Friday, April 10, 2009

Winners and Losers

Here is the Game! When we are in a game should we care about others? Ridicules!! In this world only losers and winners! Yes I agree this is difference then prisoners' dilemma. Who cares altruistism front of money, O common don’t be naive! altruistism is also form of selfishness. Masked as nice giving but underneath pure selfishness. You can not take money to your grave, that is why people doing something nice before they die. If you can take your money grave and can buy another life you wouldn’t give it away! It is a great great thing! I deeply admire these people! don’t get it wrong. I don’t believed altrusitime personally. So I see, he didn’t want to lose everything that was why he chooses “split”. She wanted to have it all, so she was gambling a pure human way as she deserved to win the game. A greater risk, greater return! I take her side, I did it exactly same if I were her situation. Both so human both has right to win and lose. Life is game, there is always winners and losers. We are instinctive animals. I don’t believe “win and win” It is an inaccessible broken rhetorical cabbage. It is slimy chopstick mind only can pick noodle brains. Again life is only winners and losers. Clear cut as the game says!

Update: By the way looking at her face, a pure prue evil! did you see that face! She was a lady Macbeth! Remember that, his absorbed self indulgence is peak hour deadened, hoping the woman coupling his imagined stupid reverences or altruism whatever! He was thinking his mother probably! Hoot what a sucker! Gosh he deserved to lose!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The World Biggest Freebee

Can you believe! Can you believe!
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