Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bit of Understanding!

Korea, politics and economic maturities put aside for while, spiritual maturity, we still long way to go to become one Korea. We used learn a song “the unification is our hope, the unification is our dearest dream …, the unification…,” alongside “ red north is our the first, and foremost deadly enemy of enemy…” Older generation still very hostile to the “bbahlgangee(red)” our generation bit of skeptical and “ none of my business” don’t care thing. Koreans we must understand that we have thousands years of same history, culture and same root, everything same but the ideology, which has been divide for more than six decades without Korean’s consent. Wounded land, she has been cut her waist; upper to “north” and down to “south” for how long she is going to suffer in this way? We wonder sometime. World become so close, global village but another side of our Korea is much distant than any other part of the world. One of most sad and heart wrenching things is, people ask me “where are you from?” “I am a Korean-Australian!” I answered and then they asked me again “ north or south? So I answered “Korea!” but then they insisted to know which part of “ north or south” this is happened about only 5 or years ago! Not long, used they just accepted as “ Korea” but now they wanted the clarification; “north or south “ they make me a choice where should I belong to, I want to belong to “Korea” not “north or south” that makes me immensely sad. When looking at from outside, objectively, in this way I can see things less subjectively, become more clearer my understanding of Korea. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about our own kind, humanity, when most people, emotionally economically rich; they are generous to others. That is goodness, or spiritual maturity. Prior to the Berlin Wall smashed down, I met many then West German people; I admired their generous affection of their then East Germans. They didn’t bar anyone talk badly about “East German!” All of them were keep saying “we are all same German!” They were very broad minded and spiritually mature, ownership of their mission in their generation “ the unification” their deep sympathy and willing to understand their ideologically different brothers and sisters. I wonder and hoping we “south” Korean people should learn from then the West German’s mindset, bit more affection to our “north” Korean brothers and sisters. We should reach them out with tolerance and understanding from civilian level. Economical maturity should go hand and hand with spiritual maturity, without these we only can sing “ the unification is our dearest hope, our dream is the unification…” is remain as just a dream only!