Saturday, January 14, 2012

Noble Tears and Blood

This from Dong A : N Korea  coloarful  earthshaking warning to the S Koran government, because SK media said that NK people’ wail during the Kim’s funeral  was forced to and tears were  fake. as :
   "…역적패당의 어용언론들은 어버이장군님의 서거시간과 장소를 놓고 무엄하게도 하늘 무서운 줄 모르는 헛나발을 불어댔다" "조의장에서 흘리는 눈물은 `강요된 슬픔이고 연출된 것'이라느니 뭐니 하며 우리 인민의 고결한 피눈물을 모독했다 "역적패당을 대대손손까지 끝까지 따라가며 가장 몸서리치게 징벌할 것"
literally something like this: 
"the  traitorous loser SK government’s media propaganda,  dare to, unafraid of the sky, they blew an empty trumpet by the time of our parent-general’s death  and place his death… and also people forced to cry and wails were  a part of performance during the  funeral,  … blur blur… they insulted our people’s noble  tears and blood…” 
“ We follow the traitorous loser SK government and their  five generations and give them a gravest earthshaking  punishment”
Indeed earthshaking noble tears and blood of furious winter...

The below are traditional Korean style houses for hotel in NK– this is a real jewel, may be develop in such way,  whole towns for  tourists along development with open markets for  traditional hand craft,  would be a great tourist attraction which offer a great experience to the visitors, you don’t need to much alterations, initial markets for Japanese  and S Korean, exchange rates gives a great incentive and initiative towns.   but foremost safety of the visitors are the key for the buck- pictures are  from here.  The blog entery was Year 2005.   

 Actually NK able harvest current situation turn into opportunity for tourism. Lots of people want to experience NK current situation, why not current political system turn into a great spectacular spectacle in the world. So much publicized media but many people unable (safety)to travel, NK guarantee safety for the tourists, mess promotion for the whole country tourist attraction/destination.  The world want to see what is the total control system…etc… well you can still total control by opening up whatever wherever you want by tailing personal guides, same time getting buck.  There are few things accommodated this niche by i) Tradition Korean clean conformable accommodation, authentic traditional Korean food, ii) Opening Korean traditional hand craft bazaar, people able to sell their hand craft at these bazaars -  (shipping must right). And genuine old Korean hospitality.  

Hey Up date:  NK think about it, change needs courage and decisive, what can you do? You can not begging forever for food!   What you have now is the total control system, the world watching and they would like to see, so you have it you should flaunting it, you can not keep staving 25 million people and you can not threatening world, no one is going to be threatened by you. If you don’t want to total collapse, you should open up your system to the world for buck. 

Hanok WOW Update: This is wonderful Jeonju Hanok Village( Korean Traditional Houses) for tourists.