Sunday, August 31, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: What to Read

Greg Mankiw's Blog: What to Read

...Though politicians often claim that they are working towards "free trade," an idea the book supports,...
Breeding money like air -- Spring time reading! Has he read all these Books? I wonder why worst books? I might read worst books first then go from there! I love free things, not that I am super stingy like my brother rather, make me feel good, but I search for free things I like instead someone force to me have free things. I know “There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” But like Prof, Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom free book but I found it! Lots of things to fry in a hot frying pan!

  • Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Palins: Fans of retirement saving

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Palins: Fans of retirement saving

    WoWWWWWWW Jackpot! What a ferreting! The real people - the real story, the ticket for the 18 millions surely!And More... Nice to have heap of ferreting friends cheesy places and around traps – gets all these nice juicy stuff!

  • Sarah Palin
  • Friday, August 29, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: McCain veep pick is not a member...

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: McCain veep pick is a member...

    NO experience + NO experience = experience
    No experience + Experience = No experience
    Experience + Experience = Experience

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Sachs on the Digital Divide

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Sachs on the Digital Neighbours

    Lots of great minds around the world you know! - This is great example where you do thing gracefully when you have plenty - make world less painful!

  • Prof E. Brewer
  • Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Political Divide

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Political Divide

    My grandmamma used to say – she was an extraordinary waste not person. I think she was the finest example of ultra resourceful environmentalist– "when you have plenty you can help others by sharing." She was talking modern economic terms “Spillover effect”.
    Our farm and our business (brewery and fishing) were generated large jobs; Town people know that they have jobs in our farm and our business if they want.
    We can not yield our business without their help! In these days Korean didn’t have welfare system. People don’t like handout, even if uneducated country people! Anyway been thinking, 100% employement my hometown is, the norm made everyone impossible not working!

  • Justice(economics)
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Ec 10 is now in Gen Ed

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Ec 10 is now in Gen Ed

    Lots of smart students doing exactly same thing as their parents do? – true or false?

  • Curriculum
  • Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Seeds of a Mess

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Seeds of a Mess

    Seed to grow --take a five years! Pure economic mess - People should sue the New Agency for the mess --

  • Construction
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feldstein on the Housing Market

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feldstein on the Housing Market

  • Defult
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dynamic Scoring

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dynamic Scoring

    Confrontation to understanding - Fate of Tax
    Let me weep over your cruel fate
    And that I long for your full coffer

  • Dynamic scoring

  • Prof Dan Ariely
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Volatility is up

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Volatility is up

    “What made investors so damn exuberant or so gloomy?” It depends on what sort of cycle you are in – everything cycle, 9000 heads monster, cherub, bitch-fox, piranha godly grief courses of living that is all…

  • Herd

  • Volatility

  • Dr. Markus Glaser

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Weber
  • Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feeling Her Pain

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Real People Real Pain - Feel Deeply Deeply!

    I feel deeply deeeeeeeeply her powerless saddled real debt $24 million and husband for looking for paycheck … miles miles around world… what a real couple…

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Reports from Jackson Hole

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: How Wonderful Place Not to Go!

    Sadly Missed This Year! Gee lots of good old things around, like my home town, you can walk backward, all the way home!! Light house is not really old look,it probably painted it for new looking for visitors! Fair enough, exactly the place you go when you are nutty!! And this year, go to the international summer hole congregation!

  • Nantucker Massachusetts

  • Nutttucker - Must NOT Read!
  • Monday, August 25, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club

    Pigou Club Deathless Certification!

    Car accident

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Summers on Trade

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Summers Sizzling Hot Trade

    The global consensus is unravelling and always has been, first and foremost!

    Old Roman Money

  • Trade
  • Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Friedman on Nudge

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Tugboat on Nudge

    Versatile tug boats – I love tugboats!! They are gentle but no non-sense!

    Wellington Harbor Beautiful Tug Boats

    They remain my red boots - Very very beautiful!

  • Tugboat
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Biden on International Trade

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Unveiling USA Candidates!

    Here is a HUGE Korean Ship! -- All about Free Trade

    You need to do bit of whoring, better loved by many free hot whores rather then one cold mistress!
    Before this I didn’t know who was the real one --- if I were USA citizen!
    Biden bottom middle Barack bottom left and McCain. Right Top! --- I know now where is my road is if I were!

    Free Trade

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Does money undermine community?

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Does money can make difference?

    Yeah Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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  • The Ethics of Life
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Corporate Taxes Here and Abroad

    Greg Mankiw's Blog:USA's Steady Corporate Taxes

    OECD Investment News

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Charlie Rose interviews Austan Goolsbee#links

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Charlie Rose interviews Austan Goolsbee

    Everyone has right to say whatever they want – bit worry some although humh… So called a smart academian who is very much medley in love for his party that make him blinded to see the true. but then the terms of true also questionable, as which side you are in, which state of mind you are in… anyway I think he is on under influence (duress) of the love of his love so his thinking is not rational… but then we all know love is make you silly… silly man… he will lose all for sure! When you are under duress from a silliness the sky is looks like a little coins so he doesn’t have any clue what is in rolling in his tongue… as they say “you never truest people who talk too much!” But anyway this world has full of unfairness and also fairness depended which side you are in.

    Mind you we humen are very much like the nature... We would like to pay what is equitable and fair… also been thinking about terms of equitable and fairness, it is a big question – how to measure the equable and fairness… one thing for sure I certainly don’t want to pay tax every steps I make and government(or a candidate buying his votes) subsided the rich fat framers to buy more gasoline to burn for the production of their cone for bio-fuel for their fat wallats while lots of children are hungry!!

    Tax on Solar terms
  • Solar terms

  • Laffer curve
  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Pindyck on Energy Policy

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The favorite sonnet of the Pigou Club:
    "a tax on carbon, a tax on gasoline -- a large one"

    This is from an Oxfam Briefing Paper

    Another Inconvenient Truth

    The current biofuel policies of rich countries are neither a solution to the climate crisis nor the oil crisis, and instead are contributing to a third: the food crisis. In poor countries, biofuels may offer some genuine development opportunities, but the potential economic, social, and environmental costs are severe, and decision makers should proceed with caution.

    Ethanol tariffs

    The most salient example of this in both the USA and the EU is the tariff raised on ethanol imports. The USA applies a tariff of 2.5 per cent and $0.54 per gallon added duty ($0.1427 per litre); the EU €0.192 ($0.30) per litre; Canada C$0.0492 ($0.047) per litre. While in all cases, preferential access is available to certain countries, these tend not to be significant producers of ethanol. Most notably, the tariff applies to Brazilian ethanol in each case. The net effect is to significantly reduce imports.

    Although Brazilian ethanol production is far from perfect and presents various social and environmental sustainability problems discussed elsewhere in this paper, it is the most favourable biofuel in the world in terms of both cost and GHG balance. To argue that your policy objective is emissions reduction while simultaneously restricting imports of Brazilian ethanol is incoherent.

    The costs of these distortions extend beyond the financial. The most profound example is the USA, where production of corn-based ethanol, sheltered from competition with its sugarcane cousin, continues to snowball. This is not a good thing: corn ethanol is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, often coal, endowing it with one of the worst GHG and energy balances of all...

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dr Boom

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dr Boom

    You can change him very simply – He is Dr Boom Boom from now on here, he opens a fortune telling business... he is happy now...he can smile nicely too...

    Anyway I would like to comments on Dr Roubini's comment:

    Roubini said “….This might be the beginning of the end of the American empire.”

    I disagree with him on this as:

    USA is not only has a military power to able to invade other counties but as well as political, beacon of economics, scientific and cultural power.

    USA’s economy is still growing even 2-3% scales.
    USA has the biggest international brand power houses: MacDonald, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Google e.g
    USA has major top universities; Harvard, MIT and Princeton e.g
    USA is the leader of world science and has major scientific research centers, attracting lots endorsements.
    USA is attracting best brightest people around world; “brain drain”– this is future growth.
    USA has major entertain industries; leading movies, games, various music industry e.g
    USA went to the moon, attracting many great engineers and scientists research on frontier; space , deep seas e.g.
    USA is major donor poor counties e.g Africa and solving lots of world problems, which make them easier excise its superpower.
    USA is democracy and free market ….

    No countries match on these so far… the "Sword and Seal"...

  • Superpower

  • Nouriel Roubini
  • Monday, August 18, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Obama's Top Marginal Tax Rate

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Marginal Life

    This is a tasty bit!

    "When added up, the top effective marginal tax rate rises...from 37.9 percent to roughly 48 to 50 percent."

    "I suppose that, for thinking about work incentives, one should add on a few percentage points for state and local taxes as well."

    In addition, a few percentage of breathing and walking as well, that would be nicely add up about 60%! who knows then everything for free, rest of the money is for your nice pocket money! Then no one wants to go to work, hehehe there would be no money for the Coffer!!

  • Tax
  • Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: How to Prop Up the Housing Market

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: How to Prop Up the Good Breeding

    Interpretation - How To Increase Nation's Wealth -Proven Track Record Of the Most Politically Incorrect Way - Good Breeding Exercise!

  • Real Estate
  • Friday, August 15, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Toward, and Away From, Bipartisanship

    Greg Mankiw's Blog:"First, and Last always Together "

    An eyes popping sentence!

    The tax rate on dividends would also be 20% for families making more than $250,000, rather than returning to the ordinary income rate.

  • Bipartisan
  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Obama Tax Plan

    The Obama Blameless Hidden Agenda

    Click through to read the wisest ferreting’s, but here is your eyeball popping and blood boiling!

    Surely without the full Coffer how could he fulfilled all the cheesy promises!

  • Income tax

  • Tax rate
  • Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Big Sort

    The Stuck Together "Scratch My Back I Scratch Yours "

    ..."The facts of life do not penetrate to the sphere in which our beliefs are cherished,"...writes Proust.(THE VITAL CENTER, Schlesinger, Arthur M.Jr)

  • Economic restructuring
  • Arthur Schlesinger, Jr
  • Monday, August 11, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feldstein on Monetary Policy

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feldstein on Monetary Policy

    Perfectly competitive market, neither employers nor employees have market power and where labor is not unionized. Union employee a wide variety of strategies – exertion of power to force employers to pay higher wages. They exercise of power thought strike e.g. do more then imbalance power between employer and employee – where unionization gives employee upper hand. If wage that employer are forced to pay as result of the exercise of union power is higher than the competitive equilibrium wage in this market the unemployment will be created.

  • Monetary policy

  • Union wage premium

  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
  • Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Obama's View of Oil Markets

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Obama's View of the Basic Forces

    "...It is not lack of competition that is keeping oil prices high but, rather, the basic forces of supply and demand..."

  • Newton principia

  • Legal Positivism

  • Theories of law - Wiki
  • Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Ec 10 in an Alternative Universe

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Ec 10 in an Altered State

    His grand coming out tour

    Ahaaaaaaaaa Finally Come Out!!

    Today Ec 10 Lesson

    Friday, August 8, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The View from the White House

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The View from the Heart
    10-second macroeconomic review

    GDP = Consumption + Investment + Government spending + Exports - Imports = C + I + G + X - M

    In summary:

    * We think the stimulus is working and increased Q2 consumption and GDP.

    * The effects of the first stimulus are not yet complete. Most of the cash is out the door, but we think there will be increased consumption effects this quarter, and a diminishing amount in Q4.

    * For many, "second stimulus" is code for "allow Congress to increase politically popular government spending shortly before Election Day, and call it macroeconomic stimulus."

    * Increased government spending is slow and ineffective macroeconomic stimulus.

  • The Ripple Effect

  • Spending multiplier
  • Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Is a windfall profits tax Pigovian?

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Is a windfall profits tax Pigovian?

    To keep things simple, imagine we were considering a small country that takes the world price of oil as given. Then a windfall profits tax on domestic companies discourages domestic production, but has it has no effect on domestic consumption.By contrast, a Pigovian tax at the gas pump reduces domestic consumption but has no effect on domestic production.
    In a hypothetical closed economy, production and consumption are the same, so the two plans become closer. But even then they are not exactly the same. A tax on (accounting) profits is not the same as a tax on production. The former may distort the the choice of factor inputs (that is, capital vs labor), while the latter will not.

  • Gear
  • Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Feldstein on the Tax Rebate

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Lets Do "Kick Start" Priavte-Sector Damand

    Many mopeds and scooters still carry both a kickstart and an electric start, the former being useful in case the latter fails, as scooter and moped batteries tend to be smaller and, as a result, run down much faster than other forms of automotive batteries. Also, it is usually not possible to push start a moped or scooter with automatic transmission.

  • Kick Start - Authoritive Kick
  • Martin Feldstein
  • Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: And they call this "progressive" taxation

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: And Renamed "Dark Vile" taxation

    Arguments against implementation "Suicide Tax"

    The diminishing returns argument applies to the fraction of income used for present consumption. As income rises, diminishing returns implies that a smaller and smaller fraction of income will be spent on consumption goods. The remaining income will (of necessity) be used to purchase capital goods. This acts as a form of positive feedback that in turn yields more income for capital spending. Meanwhile (and because) these capital goods induce a decline in the costs of production which has the effect of raising real wages generally and implicitly raising the general standard of living. The income paid back on the capital helps create the disincentive to consume that creates capital spending. Thus, those capitalists who effectively manage their property are rewarded and given control of more (newly created) property, of which they are increasingly less inclined to consume and increasingly more inclined to purchase capital goods and thus further elevate the general standard of living by driving down the costs of production. As they acquire more capital goods, eventually their ownership outstrips their ability to manage and oversee what they own; however, they only control as many capital goods as can be attributed to the income of their prior capital---which previously did not exist. Therefore, their ownership does not negatively contribute to the general standard-of-living relative to counterfactual state of them not purchasing those goods. It would thus be misleading to argue that redistributing their capital may yield further increases in the standard-of-living. Doing so may well cause that effect, but doing so neglects that it was the assumption that redistribution would not happen that induced the accumulation of capital. — Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Karl Marx and the Close of his System, 1896.

  • Ross Lockridge, Jr.

  • Progressive Tax
  • Monday, August 4, 2008

    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn passed away at August 3, 2008.
    My love affair with Russian literary started when I was eight or nine years old from my uncle room. First Tolstoy’s the Resurrection. I didn’t know what that all words and meanings begin with but I read bits and pieces and became aware new things, difference things. He had a huge collection of philosophy and literary especially Russian and German. Some of these books and prints pictures were forbidden than. I was not allowed to enter his room but no one knew what I was doing anyway. I dug out hidden images underneath bookshelves, unbelief I was horrified and fascinated. During school holidays I was eager to come back home from Seoul. The dark moody with mould scented room was waiting for me with long lost friendly warmth. Poems, I start wrote poems than… dark immensity I was dreaming the landscape and lead to music… you can feel the people suffering, darkness despair longing and the great beauty. Yes I learnt the Beauty from the giants.

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Wu Index

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Wu Index

    "let w be the predicate: to be a predicate that cannot be predicated of itself. Can w be predicated of itself? From each answer, the opposite follows. Likewise, there is no class (as a totality) of those classes which, each taken as a totality, do not belong to themselves. From this I conclude that under certain circumstances a definable collection does not form a totality." Russell (June 16, 1902, letter to Frege)

  • Information about:N. Gregory Mankiw - RePEc
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club - Crude Greasy Brains

  • From Harvard economist Ed Glaeser
  • Sunday, August 3, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Paradox

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Paradox

    Alan often told to me: “you are impossible, bad tempered, selfish, impractical, ridiculous, obnoxious, so therefore no man have you BUT only me!” I am not sure whether he really means I am a loveable or not! Here are some of my nickname from him among many many; pest, ferret, cherub... He basically tired of me asking so many I am asking myself...

    Actually my grandmamma used told me similar: "you are untidy, talk-back and wild, willful, so many quesitons, playing with boys, not wearing socks and you always run - no man going to marry you(this is a big insult in Korea, within family Threatening!)!" hehe she was wrong!!!

    But actully I agree with her, as you can see I am completely lack of all the virtue any good Korean girl should have or any western girl should have. Who was going to marry a girl like me, Alan always tells me, he was the shining knight who rescued a bad tempered skinny girl with fiery eyeballs from the pit!

  • Paradoxes and Contemporary Logic

  • Statistics
  • Saturday, August 2, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Why food prices are rising

    Greg Mankiw's Blog:Food prices? Blame Policies, Not Markets!

    "...a top World Bank agricultural economist, have imputed a large proportion of the rise in food prices to the growing use of food crops for fuel.

    ...The leading trading countries have repeatedly failed to commit to real reform, with short-term political convenience overriding their own national long-term interests."

    Think about it, how many politicians have guts to take a risk their “minority” vote for sake of nation’s long term interest! Masquerade under “farm”, for many - it is very emotional word.

  • Doha Development Round
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: What do economics and hummus have in common?

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: What do economics and hummus have in common? Hot spicy and temperamental!

    This is my favorite hummus

    This is my Korean favorite - Don't know how to make, takes ages to make! That is only I know! Eating? - No Worries!

    This is another my favorite Pampushky which I am going to try!

    This is the most mind boggling of all - The Divine Solow Delicacy

    Here are recipe of variety neoclassical cuisine,
    Rid your insatiable gourmet with style of gallantry.
    Vibrant texture; color style space filled your emotion!
    Occupied immensity with coral trout, beautifully lacquered
    Firebird Peking duck walking with tangy, fleshed faced
    With parched-thin skin, sense of sublime through desire to be worship!

  • Neoclassical

  • Yummy Hummus
  • Friday, August 1, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: More on the GSE Rescue Bill

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: More on The Old Fat Dowager Wolf Tribute

    Hire few bloodthirsty ferrets go through the cardiovascular systemic circulation

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Cost of Being PC

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Cost of Being Crazy

    He live in his mad house - his brain
    Positioned an elite well sheltered mad institution
    Get PhD in Economania
    Lucrative and profitable, no worries
    Aggregated demand for his fundamentals
    Aggregated supply for his choosy cool Grande Latte hot summer day
    Then become a tenured nut prof
    Genders talons in his brain
    Sultan of secular racisms sexism fascism dimorphism eugenics
    Become a famous brand - the life is fundamentally fair!

  • Eugenics