if that happens I will go to the Simpson desert and wrestling over lone sunset, recite mongrel lone love or a deep mountain where ancient sages are living with clouds’ wit, a ravaged morning mist on buds sky stream, snowy love kiss to a pure orchids, I could lived with that sages’ mind forever so I don’t have to make the love choice! I am getting smarter and smarter!!!

P.S. I challenge Buruma’s prediction, I declare my two teams will be the glory of winners for sure! I also add a cheer to my fellow North Korean team doing well too! Gosh it really hard to make the endless choice!!