Friday, January 20, 2012

American Spectacle

When the US presidential election is heating up, one of  the best free spectacular spectacles in the world starts. The most advanced capitalist country in the earth, theme is money money, clean clean clean…! Money ó clean, it is mostly unlikely bedmates. How the money most clean and fair way spending! Rest of the world is watching as if their own spectacles, a kind of despair and amusement within their own reason.  Because whoever will be, ever will be, the US  president’s  term will be effects on our own countries’ politics and  economics in various ways. So watching them and hoping Yankee chose  the most sagacious, the most effective person to  their leader and a friend of our own country.  So every single day we hear our fogg-hornoning news  the US presidential spectacles. Most Americans all of sudden  become  the most morally up righted  partisans. They wear their own “blue and red” moral gowns.  Forget about moral sake of moral but blue moral and red moral. When blue and red goes there is no such things as “right and wrong” BUT,  every blue eyes red is wrong and every red eyes blue is wrong…so.  And they start dissect every single movement their enemy moral standing or righteous. They goes back and dig out generations of great-great-great-fathers of affairs and tears.  Put their enemy like insects on the moral board, they wear utter moral coated spectacles( you don’t need to be moral person in here) and sharpens their swords and dissecting. And they are digging out deepest their enemy yearnings, among with his dark secretes; possible relations of enemy because of name, cross another continent make sure his is not tainted,  possible  tax aviation evasion, dirty succumb-bag way of making profits, having affairs, open marriages…! Indeed every  Yankee have their holy mission, make for sure whoever their president he  must be very very squawky clean, wordings under their breath “ you have to be  my standard”. Bunch of sadists in missions terrorizing their enemies, scavenge every articles, every datas, horning their antennas making charts, numbers, making grenade in their keyboards so that shots are painful and effective as possible.  They have their constitutional right to destroy enemy of incompetence and destroy enemy of moral scumbags. They are testing, testing and testing again and again every possible ways whether he is strong enough, competence enough, and sagacious to be their Man to the Job. And he is able to push the Right Button when their nation testing times.  Certainly Democracy is working, better than certainly most rest of world.   It is nice to watch a such delightful democrat spectacle. Or least I want to think that way.

Up Date: Look at the Google, the American - no all around world- public media delightfully-saintly-outraged and ready and open global chopping moral board and horning their grenades key board ever so eagerly ready to shot!  O amen!  

Pardon me Update: when you are reading this blog bit of mindful about my wordings, not that I deliberately  made mistake by putting wrong wordings, but rather my fingers on the keyboard faster speed than my brain or vises verses, so when my fingers make fireballs real speed, make some wording top of my head i.e.  I listen sounds of wordings in my head faster faster…   FYI I learned my f***  words mostly from movies…  seeing is believing fast into the my mind... you can say that I am a faster learner!!I am an innocent!