Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kimchi and Onggi Pot

This Korean Onggi ( clay pots), Potter Master, 5th Generation of making Onggi. Heart and soul into the heat fire passion precision silkily indomitable movement of lines and times. His crafts Onggi for food storage (fermentation)especially Kimchi and soy sources etc…, no longer just making  but for me  emotionally profoundly touching, evoking sentiments. Keeper of tradition lines of generations tacit knowledge  that one can learn from side by side from the master and learner.   I am delight that  the Onggi masters of public recognition as their  craftsmanship is one of  highest art form.  Tacit, his beautiful hands movements is all about his holiest tasks of achieving excellent his craft. Although most Korean  not credit his master craftsman skill as art form, as traditionally Korean mentality ( Confucius) something for mess or commercial  are not consider as art but for but skill for trade. But indeed he is a master of  Onggi pottery. We have to change that perception.   So Onggis pottery is part of the art of Kimchi making right?   Anyway been watching how make Kimchi, this were my “ thinking about making Kimchi” saga start that  but I must say Kimchi is not the easiest food you attempt to  make, there unwritten tacit knowledge that  precious procedures -follow timely sequences - that is secrete of determining  the “taste” art of Kimchi. Old days that is why every  household has that difference taste of Kimchi learning from your grandmamma and moms. I am still thinking about things, how to start, where to start I am not sure thinking about making Kimchi more complicate than  ever… if you can not make Kimchi that is "만고죄악”(ten thousand traitorous deadly sin). O, man…

Long time ago, I have read a moving story of a master potter, his life time struggle of finding the secrets of perfection of - hues glazes, and crack of a celadon- his craft. For me that was integrity and graces of a master his own craft. Do you think I keep watching the Kimchi making I will eventually find the perfect Kimchi making secrets? Bloody Kimchi ...!

Onggi pots

Lager family Onggi sauce pots...

This picture I love so much, I think Onggi pots salesman or delivery guy now days  he can be  called a courier, he looks   probably 1800s. His handsome enchanting knock out smile, amazing skill load up  more than 10 Onggi pots and straight walking!  I am not sure but his attire tells me that very early 1880s for sure. Do you see that how to tangled and arranged his pots. Love his nice smile very happy smile.  Nice to know he is happy! Very nice lovely!

Self-justification Update: If you don’t know how to make Kimchis that is not "만고죄악”(ten thousand traitorous deadly sin), but I pity on you as you are hopeless in the kitchen  I therefore  forgive you but you do  excel other things that match!  

The above picture I like it, you see the huge pot that is a centerpiece,  I think soy sauce, that is very dangerous so you are completely forbidden to near, all ceramics so easy to broke or drowning. So many sauce all fermentation, I think when you are hopeless in the kitchen you missed out so many tasty things. You can buy them but that are not the same taste. You forget them but time to time come to mind that make you bit sad that is all… I like particularly the below picture -sticky rice cakes- I am not sure how people make them but I know  inside thems are: nuts, chestnut sesame seed, pine nuts and beans I can see only picutre...