Sunday, March 21, 2010

Killing in Geometry!

Gosh I really like This Guy! His name is STEVEN STROGATZ! Well this guy is string of eminent in his fancy fan! Come your little cursives brains can kill the cat in here! He says. His fain his main! He is in love in his love twiddle in his cradles! hUP this naked gentleman is really cool. Are you not agree? Any way he is telling us shortest cut our life from in here and there! From birth to death in a second! --By the way I read an article that self-hanging is the most effective form of end your life, it is called a hanging in pole, a geometry killing! If you are thinking of have one! Hey I am not liable in here! -- Love geometry, I found them in everywhere, leaves flowers cloud. Our little school in my village, we had a wonderful teacher, he was a principle too, a small school of course waste not want not. He taught us math and geometry; sometime we went out field trips near mountain and shore, founding geometry in seashells, stones, flowers plant leaves and in your eyes…etc. I know something very significant in geometry; it is a godly form, yes everything has its relations. My attraction geometry is the beauty, wondrous beauty in every form, never thought about that, logic well yes if that is logic then I am very logical which Alan is disagree, very physical glorious beauty. When I write poems, imagination of imagery, abstract forms which relation in every relation, I have a space aircraft in my imagination across milk way bridge, visual form very visual things; horror terror in warriors gowned, they come to me as a mirage of horizon, sometimes puzzle for long time I could not figure these out, but tucked into my mind and all of sudden come to me a real form so I write poem…. Awe, brilliant beauty which I can not described that makes me cry and humble…

Geometry Update: Wikepedia Sacred Geomerty

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey I Found This First!

Yes indeed, a nice juicy cool stuff, all spicy brains congealed with oiled with a buxom palpable in their scoreboards! Great great very alluring free night cap.

Prof Greg knows where is nice things to get free! dig here and “Modigliani-Miller Theorem” nicely explain, this M-M Theorem I intented to follow up and I forget it for while. When I encountered this M-M first time, I had to pull out my brain from the box and I counted it with my coils and strings on my scoreboard, tried to figure out this grace of garbage gallows scores!

“The Modigliani-Miller theorem says leverage and capital structure are irrelevant,…”


Sunday, March 14, 2010

I WANT TO LIVE!!! you die!

This afternoon I went to walk the university cemetery, went thought the little lane of white rose bush. Death mean death nothingness. Air was stuffy just normal so normal. The way the daylight stake bare every gravestone. Not an infinity not a mystery but a death, scentless death. I didn’t have any feeling toward these glittering golden hands shake. Went through bit further, narrow gapped little road and I lost waste kind of inside cemetery. All poking out cross like skeleton hands, waves aimless clouds. Sunday so they might cross crossing their god. Nice spot around ready for another death. You veiled your primordial earning front of lifeless stones. Few pictures around, but they were not lively, the moment of origin is gone so no more invisible beauty in their faces.
Mystery rhythms flows wildest nastiness, all the aliment of life is not there. No one imposed liberty or law or nothing just let themselves be there, but they are not validate anything at all! That is why they are dead, that is not infinity but they lost of their origin of life; that is their nothingness!
No one blogging on Sunday so all economists must be dead on Sunday!! A nice day to be dead for all economists! A nice to be dead the creation of the universe day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lovely duopoly!!

Krugman Copy Right 543-march-8
Krugman Copy Right 543-march-10
But I have license to steal so I am stealing it stark daylight!

Lots of nice flying objectives! ETs’ chewing gums! My favorite nice charts work. I can make charts very beautifully too, and I think all the text books must be full of pictures so make us fun to learn. Like cartoon, Sesame Street! Wow that case I will be the TOP! Wouldn’t’ be nice everything just charts!

This dumping thing is two edges sword. In a business, we trained to exploit ruthlessly every possible ways, chivalry is dead as they says, this hyper-competitive arena you have to everything to do make buck; make happy tax man, staff, and your lover etc... Free market has an inviolable vile deed. But this not means us across to boundaries. There no such thing win win in a business I think. What a ridiculous crap concept. You die I live! Ethological human ethology!!!

Korea, USA beef import saga that was very political suicidal attempt for Korean government. Watching distant I could understand two different view points clearly. I neither agree nor disagree with both sides. I was not torn between two at all. Because I could see in the two side of coin clearly. But strictly I agreed with K-government! Grown painlessly. It was deeply rooted incorrigible emotional thing! Korean farmers were forced to “scarifie” during the economic growth. They had to supply cheap food for city workers who made things cheaply so that pay must be a peanut so food must cheap, so Korea could export cheap products.

But nice to see now all the countries and all the people become a savvy they know their right and their entitlement and what they are getting. We are become a very smart global family. All credit to the technology.

Recently at news, a lady from Mildura, her handbag was stolen while she was shopping. She was out of mind out of site. All her saving in her bag, for buying a house. Thieves took her bag without knowing the sleeping beauty. Wow what a bonanza! They could have been prince of thieves! Wake sleeping beauty up with fully fling!!! They could not shut their mouth when they opened the bag! Full my beauty cash hehee! O man you can imagine their eyeballs out of their sockets blazing around each other faces snorting sheer of unfortunate about run out luck! Soon after police caught them, what a shame! The story was, the lady immigrated from a war torn country. So she didn’t’ trust banks! Fair enough, they are all thieves in her eyes! So she put her money in her house somewhere: Probably carried them in her handbag all the time as she could not trust her house either. So she was a zero-amortize-walking-bank-no-interest. Turn out to be not really safe either! Anyway, so her money was sleeping with dear cold economic with full of risk!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Free World!

Lets see how the GATT boys scratch back each other, here is the screech back each other song from Krugman Blog:

GATT principles:

Most Favored Nation (MFN)
National treatment
Negotiation: Rounds
Irreversibility: Binding

Sounds really good really good, goody each other scratch all arena not only itche spots.

And here noble thinking:

GATT-think (as originally proposed)

1.Exports good

2.Imports bad

3.More trade good

i.e., enlightened mercantilism

Sounds all nobles, nasty calculators build in their evil clews, and neon lighted into their evils sockets and wolf smile, ready to back knifing. Free Trade; Exports good Imports bad and More trade is warfare! So Free Trade is my booty foot, really my booty foot (by they way I love boots)! What you have to do that is you have get around with big boys smile smile, please please begging! And small boys;hey small boy buy my goods? yours? Hell nap! Just buy mine, here is a great obnoxious price! If small guy don’t buy mine, I initiate a warfare, invade with my cheap few million troops with currency weapon and wipe you off from the world map!

Any way sounds good to me! That is why when I am leaving from this world, I have no regret but full of golden glee with my tombstone; HERE THE SELFISH CUNNING VILLAIN, AND A MASTER OF THE ALL TRADE, A MERCHANT OF ENLIGHTENMENT! THE FREE TRADER!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleeping with Enemy!

This is all about intra-romance, setting scene, year 2020, Old Uncle Sam and Qing Dynasty Old Empress Dowager Cixi they have both nasty formidable clews in their hay day. Under their smug facades, they share their well known clews.
One day they get together hopping into their “made in steel bed”, want to make their scratch each others back, it is called “sleeping with enemy” summit. They are charming, evil and seductive as ever. Their opening summit speech both are “hey buddy you scratch my back I scratch your back!”
My scratches highly marked at your back, so your back will be deeply woundless so it would make you feel high and dry!” The dowager says with her red clews with seductive smile at her red little lips. Well don’t worry, in my return, I will scratch your feeble back with my piousness poisons all night you will be out-of-joint at the dawn! Says the Old Uncle Sam with his thuggish Google/MacDonald smile with evil vanity. Then they both agreed that, the most important matter is they both willingly scratch back each other different ways, and make them feel good each other or feel really good and have a good night sleep! Both better off in many ways: feel good rip off each other, goody goody rip off each other, ceaselessly rip off everyone without anyone knowing anyone rip off but actually annoying rip off, everyone knows that they are rip off but feel good all the time! How it sounds! It is ripping off strategy obviously work well. They had sleepless night in their frosty bed with hyper alertness! What a congeal romantic couple they are!