Monday, January 16, 2012

Yam Yam Tasty Lunch

Talk You Late! BTW Koryo Celadon

Eveyron would know Koryo or Goryeo celadon, truly Korean original. Masterpieces. Gracefulness like your grandmamma hairline. Now day no one looks like celadon. Sorry but that is true. All of them are botoxliness. The above them are inside breathless museums breathless encountering mass goggling eyes. Priceless priceless, of course priceless. Anyway  I heard some of N Korean were selling some of these precious pieces on the market. Very  sad, yes if I can see them on selling market that would  make me tears for sure, very very sad.   I think S Korean should try to buy back any these pieces on the market. Or could try to buy them directly from the North.  I think some of these N Korean old household they still have old lofty stuff hangs around in their houses, most of the N Korean were no contact from the outside of the world at all.   

I said before one of prior entry, a story of celadon master has been all his life for searching for the perfect hue. Every time I see celadon I remember the loving story.  Probably the author written in a such way that we should learn from the story, nevertheless I believe that story because a cool story. Many of them deliberately have been destroyed because the hue glaze…etc were imperfect in his eyes. Few of them are these masterpieces, you see every of them perfect shape and glorious hue. Modern celadon masters enjoy their acclaimed social position.  Old days celadon masters life could have been tough( strictly class system, craftsman were low class)for such long times for searching for the secrete unless you are mad. But then  because of these madman in our history(not much mad woman through) humanity enriched by these precious madness. So thank you madmen. That was some hundreds years ago, now days affordable even if well known masters work, but also unknown artists work also splendors work of art, really look around you can buy a great  price for a great work. You don't need to be an expert to able to tell which is good. Of course some of old things probably at ancestry ancient squawky  old homes and squawky teethed ghosts having cool drink celadon cup and tasty persimmons on celadon bowl. Squawky wind squawky…ghost songs midnight snack.  I think old days much better… don’t you thinks so?  More beautiful world then don’t you think so?  But then always  pros and cons…