Monday, January 23, 2012

$6 trillion N Korea Natural Resources

With mineral reserves valued at more than $6 trillion, according to South Korean state-owned mining company Korea Resources, the North has become a magnet for Chinese enterprises. Of the 138 Chinese companies registered as doing business in North Korea in 2010, 41 percent extract coal, iron, zinc, nickel, gold and other minerals, according to the U.S. Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
We learnt through our text book, all the natural resources at the N Korea not South. Geeee I didn’t know  this much O man $6 trillion, that is why Chinese such eyeballing right in their door step. They went to far way Africa for accessing natural resources, they go everywhere do everything for accessing natural and food for 1,5  billion people. We have to mindful about Chinese comments, who knows they try to fend off other countries who like to invest on N Korea by over loud problematic situation.
Those who invest will face countless hassles. North Korea's roads are narrow and potholed. The country's railroads and ports are a shambles, and its power grid struggles to keep the lights on.
N Korea ask the countries -who are willing investing, - provide loan for the improving infrastructures and charge road toll from other countries i.e. open for S Korean companies railroad transportations to the across Europe. That would provides greater  logistic efficiency to S Korean trade. Probably S Korea provide loan?  To improve public infrastructures is essential and great investment for any modern society. Labour is cheap or would be free…, remember North old days, you should doing business with your own kind too.