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Lovely Afternoon

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Love Love all but Alive

February is all about a great starter for the lovers O please love me forever ever ...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool Heat

Right for Food

 Finally, we need to defend the human right to food. People are hungry not because too little food is being produced, but because their rights are violated with impunity. … 
Hunger is a political question, not just a technical problem. We need markets, of course, but we also need a vision for the future that goes beyond short-term fixes. The global food system will always need firefighters. But what we need more urgently are architects to design a more fire-resistant system.
 You know North Korea hunger is preventive, they have fertile soil, but they failed because of system. Of course every country same, hunger is men made.  They just don’t care people, people mean to end these systems. Well watch out you muffled greedy thieves, condenses your little feeble soul shudder in your flippant sniff whiff!  The great people, they endured so much, when they rise from a mouth of lake they eat whole land with stripe of porous volcano. They will rise and reclaim their dignity, skeptics and noises of Excalibur, their land then shining steeliness power, thrash through rotten souls who violated human dignity.   

Friday, January 27, 2012

iAgony iProfit

This from NYT Krugman Article 
And Chinese manufacturing isn’t the only conspicuous example of these advantages in the modern world. Germany remains a highly successful exporter even with workers who cost, on average, $44 an hour — much more than the average cost of American workers. And this success has a lot to do with the support its small and medium-sized companies — the famed Mittelstand — provide to each other via shared suppliers and the maintenance of a skilled work force. 
 The point is that successful companies — or, at any rate, companies that make a large contribution to a nation’s economy — don’t exist in isolation. Prosperity depends on the synergy between companies, on the cluster, not the individual entrepreneur.
 I think no one think about the inevitable Apple(any company) flying off to the much more fertile land to seek  profit you can not blame the companies but blame  all the hotshot economists/policymakers didn’t have their clean crystal bowl to see few decades ahead of their virgin soil narrative. They feel deep sorrow for themselves and self ramification. Then they try to reclaim their abandon mighty soil, well that can be not easy job. One of comments was re; Apple”… the company loads with government money and power…”

AHA AHAHAH.....!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful Story of iPad

“You can either manufacture in comfortable, worker-friendly factories, or you can reinvent the product every year, and make it better and faster and cheaper, which requires factories that seem harsh by American standards,” said a current Apple executive.  
“And right now, customers care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China.”
See this too through your beautiful iPhone

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No More Empty Trumpet N Korea

I saw a N Korean website is promoting “ …NK is the cheapest labor cost in Asia…” that is true,  but in reality that who is going to invest on the  “ the cheapest labor…” alone invest on  NK.  While you are appears a grandiose bullshit artist with a song sheet is a nuclear brinkmanship. You can not attract foreign businesses by committing 만고죄악 brinkmanship.  Attracting foreign investment requires whole environmental clock work, TQM.  Safe smoth enough to foreign companies invests on their business in long terms. Chinese is a great example how to attract Apples investment.  I am not saying Chinese is right among other things. There is human right issues, but some of people argue that “sweatshop better than starving…” may be may be not true…” but any way I am not discussing sweatshop  in here.  But comparative advantage, why North K you need to open up.  It is simply number of work, that is how business is all about “cost cutting increasing selling = bottom-line profit, see the below Krugman chart. Beautifully illustrates simple numbers that is business all about. 

NK you want attract foreign investment?  Then you should turn this(the below picuture) into 



So your song sheet from now on “ I wanna love you….NOT I wanna blow you up all….!

Up date: also NK is promoting about “…no corruption…” that is true(? i think there is another way corruption) but there are different between under total totalitarian people no incentive for corruptions and S Korean “money envelop”, no incentive for corruptions.  Then you should ask yourself who you like to business? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Much Does Market Organization Matter?

This is  DeLong blog; a This chart very interesting illustration, I am looking at South and North Korea comparison. 

It had exactly same economic (well there was no such things as called economy these days in Korea) prior division. After 60 odd years you can tell difference the two Koreas. Amazing things. Also other countries,  what went so wrong? 

This below is nicely finished off why N Korea stuffed-  from DeLong his  lecture note 

And, of course, societies in which personal freedom was limited and millions lived or died by the whims of paranoid dictators were even less attractive in total than their relative economic performance alone would indicate. Market economies, with protections of private property and thus alternative centers of power to the government, have proved to be necessary even if not sufficient preconditions for personal liberty and for safety from arbitrary execution.

Well, hey North K there is no one making things up! You know there is only one way out, open up! Bit by bit. You know you are not only stuffed but deadly sick.  A huge operations!  

Comparative Advantage

This is Apple via Krguman blog  NYT.  Apple blunt and heart breaking comments  to the American people that why Chinese get their jobs, why American can not have their jobs. It is heartbreaking for lots of Americans but that is true I can perfectly understand Apple;

 “We sell iPhones in over a hundred countries,” a current Apple executive said. “We don’t have an obligation to solve America’s problems. Our only obligation is making the best product possible.” 
 “The entire supply chain is in China now,” said another former high-ranking Apple executive. “You need a thousand rubber gaskets? That’s the factory next door. You need a million screws? That factory is a block away. You need that screw made a little bit different? It will take three hours.”


…their pattern of specialization is fully determined by comparative advantage: Harry does rockets, Louise does brains. Yet the gains from trade are to a large extent the result not of the differences between the two individuals, but of the inherent advantages of specialization: because Harry can launch Louise while Louise fixes his brain, each of the two only needs to master one skill.
Does this have any relevance to current policy disputes? Well, many people – myself
included – have argued that imports of labor-intensive goods from developing countries exert a
depressing influence on the real wages of less-skilled workers in advanced countries. This may
still be true, but the role of local external economies may offer a partial offset: if Chinese buttons are cheap not just because of low wages but also because of the advantages of the Qiaotoucluster, U.S. imports of buttons have an ambiguous effect on low-skill wages rather than a definite Stolper-Samuelson effect.
 Interesting point and I can understand. Successfully managing a company, management only two things in our mind.   Cost cutting + increase selling = maximizing profit.   Economists do the policy managers do profit.  I think comparative advantage and localization supreme ruler.  What is perfect solution for the American then? If anyone have the solution for the Apple brings back to the jobs to the Americans that WOULD be of course a huge discovery! Triple Nobel price!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

$6 trillion N Korea Natural Resources

With mineral reserves valued at more than $6 trillion, according to South Korean state-owned mining company Korea Resources, the North has become a magnet for Chinese enterprises. Of the 138 Chinese companies registered as doing business in North Korea in 2010, 41 percent extract coal, iron, zinc, nickel, gold and other minerals, according to the U.S. Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
We learnt through our text book, all the natural resources at the N Korea not South. Geeee I didn’t know  this much O man $6 trillion, that is why Chinese such eyeballing right in their door step. They went to far way Africa for accessing natural resources, they go everywhere do everything for accessing natural and food for 1,5  billion people. We have to mindful about Chinese comments, who knows they try to fend off other countries who like to invest on N Korea by over loud problematic situation.
Those who invest will face countless hassles. North Korea's roads are narrow and potholed. The country's railroads and ports are a shambles, and its power grid struggles to keep the lights on.
N Korea ask the countries -who are willing investing, - provide loan for the improving infrastructures and charge road toll from other countries i.e. open for S Korean companies railroad transportations to the across Europe. That would provides greater  logistic efficiency to S Korean trade. Probably S Korea provide loan?  To improve public infrastructures is essential and great investment for any modern society. Labour is cheap or would be free…, remember North old days, you should doing business with your own kind too.  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Grandiose Greatest Bizarre Spectacle

I think N Korea should open its door to outside incrementally; Open to the world bit by bit by niche what you have – this must goes with hand to hand with safety.

1) Tourisms, for uniqueness, you are the most hermit totalitarianism in the world.  It is definitely niche, no other countries have it, telling story and showing the world, the most grandiose greatest bizarre spectacle. Hey think about, nowadays people tired of ordinariness, people don’t spend their buck for what they can see their own backyard. People are bored by ordinaries.    You have the most unique bizarre system which the worlds want to see. They want  to see ordinary peoples sufferings and hardship.   Your propaganda machine able to turn them into the uniqueness bizarreness and sodomise the world consciences grandiose most weird, - yes more weird the better- scale.  Says,  “hey you masochistic world  you have buck we have the most weird masochistic show in the earth, come to see us!” kind of attitude, you get it?  Some of articles say, some Korean genuinely believe eat less and endure their hardship is helping their country.    Weirdly packaging up and promote to the world tourism market.

2) Opens old hermit culture almost never open thousands years outside the world. Let the world see the glimpse of ordinary Korean people’s life (must authentic and buck for, let the ordinary people making money too not only you). Open old towns where mass old Korean style houses; open up courtside how ordinary people lives are. Everything old traditional is much better, old historical cultural sites developed (join venture development S Korea, ask them I bet they are more than happy to do it).  Goes with traditional cuisine. This is much better than for begging it is capitalist concept, what you have exchange for buck, not asking free hand out, you get it? Ok cool.  

3) Revival old style rituals and entertainments, i.e. ancestries worships, weddings, family, ordinary people life rituals authentic way…,  also show your own current system spectacles…, this is much better earning than your cheap franchises restaurants around traps.

4) Open up atrocities sites; 1990s mass starvation, labor camp, grave yards, orphanages … people pay authentic for their buck…you see anyway they had or have been suffering so why not making money from current situation. i.e.  orphanages, if people pay entry fee that can go to the orphanages, not your pocket.  
5) Open bazaars market for traditional hand craft people able to sell their hand craft. This encourage people making things their spare time. Do not filter who to sell but let everyone whoever have things to sell. Yes market is called market economic this is start.

It will not much disturb your system but what you have now it is bit open up for the buck, that would be much reward.

The people, whoever you are in power, at glance you are old enough and been  lived good life, probably traveled outside of Korea too so you would see how differences are.  Your current situations predictable. Without open you can not feed 25 million, how long are you going to begging and threatening  brinkmanship, no other countries blink on their eyeballs.  Is a chance, take this chance you rid, you have too.  

Think about it, inevitably what is going to happen. What is power for? It can not be sustainable, yes you are stuck. The only way out is you have to open to the world.  

My Taste Never Ever Wrong

“de gustibus non…” from today Paul Krumgan  blog I didn’t know  what this mean so I asked Google, I find this  Hume's Aesthetics it says :
“…the verdicts of taste are sentiments, devoid of truth-value, there is no opportunity for the conflicts and failures of reason that give rise to philosophical skepticism…”
Everyone's taste different  that is nothing wrong, so your friend is besotted by his a little pot orchid, keep saying “ o my little precious thing…” you can not tell him he is a scumbag because he caged orchid in his little pot as he entitled too that is his taste.   And it goes on relations of taste, beauty and moral as:
Suppose that Hume regards beauty as a dispositional property. Like the dispositional terms “buoyant” and“brittle,” “beauty” could be predicated of objects, generating judgments that are true or false for different objects. Statements attributing dispositional properties to objects are true even if the appropriate conditions are never satisfied (e.g.,“This vase is brittle” can be true despite the fact that the vase never gets broken). Yet Hume clearly denies that judgments of taste are truth-valued, and he denies that it makes sense to make inferences about an object's beauty in advance of the requisite sentiment (S, 219).  
Hume famously argues that, in order to clarify any idea, “we need but enquire, from what impression is that supposed idea derived” (EHU, 22). If beauty is a dispositional property, then one arrives at the idea of beauty by associating particular causes with particular effects under specific conditions. In Hume's terminology, a dispositional idea of beauty would be the idea of a complex relation of cause and effect. It would be a causal principle, and we could not employ the idea prior to formulating such a principle. Yet, once again, Hume denies an implication of the dispositional analysis. The sentiment of approbation is our only source for our idea of beauty, and there are cases where we recognize beauty in advance of any reasoning about the beautiful object (EPM, 173).

Then this lead me thinking and questions. Is stealing also one’s taste? Why are people stealing? Where their nasty tastes come from?   Anyway, interesting, yes but I thought I had bit of fixation of my taste but nice to know that is OK. o la la… Yes beauty mean my own thing own property I don’t care whether other people agree or not, sunset and I that is all matters…

Google -Melbourne Sunset
The above my sunset that is right my sunset I am sharing with you. I know where is most magnificent sunset beast comes goes whenever he pleases after he goes down I always go to a fish and chip shop and have fish and chips( one of the Melbourne best fish and chips too),  don’t ask me why that is what I think most nice to thing to do that is my taste. You analysis and I am enjoying...  

Friday, January 20, 2012

American Spectacle

When the US presidential election is heating up, one of  the best free spectacular spectacles in the world starts. The most advanced capitalist country in the earth, theme is money money, clean clean clean…! Money ó clean, it is mostly unlikely bedmates. How the money most clean and fair way spending! Rest of the world is watching as if their own spectacles, a kind of despair and amusement within their own reason.  Because whoever will be, ever will be, the US  president’s  term will be effects on our own countries’ politics and  economics in various ways. So watching them and hoping Yankee chose  the most sagacious, the most effective person to  their leader and a friend of our own country.  So every single day we hear our fogg-hornoning news  the US presidential spectacles. Most Americans all of sudden  become  the most morally up righted  partisans. They wear their own “blue and red” moral gowns.  Forget about moral sake of moral but blue moral and red moral. When blue and red goes there is no such things as “right and wrong” BUT,  every blue eyes red is wrong and every red eyes blue is wrong…so.  And they start dissect every single movement their enemy moral standing or righteous. They goes back and dig out generations of great-great-great-fathers of affairs and tears.  Put their enemy like insects on the moral board, they wear utter moral coated spectacles( you don’t need to be moral person in here) and sharpens their swords and dissecting. And they are digging out deepest their enemy yearnings, among with his dark secretes; possible relations of enemy because of name, cross another continent make sure his is not tainted,  possible  tax aviation evasion, dirty succumb-bag way of making profits, having affairs, open marriages…! Indeed every  Yankee have their holy mission, make for sure whoever their president he  must be very very squawky clean, wordings under their breath “ you have to be  my standard”. Bunch of sadists in missions terrorizing their enemies, scavenge every articles, every datas, horning their antennas making charts, numbers, making grenade in their keyboards so that shots are painful and effective as possible.  They have their constitutional right to destroy enemy of incompetence and destroy enemy of moral scumbags. They are testing, testing and testing again and again every possible ways whether he is strong enough, competence enough, and sagacious to be their Man to the Job. And he is able to push the Right Button when their nation testing times.  Certainly Democracy is working, better than certainly most rest of world.   It is nice to watch a such delightful democrat spectacle. Or least I want to think that way.

Up Date: Look at the Google, the American - no all around world- public media delightfully-saintly-outraged and ready and open global chopping moral board and horning their grenades key board ever so eagerly ready to shot!  O amen!  

Pardon me Update: when you are reading this blog bit of mindful about my wordings, not that I deliberately  made mistake by putting wrong wordings, but rather my fingers on the keyboard faster speed than my brain or vises verses, so when my fingers make fireballs real speed, make some wording top of my head i.e.  I listen sounds of wordings in my head faster faster…   FYI I learned my f***  words mostly from movies…  seeing is believing fast into the my mind... you can say that I am a faster learner!!I am an innocent!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

N Korea Dilemma

"The Kim Jong-un regime will not last long," Kim Jong-nam is said to have written, forecasting a power struggle. "Without reforms, North Korea will collapse, and when such changes take place, the regime will collapse." 
 …displeased his father by calling for reform and market-opening and "was eventually viewed with suspicion". His views meant that the overseas education of his brothers and sister was shortened.
 He also claimed to have told Kim Jong-il how concerned the international community was about the nuclear tests and missile launches. 
 … on good terms with their aunt and uncle. Kim Kyong-hui and Jang Song-taek have become increasingly prominent in North Korean media and appear to be guiding the new leader as he assumes power, …
I am not sure what this indicates, but I can not brush away about the 1970s China political situation under Mao.   The final years of Mao and near his death, he appointed an inexperience Hua Guofeng as his successor and while  he exiled his political rival more reformer Deng. Later Deng’s  spectacle comeback.  The above Kim’s comments put things together who knows what is going to happen, and timely releasing these comments( whether the statement  true or not confirmed yet). Like a time bomb!  I am just saying!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yam Yam Tasty Lunch

Talk You Late! BTW Koryo Celadon

Eveyron would know Koryo or Goryeo celadon, truly Korean original. Masterpieces. Gracefulness like your grandmamma hairline. Now day no one looks like celadon. Sorry but that is true. All of them are botoxliness. The above them are inside breathless museums breathless encountering mass goggling eyes. Priceless priceless, of course priceless. Anyway  I heard some of N Korean were selling some of these precious pieces on the market. Very  sad, yes if I can see them on selling market that would  make me tears for sure, very very sad.   I think S Korean should try to buy back any these pieces on the market. Or could try to buy them directly from the North.  I think some of these N Korean old household they still have old lofty stuff hangs around in their houses, most of the N Korean were no contact from the outside of the world at all.   

I said before one of prior entry, a story of celadon master has been all his life for searching for the perfect hue. Every time I see celadon I remember the loving story.  Probably the author written in a such way that we should learn from the story, nevertheless I believe that story because a cool story. Many of them deliberately have been destroyed because the hue glaze…etc were imperfect in his eyes. Few of them are these masterpieces, you see every of them perfect shape and glorious hue. Modern celadon masters enjoy their acclaimed social position.  Old days celadon masters life could have been tough( strictly class system, craftsman were low class)for such long times for searching for the secrete unless you are mad. But then  because of these madman in our history(not much mad woman through) humanity enriched by these precious madness. So thank you madmen. That was some hundreds years ago, now days affordable even if well known masters work, but also unknown artists work also splendors work of art, really look around you can buy a great  price for a great work. You don't need to be an expert to able to tell which is good. Of course some of old things probably at ancestry ancient squawky  old homes and squawky teethed ghosts having cool drink celadon cup and tasty persimmons on celadon bowl. Squawky wind squawky…ghost songs midnight snack.  I think old days much better… don’t you thinks so?  More beautiful world then don’t you think so?  But then always  pros and cons… 

Bit On and On…

It is the only way get over it... Really feeling, really living...

This lovely weathered old house every step saucy squawky  squawkyyy

Mind you this is not really countryside - it is a big city plentiful of them around

Look at the poor pot orchids

Traditional Korean houses

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sejong the Great

Sejong the Great -  Is he your man or not? 

image from Wikipedia

I think the Korean leaders should learn from the Sejong the Great, if you want loved by people forever and you want be their man forever then,  you are not only sagacious (not smart but sagacious, everyone can be smart but everyone can not be sagacious), effective and squawky clean. When you abused power for your enrichment that is end of your story. Power is intoxication it is addictive. One of the key ingredient of leadership is integrity, incorruptible, that gives you firm ground for your standing.  We are all corruptible by nature there is no such thing  clean clean. But when you are in a leadership position that not only gives you legitimacy but also credibility you can perform.  That is why we were forced read or forced to listen so many fairy tales and stories that revolved around what is wrong what is right.  That is the starting  point we think of the Just.  While you are  living in utter luxury and while millions of people starving well that is not leading but you committed 만고죄악”( ten thousand traitorous deadly). Leadership is lonely and hard, in my point of view. Unconditional commitment of the position your heart and soul. If you can not,  you should not be that leadership position or you can not be a leader.  End of the day you depend no one but yourselves.   That is why,  Sejong the Great brothers all give up for their  kingships for his younger brother, that is why he is  Sejong the Great, during his rules,  not only he is the creator of Hangul,  but also one of the most prosper all around, -  technology, science, art, and   economic and peacefullness etc... - Period in Korea.  Indeed he is our man.  Now days S Korean has a shameful  scandal about “money envelope” among politicians, it is not laughable, amazing still…, economical maturalty follows graces, certainly not money envelope in your lunch box  is not grace for sure!  Hey S Korean politicians grow up and have bit of grace “money envelope” is 만고죄악, all strip off and sent them a labor camp for their life!  if  Sejong the Great is your man, then  the Korean leadership  certainly can do better than starving million innocent people to death, put them in misery and still craving “money envelope” as their breadline.  What a national disgraces!  

Noble Tears and Blood

This from Dong A : N Korea  coloarful  earthshaking warning to the S Koran government, because SK media said that NK people’ wail during the Kim’s funeral  was forced to and tears were  fake. as :
   "…역적패당의 어용언론들은 어버이장군님의 서거시간과 장소를 놓고 무엄하게도 하늘 무서운 줄 모르는 헛나발을 불어댔다" "조의장에서 흘리는 눈물은 `강요된 슬픔이고 연출된 것'이라느니 뭐니 하며 우리 인민의 고결한 피눈물을 모독했다 "역적패당을 대대손손까지 끝까지 따라가며 가장 몸서리치게 징벌할 것"
literally something like this: 
"the  traitorous loser SK government’s media propaganda,  dare to, unafraid of the sky, they blew an empty trumpet by the time of our parent-general’s death  and place his death… and also people forced to cry and wails were  a part of performance during the  funeral,  … blur blur… they insulted our people’s noble  tears and blood…” 
“ We follow the traitorous loser SK government and their  five generations and give them a gravest earthshaking  punishment”
Indeed earthshaking noble tears and blood of furious winter...

The below are traditional Korean style houses for hotel in NK– this is a real jewel, may be develop in such way,  whole towns for  tourists along development with open markets for  traditional hand craft,  would be a great tourist attraction which offer a great experience to the visitors, you don’t need to much alterations, initial markets for Japanese  and S Korean, exchange rates gives a great incentive and initiative towns.   but foremost safety of the visitors are the key for the buck- pictures are  from here.  The blog entery was Year 2005.   

 Actually NK able harvest current situation turn into opportunity for tourism. Lots of people want to experience NK current situation, why not current political system turn into a great spectacular spectacle in the world. So much publicized media but many people unable (safety)to travel, NK guarantee safety for the tourists, mess promotion for the whole country tourist attraction/destination.  The world want to see what is the total control system…etc… well you can still total control by opening up whatever wherever you want by tailing personal guides, same time getting buck.  There are few things accommodated this niche by i) Tradition Korean clean conformable accommodation, authentic traditional Korean food, ii) Opening Korean traditional hand craft bazaar, people able to sell their hand craft at these bazaars -  (shipping must right). And genuine old Korean hospitality.  

Hey Up date:  NK think about it, change needs courage and decisive, what can you do? You can not begging forever for food!   What you have now is the total control system, the world watching and they would like to see, so you have it you should flaunting it, you can not keep staving 25 million people and you can not threatening world, no one is going to be threatened by you. If you don’t want to total collapse, you should open up your system to the world for buck. 

Hanok WOW Update: This is wonderful Jeonju Hanok Village( Korean Traditional Houses) for tourists.      

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WhoHaA Freezing Friezing!!

Showing off..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass on the fur coat ….! 

Tough Update : If Korea one peaceful country both sides young people( 2 million?) not have to be their  services to the country in uniform (active military service  S Korean average 2 years and N Korea 3  so total average is about  2.5 years) quick number in your head that is 60 million mens' months, economical value in that men hours is immense that can be put better ways to serve the nation  than in uniform.  Of course even if one Korea there would be, has to be military services. But not that number. the tough training scene beyond ordinary people imagination, impossible but true that is how they would  fighting in a reality! Winter harsh all thing are frozen river stone sky snow…menacing wind… they depend no one but themselves. But when they get through these they can get thought everything in their life.  We can looking at the training as a  quality of human resources which key(only natural resources) resources.

Bit more, I think the above( I pointed out) is very interesting point, in terms of economical cost of current situation and the  unification, if the men hours utilized another way instead of  preparing warfare, not only men hours but the military budget (now just below 3% GDP SKorea), the nation’s  cost of losing their prime time, take away for 30 months, unable to learn or work other things important to service society(immeasurable  possibilities) instead of combat skills…    top of my head everyone agree two Korea have a huge huge incentive for unification. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something So Enchanting

When you see things so enchanting bit on and on…so I am doing this for the most beautiful orchid in the world  again. You can compare the two  picture below orchids.  They are same spices. You can see why  this particular orchid should  not plaint into pot but leave as they are! 

First,  look the gracious wild thing, full of spirit, it made its effort push its barriers, make poet into agaaaa... state intoxication,  dead branches leaves stone wind cold frost, all winter endured under the snows and frost and coming out earth and see the sky so see the splendor face and natural graces., its full face to the sun’s face. Wowhaa spring it was long winter!  Spurring up to air make sun crazy,  it says to him “kiss me!” so sun kiss it’s face a huge  lovely kisses for reward for her endurance all day, it is his most beautiful lover, until he goes to his dark night harem moon chamber.  

wild thing -http://seoje.com/~denjang/

Contrary this sad potting in potting out spiritless soulless thing, in a shadow, lucky to see sun all day inside cool a besotted persons desk, among computer keyboard clicks...proabley music...  able to looks at the sun through glass( that would be bit of luck) or a medicos reception or somewhere busy polluted city apartments something, looking so sad. even its leaves are not so green either and rather fat face!

pot thing
Mind you I am not a racist  wild thing verse  pot thing. I am neutral! But I know which one is superior and I love!!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Secretes Of Making Beneficial Fungus

The below picture is from this wonderful website

This is bean paste which is the key thing of making soy sauce. The purpose of this  complex process is harvesting the key fungus - which is beneficial to the human- where smell is so stinky( very strong). The key secrets is the dry loosely tied knot of  rice plants, becase of the rice plants the bean paste able to produce proper good fungus! Amazing isn’t!

O, this farm has this orchid,  unbelievable! the most beautiful orchid in the world! I say, isn’t  so splendors, just come out its face I think May the flowers say it is May! Flowers seas sky… I think is May… Bit more of this magnificence - This orchid is so elegance and grace, it is rugged mountain not high not low but reasonable high, - high mountain orchid are different again-  well jostled windy wings, O our mountain spring jostled with spell petals lust of joy, and thinking of all things,  spring of  its face and flowering about May. Among many other flowers of course, slender leaves and stem of flowers, please pot me not I am  wild and beautiful! It says

Think like a ManagerEconomist!

For the fact is that running a business is nothing at all like making macro policy. The key point about macroeconomics is the pervasiveness of feedback loops due to the fact that workers are also consumers. No business sells a large fraction of its output to its own workers; even very small countries sell around two-thirds of their output to themselves, because that much is non-tradable services. 
This makes a huge difference. A businessman can slash his workforce in half, produce about the same as before, and be considered a big success; an economy that does the same plunges into depression, and ends up not being able to sell its goods. Nothing in business experience prepares one for the paradox of thrift, or even the inflationary impact of increases in the money supply (which is real when the economy isn’t in a liquidity trap.)
 Managers can not run a country  the way like running company but he/she has to think like –must-  think like a managereconomist.  This is heck of  interesting points, yes mangers are not trained to think of the paradox of two differences; fire 50% work force, make lean and mean hungry organization, manager don’t care where the 50% workforce end up that is not managers’ job  to worry about it, as his/her job is much of the single organization, sometimes soul destroying things happen but when you are hired to do the job… well … a glass of wine well do…end of the day…managers’ song sheets are not “job creation, job creation jobs but lean and mean and hungry and profit. Where a president of country his/her song sheet  paradox “job creation, jobs… jobs …AND lean and mean and hungry and profit.” Where is the jobs of the result of mean lean hungry  for the 50%? Well that is not a glass of wine for sure!

 P.S. Apparently a republican presidential candidate putting a wording  in such way that evoke a such vampire flees  blogs:
 Aaron Carroll:Lotsof people can’t fire their insurance companies | The Incidental Economist: Gov. Romney is not saying that he enjoys telling people that they no longer have a job. He’s saying that, when it comes to health insurance, if a company is doing a bad job, he would enjoy telling them to take a hike. Who wouldn’t?
….  keep reading 
Here also another Krugman' blog mentioned -Who Fires Whom? 

When organization change or re-engineering actually not only destroying jobs but also creating jobs but the creating jobs are not equal match as much as destroys as i.e. replacing human to technology, better knowledge management, outsourcing,  processing, and  also resources allocations etc…. so  economists should be aware that you can not runs a company in such inefficient way because sake of jobs- end of the day not only the single business suffer but  whole society suffer that is equal putting!  So if the company runs better way and more export and more profit, - even eventually creating more jobs -so that end of the day pay more tax, so the government  able to better spending to healthcare etc…So there!

When a surgeon front of patient at the operating theater, the  grave patient need to operation otherwise she would die,  the surgeon doesn’t care whether the patients lose one leg or not, if his job is saving her life, the surgeon is just do it. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Secrets of Making Korean Food

Some people say Korean foods are difficult to make. This is because most Americans do not have basic ingredients and condiments readily in their kitchen when cooking Korean foods. Some of these ingredients are often semi-prepared and stored for long term because it is often used. Preparing each and every ingredient for each Korean cooking will take lots of time and effort. For example, minced / crushed ginger and garlic are often in Korean recipes. Same goes for half crushed sesame seeds. Soy sauce and soy paste are must. 
Humb I am happy that I am not a loser in the Kitchen, but Ok if you can not make any Korean food, so I blame the time not me.

When I was growing up in Korea, it was pretty common to see people making their own soy sauce including my mom, who used to have 3 barrels of soy sauce that lasted us about 10 years. I used to wonder why it took so long to make soy sauce but it lasts a lifetime once you make it....

Do you see that word “ 10 years” that is heck of long time in this lighting-bomb age, who is going to make sauce that for  next 10 years, I may dead then,… you can see some of the how to make soy sauce 메주( I don’t know what is called English a kind of soy bean paste- smell is really stinky…!!!), below  pictures are so similar to our  house, the  메주 room much darker room behind main house it situated food storage house, lots of good things there along many spooky things.  All the stonewares,  the huge big black pots boils water all the time, firing pine tree stuff so nice warm scent of pine…if you are nice you are allow to sit near fire and you can read story books and tasty snacks for special treat…there was no cold winter… anyway… by the way when special occasions, it was very exciting things happen as massive women were cooking… hangs around…

Images from: http://seoje.com/~denjang/makemeju.htm

So I know how to eat traditional Korean food very well indeed  but OK not able to make them!  

Characteristic of Browsers


P.S. In my view this is bit unkind for explore, yes speed doesn’t often  translated best thing either, lets say horses for courses!   

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kimchi and Onggi Pot

This Korean Onggi ( clay pots), Potter Master, 5th Generation of making Onggi. Heart and soul into the heat fire passion precision silkily indomitable movement of lines and times. His crafts Onggi for food storage (fermentation)especially Kimchi and soy sources etc…, no longer just making  but for me  emotionally profoundly touching, evoking sentiments. Keeper of tradition lines of generations tacit knowledge  that one can learn from side by side from the master and learner.   I am delight that  the Onggi masters of public recognition as their  craftsmanship is one of  highest art form.  Tacit, his beautiful hands movements is all about his holiest tasks of achieving excellent his craft. Although most Korean  not credit his master craftsman skill as art form, as traditionally Korean mentality ( Confucius) something for mess or commercial  are not consider as art but for but skill for trade. But indeed he is a master of  Onggi pottery. We have to change that perception.   So Onggis pottery is part of the art of Kimchi making right?   Anyway been watching how make Kimchi, this were my “ thinking about making Kimchi” saga start that  but I must say Kimchi is not the easiest food you attempt to  make, there unwritten tacit knowledge that  precious procedures -follow timely sequences - that is secrete of determining  the “taste” art of Kimchi. Old days that is why every  household has that difference taste of Kimchi learning from your grandmamma and moms. I am still thinking about things, how to start, where to start I am not sure thinking about making Kimchi more complicate than  ever… if you can not make Kimchi that is "만고죄악”(ten thousand traitorous deadly sin). O, man…

Long time ago, I have read a moving story of a master potter, his life time struggle of finding the secrets of perfection of - hues glazes, and crack of a celadon- his craft. For me that was integrity and graces of a master his own craft. Do you think I keep watching the Kimchi making I will eventually find the perfect Kimchi making secrets? Bloody Kimchi ...!

Onggi pots

Lager family Onggi sauce pots...

This picture I love so much, I think Onggi pots salesman or delivery guy now days  he can be  called a courier, he looks   probably 1800s. His handsome enchanting knock out smile, amazing skill load up  more than 10 Onggi pots and straight walking!  I am not sure but his attire tells me that very early 1880s for sure. Do you see that how to tangled and arranged his pots. Love his nice smile very happy smile.  Nice to know he is happy! Very nice lovely!

Self-justification Update: If you don’t know how to make Kimchis that is not "만고죄악”(ten thousand traitorous deadly sin), but I pity on you as you are hopeless in the kitchen  I therefore  forgive you but you do  excel other things that match!  

The above picture I like it, you see the huge pot that is a centerpiece,  I think soy sauce, that is very dangerous so you are completely forbidden to near, all ceramics so easy to broke or drowning. So many sauce all fermentation, I think when you are hopeless in the kitchen you missed out so many tasty things. You can buy them but that are not the same taste. You forget them but time to time come to mind that make you bit sad that is all… I like particularly the below picture -sticky rice cakes- I am not sure how people make them but I know  inside thems are: nuts, chestnut sesame seed, pine nuts and beans I think...you can see only picutre...