Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Friends of the Syrian People No More Excuses Executioning

Powerfully Beautifully 

AP Photo/Brendan Smialowski, Pool

Very luminous luxury, beautiful azurite soft lines all gold and brown, softly famine but immensely powerful so nicely matches with scheming lines!  That is real a classic beautiful game of power, you can play a killer game beautifully gallantly and gracefully! They kill you they can save you! It would be so nice if their magnificent game lay out for easing Syrian people suffering? Here is all the money and power lays upon the God’s hands 

This Warrior also have a splendorous and powerful rob too it goes with his gallantry for his Syria! 

The importance of today’s Friends of Syria conference in Istanbul is that this is taking place at a stage when almost all the lies and delusions that have been promoted about the Syrian revolution have been exposed; whether we are talking about those lies defending the tyrannical Assad in order to allow him to buy more time (to crush the revolution), the lie that the Syrian revolution is not real, or the lies based on an ignorance of Syria. 

This is pretty perfect distributable able song sheet for the Istanbul Friend of Syria Conference. If anyone have this song sheet they able to sing loudly their heartfelt in their scheming mind, how to nibble their forbidden fruit at the Eden of the geopolitical field. We are not asking all the hotshots of Friend of Syria  are  angels,   but land of promised we want them wise qualifies mobsters(hey mobster can be wise wizard which side you are in)  how to deal with  criminals and  killers the international stage and think of what counterfactual may be if the killer left alive, because they don’t want to involved. The thing is this is rotten full blown cancer; you can not avoid by dragging,  it left without proper treatment it will be fatal. Again, arming FSA is the key; they are trained solders ready and more than willing, all the FSAs’ would have  personal tragic for sure. They will not surrender either other revolutionary too, it is unavoidable war you are avoiding if you are not arming the FSA.  Only the way able top crack Assad personal army. Cleary message cross to Assad personal army. They are not the Syrian Army but Assad personal army, if they don’t want to be personal army, they should defect. Friend of Syria should provide all the right environment for the defectors then we can see massive defection. Oil rich Gulf nations willing to arm the FSA then that is the key strategy!   

Update: Dear Gracefully foul wisest willy Excellencies of Friend of Syria, the rest of world devotees is watching your wisest winsome decision at our bullet proof scheming gate; with  bit of wearies and bit prejudice, bit of gory and bit of nobility and bit of hardcore mobsters in executioners style and bit of truth and  absolutely that is all!  

UpDate: The Syrian National Council at today meeting, they must sincerely convey they are they will  unite all sectors of the Syrian society, any religion whether  they are  Arabs, Kurds, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Christians, Druze and other ethnic and religious groups and they will be no retaliation  or no vengeance after Assad fail, this is very important point they have to make sincerely to the Friend of Syria!  

All Syrian all victim of Assad and his family. This is a nation, is not belong to one private family  but belong to 22 million people. If he had known this, Syria never be in this midst of catastrophe!   

This is Syrian people:

What CNN is saying, Assad went Hom and had inspection personality and do the same thing other cities for suppressing up rising!  

Religions are very funny things,  religions is for me like sweet candy, that was I went to Sunday church for it when I was little.  For me brought up concoction of Buddha, Confucian, Sharman,  and Christian or other ten thousand gods  I befriends,  all of them are all my friends when I need them if I don’t’ want them I tell them bugger off your idiot  then they all happily bugger off, leave me alone, for me god conveniences store, if I need it availably for me 24/7.  Few months back I was given beautiful books for Islam, interesting, they are pretty same as other religious books, all but nice and kind other people etc… definitely when a big crisis like Syria at the moment  Syria people and the revolutionaries need the God, and the God help, chant is pretty powerful, that is all the religious chant are nice and powerful.   That way they can comfort something other than their own, when help is far away and  immense hardship you have to go through yes they need their God to help them to go through that hardship. From today (again I did this before Libyan people too) my God is the benevolent Allah, I will play for Allah Syrian people dream come true! Knowing that compassionate Allah is Syrian people side!    

Stop Listening to Butcher’s Lie

Amid what seems to be sounds of intense shelling, an activist in Homs says his city is enduring a "genocide".

To Muslim scholars I say, the Syrian people have certain demands, why do you keep launching initiatives and hold failed Arab Summits in Baghdad or Qatar, while Homs is under genocide, Homs is targeted by an cleansing campaign while you are silent. The revolting people have demanded the FSA to be armed and a buffer zone (NFZ) to protect civilians, now we do not know where we are heading to. God is the greatest. There are serious injuries more than six hundred fifty people are wounded across Homs so far as a result of heavy artillery and rocket shelling. I call on Kofi Anan and Muslim scholars, the Syrian people are paying high price in their bloods; we demand a NFZ and arms to the FSA and hospitals to help the injured. There are no HR organisations in Syria, no Red Crescent or Red Cross or any other organisation; we are not asking for bread or water, we are asking for weapons to protect civilians; to support the FSA and the Military Council. We ask the FSA to stand united to protect civilians and topple the regime. The regime will not fall without military intervention and military strike. God is the greatest.

Tomorrow Istanbul meeting, timely as we know why, Assad announce that  that going to stop shellingand slaughtering  Syrian people! What a conveniences, just like that, killer knows the world bunch of excellencies of delinquency gather their ascendant saving Syrian, while genocide is going on Syrian cities. Killer thinks world of bunch of  accelerants excellencies are accepting his compulsive built in lie box in their cherish do nothingness.  Your frail graces were “ green light” to the killer and cost of  thousand of innocence Syrian people life!  Hey you world, your tenderness immense patient is cherished by killer, he applauds your ineffectiveness uselessness for his genocide  resolution! You have now choice! If you believe his lie Syrian will be slaughterhouse, until your next meeting elsewhere!  Protectors of  the killer or arming the FSA, that is your choice, let them fighting!   You do not just come to do show up your granny faces for sake of diplomacy, do the bit of job! what is the problems? The Oily rich countries want to arm the FSA, you should all welcome their initiative and arm them. You should not listen killer liar anymore! You are drag on by the worthless hopeless killer black mail.  Syrian people certainly not accepting anything other than the remove the problem. If you do listen his lies again you are bunch of useless expired terms and  conditions. 
Arm the FSA and let the fire within, you Friend of Syria surround  by make sure the fire not out of hand if you do that there would lots of defection from, few of these massive defections that is all we need, and the election year, make some nice cozy arm dealing which so far Russia monopoly  enjoyed why no you take away that you make yourself enjoy that coziness  certainly nice oily money provided creates lots of  jobs that is good for all around,    

Friday, March 30, 2012

Arming The Warriors

Free Syrian Army

So we know now Annan peace song sheet is gentlemen long lunch chitchat, cost of Syrian people blood, no more!  All the Syrian people will never every accept Assad. Look around what he  has done to them, no leaders survives so much blood in his hand. Syria is relatively young population and relatively high literacy about 80% according CIA book, they will never forgive what Assad has done to them and their country! That wounds never never heal as long as Assad there.  Also how can anyone one accept Assad claim 22 million people country belong to his own family!  Super duper hotshots with their super powers not only hid inside their shelve but raise their swords! Bit out of  box thinking. If you keep drag on the problems are getting bigger more tangled: yes, arming the Free Syrian Army is the start and “friend of Syria should involved, there is no way you can solving this problems as a bystander with nice little forsooth brittles. Simple thinking, there is only one problem, need remove only the one problem, the problem should be removed, and that is much cost effective! Afraid of civil war? well already in a civil war!!    There is lots of defection among high ranking army recently, arming the FSA mean encourage more more  defection that make Assad army destabilized, meantime encourage more defection for creating and  for providing  them safe place for them and their family.  I think

FSA professional trained solders,  they know how to fight, they will fight equably as warriors, protect their own country,  their nation and their people as that is their mission, they have more than  willing to do so! That is under utilized under  NOT used precious ‘RESOURCES” you can not afford not using them!    

AFP Room with Rose, Beautiful!

Update: I mean terms of cost, some of the Oil rich country few billions would peace of cakes or their  candles sticks, wow beautiful rooms with lots of gold in there nice smile also can be killer smile too!  If you are smart you can eat egg as well as meat too! You can sell the weapons for providing FSA,  you can win the war too. As Russia doing it now but they will be a loser soon! Creates jobs for making weapons, which is you need your election year,  few contracts arm dealing need, few  fighter jets start with etc… drilling friendly oily pockets! Oily rich countries they don’t mind dipping in their pockets for the weapon for sure!  Oily hearts also heart of gold too for their own kind! Or for them that is much cheaper than whole region blow up, that would be immense cost for worldly wide,  economic recovery is fragile…, keep the fighting within, so arming and safe zone, encouraging defection…   
Update Again: In my view soliders from Assad side they are afraid of defection because Free Syria Army not enough equip yet, if environment safe enough, they will lots of defection, first and second waves of defection will do the job and than from there..., obviously very few at top controlling but how could they can control majority of the Army who is made up majority of Sunni.   

Friend Of Inevitability

 The world should companion of the changes, they should friend of inevitability! So far drag in too long they should not drag on anymore!  Immovability fended destiny and they should no more drag on!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


How to sing front of a liar 

We are the people
We are the temple
We are the Throne in our land
We are the Rulers  
We are the Custodians of our land   
Here we come for our land
The Pilgrimage of stars
Wondrous land
Many olive laden trees  
We are the laurels
We are the holist executioners
We are the people
We are the rulers of our land
Here we come for our land 

Update; This from NYT

...that there just doesn’t seem to be an effective middle ground between military action and Mr. Annan’s diplomacy. ...
 Annan’s futile singsong is a gory gory rope. Without thought through, when you are dealing with a killer you should act as an executioner, is not lovely dovely! When you are dealing with thieves you dealing with henchman’s consonant not a virtues men’s garrote!         

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Deal With a Lair?


"The Annan Plan is 'worse than feckless', because it buys the Assad regime time and precludes more effective options. ... By Robert Grenier

Ha ha I agree! It is a great stuff! Dealing with a criminal habitual lair is not soft spoken eyeball gazing mind game! Dealing with habitual lair: rule i) liar is a liar ii) liar is a liar, iii) liar is a liar AND inject lethal injections to the lair, leaded by a clear mined merciless executioner from high mountain not a high minded peace maker who comes from flat cosmopolitan! Eyeball gazing sweet candy talking only for retro gallantries valentines! Modern love play is all cobras gazing!

This is Syria Citizen Video Live Blog, there is no media so Syrian people is doing by themselves! Wouldn’t be great for the civilization if the great hackers around world lender some of their great wizardry skill helping Syrian people? Ending their suffering!

Crime Against Humanity -Assad

The above picture is most heartbroken, most loving, comforting and heartbroken. You can not describe any word of her immensely earthly universal love ordeal!     

"That is the legal situation. Factually there's enough evidence pointing to the fact that many of these acts are committed by the security forces, [and] must have received the approval or the complicity at the highest level," she said. ... 
 Then, why and what is reason waiting for? Why not have some action! Like Gaddafi? We can ask that question to the Commissioner! Commissioner, commissioner your ceremonial statement is sentimentally sensible!  Drops of thinnest thin air and vapours right of human!  What are you waiting for? How many more mothers have to bury their children? How many more fathers gather their children death bodies from Assad? Vagrant wordings are realm of erosion! Without irrigative mind, sandbank attests only plague!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Futile Peace Plan - How Long?

Annan 'studying' Syria response to peace plan-

(Photographs by Rodrigo Abd)

(Photographs by Rodrigo Abd)

Innocence child eyes, their bullet ridden little bodies their dying, their bloody silences wail, their hopeless lifeless  defenseless plea! How long? Now no more listening to the criminal’s lair! His ending is clear, doomed!   No more read, no more dealing with the lair’s endless lies expenses of defenseless innocence people life! The killer’s words you study that are defenseless child dying eyes, peoples’ silence wails, the world you are sinner you should not blinded by their defenseless tragic plea!   Remember that!     

UPDate:  Assad regime  responses formally to Annan's because of April 1st Istanbulmeeting:

So they aim to diffused of Istanbul meeting, so the fools of the “Friend of Syria” they may believed that Assad truly agree with Annan’s peace deal. But hey you, all of the “Friend of Syria” if you do that you are the dummies of all! If you are wetting your conscience blanket by Assad lies you are foolish fool! He is bidding his time and using  Russia made weapons to kill millions of civilian while you study his words, his responses! Wake up you all!  Do not swayed by his lie, open your eyes to see, to feel and be human and be wise!  You are a child of your mother and you are the mother of the child,  to see how innocence and defenseless people are suffering and dying in this senseless malicious sadistic madness! Think of how your mother,  if you  are dying blood socked bullet ridden body dying front of  her eyes! Or you hold your bullet ridden your child body and watching him, extinguished his yet bloom life front of you! Aplomb of decency is humanity! Democracy and freedom and open society is much nice to do business that is how we make our civilization forward! 

Syrian Story

Why are you put me in here? I should be at my home Syria – a child from at a refugee camp 


A mighty  futuristic painting - Syrian peoples’ edition

Anyone can remember how Nero’s ending was?  

Too later what option he has now, Russia you are wrong! You are deadly wrong! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The One Problem!

Mon, 26 Mar 2012, 07:30 GMT+3 - Syria Via Al Jazeera Blog Activists uploaded a video yesterday showing what they said was the targetting of Em al-Zinnar Church in Homs' Bustan al-Diwan neighbourhood.

You can imagine, big city residential area! Unbelievable!

The opposition must build itself as a credible and attractive alternative to the Assad regime, and the regime’s international and regional critics must assist in that process. Assad’s regime is doomed. It has no legitimacy, and it is bound to fall. But that could take a long time – and come at an alarming cost. The alternative is an effective opposition that enjoys unambiguous support by the key regional and international actors.

This from WSJ: 
 “…Uri Rosenthal, the Dutch Foreign Minister, outlined three main approaches to further increase the pressure on the regime while former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan plows on with his peace mission.
  • Extend the sanctions to other members of the Assad clan and persuade other countries to join the sanctions effort.
  • Encourage defections. 
  • Provide communications and other equipment to the opposition.
 Revolved around the problem, there is one problem: i) tight neck around the problem, ii) defection must encourage not Army level but also all around every levels, iii) O yes they will need super sonic equipments, bundles of highly advanced digital ultrasonic flaw equipment…etc also arming FSA et...The fighters must united under one banner of SNC... Just one problem there is only one problem, we focus on the one problem!
This from AP
 “…buffer zone along the Syrian-Turkish border that would serve as a humanitarian corridor and staging ground for the rebel Free Syrian Army.  ...
Yes also the united Opposition embrace all the difference groups of Syrian there is would be no discrimination after Assad.

P.S. Syrians National Council should changed its face, to be frankly they sit at cozy existence at western world without any hardship, while mess atrocity at the Homs etc… as so far they failed to play effective roles, even failed to united altogether and their supporting was ineffective to the frontline fighters, these figthers been through  or endured immense  hardship and  atrocity, they  rightfully or should play key role to the Opposition, not the comfy prudery heads who only seek role for the sake role.  

Every Bloody Word Of Love - Homs

Here from BBC 

Moscow has said that no deadlines should constrain the peace efforts.

Removal Assad is last chance to avoid civil war and atrocity and avoid fiasco in Middle East- Syria people would say! Also if anything on the table has to have deadlines. I think Syrian people not accept anything other than removal Assad, see the all atrocity, all the destruction, all the killing,  Free Syrian Army never fight senselessly,  they are protecting innocence Syrian people and peaceful protesters from Assad regime thugs!    

... Citing witnesses and YouTube videos, the Human Rights Watch accused the army and Shabiha pro-government militia of forcing people to march in front of them as they advanced on opposition-controlled towns in northwestern Idlib province.

Here more of clips 

Wake up you stupid bloody world! How could you blinded by this senseless destruction! Where is the world? Where is all virtues all the decency of world!  Where is the world of democracy? You are all dead desolation and coward! His every single word pains and agonies bloody his words spewed fires infernos stormy feets and flying hurricane wings, bold strike every decent shores, every decent human souls to the world!  Where are  the world of consciences? Where are you the world!  His love his pain veneration of his lion dean!   How could you world just watching? this, and there and here and there, all the bombs all destroyed all gone, bombs there top of the building erecter, rootless roof, vocation absentees, all desolation, you destroyed yourself you denied yourself if you avoiding this! You do not blind this!  you should not avoid to see this! You must to see this! How could any people endure like this?  This is how you world do nothing about it?!  How could you world so stupid?  How could you so useless?  How could you be traitors for your own kind!  He says! 

Omar al-Tallawi in Homs from

The evidence of reformation! A sheer of senseless, madness disarray,  these streets are ordinary residential areas,  marvelous courageous people still there do you think?! So surreal how could anyone do this to their own people and still  breathing! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saucy Dear Leader

Their Heroic Defection

Military defectors unite under Free Syrian Army  is the way! 

Free Syrian Army - A great name goes with their heroic journey as protectors of Syria – the legitimacy of army belongs to the nation and its people not the criminal regime!

Syrian pilot rejects orders to bomb Aleppo, flees to Turkey: opposition source

A SNC source told Al Arabiya that the defected pilot has reached Turkey, adding that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has lost confidence in the air force fears that pilots sent on a mission could instead bomb the presidential palace or government facilities...

I think Free Syrian Army must united that gives lots of credibility to the world, also “ Friend of Sryia” must arm them, then  we can see lots of defection, they are right they are legitimate Syrian  Army,  they are protecting their nation and they are protecting civilians and  defending peaceful protests  from the criminal regime. So they are the legitimate Syrian Army! The world applaud their defection and their legitimacy! And they refused to be dogs of criminal regime! Their defection is legitimate and that is their dutiful action!   

Russia is the Sinner of Sinner, high string of graced hollowness, gravest ruinous as they are playing hard  for their geo-political double game.  While rest UN Security Council members  of gullibility inabilities  astronomical  ability of impotent,  as so far they failed to in-pregnant  seed of solving problems. While Assad keep carried out pounding and shelling  innocent Syrian people, killing and drive them out of their homes and cities. Where are they have to go?  Annan goes to high profile journey of nunnery, appears to be performance without of any performance  as a qualified envoy of high class silver tongued, silver haired slick dodger-thugs and highly qualified international gangsters!  

Friday, March 23, 2012

FRED Lovers

WOW! Nice to things share!  This is really nice, nice people they have even nice charming faces.  Most grateful for their igneous generosity and kindness, always think of “ there is no such thing as free lunch…!” but I actually feel the free lunch in here!  - See THE MOST AMAZING FRED IS MY FRIEND! 

Silence SC

All Syrian Jobs Singing love songs at streets


All the love songs are same, same theme whether you know the lyric or not all the same;  I will die for you I will give you all my hearts and O Syria O Syria… singing their love song...

SC is so very silence, do you think,  they have gone to deaf!  Silence SC… they may do dodgy things, under their table, shield with their well carved national  tortoises shell…, as always before storm the sea is very claim…! You know they have world power, and they are deeply fearful, powerfully strange each other,  their tongues tied with misruled strings, they are watching each other like under covered thugs!

Update: UN Security Council members think they are the knight of their own kingdom; they serve their own kingdom expense of the thousand of innocents Syrian people life.  The thing is the one problem, simple thinking, One problem, is the problem, if the one problem is removed,  there would no problems( yes there is always other problems but… we leave that later)… the problem is Syrian people thinks Syria is belong to them, and Assad thinks Syria his family owned that is difference.

They are sitting at pent up airy chair and chewing their emotion at blackmailing table. But the things if you let other people black mailing you they then know they can summon your inner most longing. The way you get around this is that so you have to become a scumbag and a bereaved blackmailer too! So weakness become your strength!  I am just saying!

Thugish Update: SC hotshots and sitting at a nice round table, they are snarling responsibilities and  eyeballing each other. They affiliate each other dimwits, association with succumbs, tailor made their scorched virtue, syndicate with criminals,  killers and tyrannies,  foghorn their purity and bullet proof graces   …,  been thinking acutely SC they are the high class thugs…, they are sitting at bareheaded, under the laurel tree and strewing peace peace  pea soup while every spoonful  syrup syrup the Syrian people is dying 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

UN Security Council is An Eunuch!

Today head lines as:
"It's time for the UN Security Council to use its powers to stop these massacres."
"We continue to think that Syria is playing for time ... In order for this human tragedy to end we must act together," he said in Vienna. "Just making calls is not enough."

UN Security Council should be an executioner now no more eunuch whose only job is kissing futility!      Every single minutes people is dying what are you doing? Toothless old eunuch is sitting a comfy chair weaving peaceful repertory for patience play for his days!  None of Actors want play a peace game!  Why force them to play a peace they don’t want to! Too late to for the peace but only one way! The one problem that problem must eliminated with all cost! Either killing millions innocence  people or just eliminated one problems if the eunuch want to keep his job at the harem!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Mistakes But Stupidity

"We believe that the Syrian leadership responded incorrectly to the very first manifestations of the peaceful protests," Mr Lavrov told Kommersant FM radio in a pre-recorded interview.

"The Syrian leadership - despite the numerous promises it has made in response to our calls - is making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately this is why the conflict is so acute."...

A president of a nation,  every his decisions is relation with millions of peoples’ live hood and the nations future welfare. We democracy nations, our selection of our leaders through well discipline systems, and  the systems have been tested and retested  again again so that make sure the system  is the right working order. Even through that  still have lots of loopholes.   Assad for example,  never been through the system, his abilities as a president never been tested but his father gave it to him, saying “ my son, here is Syria, is yours, you keep it until your sons grow up!” a family make a  running race, a baton to next person, but any relay race, next person inapt of keeping up  the race well then we know what the result is! He  can not just shoot innocence children (under age) and  people, arrest them put them in the jail, sadistically  tortured and killed them, all the towns and cities, shelling, indiscrimination shootings and snipers,  complete destruction  for revenges! For what?  Assad is the problems, all the way long, he thinks Syria is his family owned, his family firm so, Syrian people is  belong to him so he can do whatever he like their life. That is his mentally. I am not surprises his faith same as like other tyrannies before him!  I think Syrian fighters must unite to the world! Make one voice!  Singing One Love Song!  

"People in various Western capitals are calling him a war criminal and declaring that his rightful place is in The Hague," he said. "This means that it is the people making these statements who should be the ones explaining his options (to Assad) -- not us."
You know, it is funny, a dirty geo-politics,  finally Russia had a wake up call from the ghost with dark voice “ hey comrades wake up, Assad dummy useless, no point support him, he won’t give you a ground for your cozy geo-position there, because he is dummy he forget keep his time, so he  can not keep his own ground!  So finally his friend ditch dummy to dumping ground, saying “ Hey Comrades of Syria” you keep the dummy neck! So the Western allies says well yes thanks, comrade we will give you little potion of our geo-position, so you can maintained little footless foot somewhere in Bosphorus! 

All Come Together!

This is one of the houses in old Homs that was targeted while people were inside. [Pointing to a hole in roof] This mortar shell came from the direction of Homs castle. In Homs castle there are now more than 60 shabiha and security men. ...
Whenever I think of Homs it make me so very very sad, not angry but so heartbrokenness to remember the children and guys at snowy street for collecting snow for drinking! Wonder where are they now?  Why?  Wonder Russia supported killing regime for so long? Their little “ enjoyment” for selling the weapons… even if that is their geopolitical standing, how they can sustainable for  without a ground,  when a regime start to killing their own people they are doomed,  they now turn around supporting UN resolution well yes they know now Assad finished that is why.  Anyway after so many innocent people have been killed by Russia weapons. 

Anyway, for the fighters,  things goes our way, warm wind blows our way, lots of defection, it will be more,  it is time to unite all fighters, you can fight internally but must united to the face of the world, it is crucial time for all come together! Next few months are very crucial, I think “ Friend of Syria” must supplies arms FSA to  prevent causality, Assad will be continuously killing carried because he has no options. When the  problems goes there would  no problems!   

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whole World is Watching

Seeing is Believing!  

Solders were just shooting innocent people who were in  a funeral procession,   I lost my words; no word matches the Syrian people bravery and Assad crime!!! Unbelievable…Whole  World is Watching...

Calmest Killer of Century

Calmest Killer of Centur!

Basically what the world now comes to terms of Assads is  modern psychopaths couple!the perfect match!
You don’t deal with psychopaths for sure! So the world stop waste your times mess things around!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

This is Syrian People life


Annan: Syrians 'want to get on with their lives'. Well he is dreaming, Syrian peoples’ life is seeing truck loaded their people dead bodies. Snipers are waiting everywhere for them go out their  houses or heavy ammunition indiscriminant shelling and firing on everywhere in their towns cites and their streets.  On probably he gets answer from the killer, indicate that the killer needs or bidding more time for fool the world. Cycle of manipulation, on Assad side. he is fighting his own life, he knows he lost,  Syrian people  will not back down or give up their dream, becoming free, their spring, that is their life that is how they want to get on their life, that mean their Syria become free from Assad!  Don’t be fooled by the killer’s sweet talk!  Syrian people deserve their spring that is they want! Their Syria become free from Assad! That is how they want to get on with their life! 
UpDate: You can say what Assad is saying is everything is a pack of lie, he made from optima lie, he can not sustained his power for honesty and truthfulness, that is how he inherited his power from his father that is how he maintained so far, but he is like any another tyrannies before him, that pack of lie comes to end and that is the rope, which strangle his feeble breath, for how long you may well ask that question.   Russia, if civil war break out, there would be whole region unstable that is not good for Russia, they may “enjoy” selling weapons to Assad for killing his innocence people( Russia also should think bigger than their “little enjoyment” in terms of whole micro, geopolitical perspectives) and new president Putin has to provide stability to his unstable standing, and China, well yes  they have to consider the oil price, even if all other things are  not mentioned!  The world economy recovery is fragile!  The entire problems make one simple problem that is Assad he is the problem, so world you should know what to do!  The world more try to deal with the problem, is wasting everyone time! 

Another Update:  According to news,  a spoke person  of Assad said” the regime committed Mr. Annan mission is successful…”     well well drumming and bullshits singsong and fooling around the world again, they had to make a solemn statement because it is  about the UN Security Council make decisions! While bombs explosion going on Damascus, well very timely if I may say so. It seemed to that  they planted  these bombs by themselves for the timely UN SC meeting! they try to say, “ armed gangs and terrorists attack!”  Now we the world is not deceived by bullshit rampage songs anymore, now they try to make another fabrication, out of desperation   by planting bombs by themselves. Good try, but the world is not dummy for sure…,  So Assad regime’ conditional is the opposition stop first,  Syrian people never attacked the regime first, all along it was  peaceful demonstrations, while the rĂ©gime security force was carried out killings, just shot the people like casually and walked away as if nothing happen, that is that has been Assad, just killing people from the demonstration. He lost his legitimacy, he never considered for his act of committing a criminal  against his own people, wide spread carnage, and using tanks heavily ammunition of shot everywhere, destroy everything, and drive tens thousand people out of their  homes and cites, so  people armed themselves to protect their people.  Syrian people is saying Assad must go, and people will not accept anything other than their Syria free from Assad. You the world do not fooled by psychic lair, he is lying he believes his own lies because he doesn’t any another way.

Mass Majority

"The Friday for International Military Intervention".


This is called mass majority, they know that their life on the line, but they went out doing what they do for their belief

Wrong Assumption with Google Nibble


Some people born with freedom you don’t know  what is mean the freedom. I am not saying here whole world should suffer from dictatorship so that people  should have deep appreciation what democracy mean!  Syrians, they give their life, you know, hard to explain to people who has no experience this kind of love. It is love! When your country crisis you feel more deeply about it!  But then everyone has right to agree and disagree that is finest democracy, the freedom! I tell you what, what is the democracy? very simple term in my view, in here I go Ok!  When we wake up , first thing in the morining,  we come across from our news media foghorns about the US president, as he is the world biggest economy in his shoulders,  his movement  every possible angles is scrutinized,  full flee fly to follow his gestures, and  what he said in his wordings, how many grey hairs and winkles( I think Yankee acutely enjoy  or approval  their president have full of grey hairs and full of winkles from  no lined face and black hair- saying that you better work hard for my vote, so you should have full of grey hair of thing! Bit bunch of sadists), the world makes draws drollness drones comment about his policy his job performances and his smiles. And pious vampire “never wrong” pundits  and even dark drug barons think they have god given right to  go after the US president for their key board with passion their  sleepless night at steep bourbon-coke furnishing their super superiority, remaining him that they are the true owner of their Nation or democracy, saying that “ you better performing…approvingly his grey hairs to snowy white transformation after 4 more years!  Otherwise I will not give you my precious one vote….!”  Ok make it short, not even mention it the current US presidential campaign too!  OK instead going deeper…,  how wonderful is that? How splendors is that, the systems made for the people, truly working for the people! The president role is truly service to his people, his nation!

Well in Syrian, this uprising begins with little children, innocence little children they speak out true about their president! They said that their president is wrong!  The wrongs, they should speak out the true, that is what they learned from the school, they can see what is right what is wrong so they were expressing their mind into pictures and words truefully. They should have reward and praising “hooray what a promising jewel of our nation!  Gave them a huge sassy for their coolness and smartness. Instead, Assad arrest them and put them in jails,  these little children,  some of these children tortured and killed. Try to squished into the jewel of nation into just pack of rumbles and try to make them submission. Well they say NO, clearly loudly… Assad you die or I die! That is what they are saying!   Well we know rest of the story what has been unfold… aftermath…
I also disagrees this kind of assumption,saying that still significance number of back up Assad that is wrong, yes the calculation may roughly right, using Google nibble and measuring space but, what the author must also should  aware that; i.e. Damascus is capital, majority of the government body, large number of people directly working for the government or state owned enterprise, so Assad easily mobilized that number people, simply tell each household “go out”…etc, so 150,000 people gathering was not,  no way justified as  significance number of people still supporting Assad given the underlying facts. In Libya, Gaddafi used pay to people get out for him! In my view, if the oppositions must united regardless religions, they are Syrian, they should not divvied by religions or any other mean, that is part of maturities of their nobility

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christian Minority Nothing To Fear

Or other minority should not fear, all but Assad manipulated for his own life so far, after he goes there would be or should be  no sectarian violence, but all Syrian, they can believe any gods whatever they like. All the young people, their noble decree for their love  the world stand for!

Syrian - The Incredible People

This From CNN - Just so unbelievable and courageous! I have nothing but profound respect of the Syrian people!

Syria: Songs of Love

Paradise Paradise Paradise, Our Nation Is Paradise!  They sing their love song; From Al Jazeer
 An undercover Al Jazeera correspondent takes us inside the lives of Syria's anti-government demonstrators.

Assad respond their love song with tanks and snipers and blood! They sings their love song!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amazing Brave People!

Hoo-hah hello there handsome face! What a gorgeous handsome face! The whole world love you!

Amazing brave people! Of course we are going to win! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No More Waste Time

They are not armed gangs and terrorists but innocence ordinary people! No more waste time for waiting a killer's answer!   The killer is sucking his blooded medallions in his breakfast, and scavenges his amorous lunch from world reaction, and thinking of firing roasting sumptuous crops his evening!  Kofi Annan “optimisms” based everyone want to peace, well there are many difference pieces of peace, for the killer, his peace is ongoing slaughter for innocence people!

The World Is Watching

Homs' Karm al-Zeitoun neighbourhood under shelling by government forces : Al Jazeera

Whole world is watching what is going on! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

We, the World is Watching!

We Now Commentary Who Says What, Make The Record! Sake Of The World! 


Hello hello you have the five power seats we have get the Whole World Love Seat!  Whose power is bigger? 

We just let you know!

The opposition Syrian National Council (SNC):
  "We demand military intervention by Arab and Western countries to protect civilians. We demand establishment of secured humanitarian corridors and zones to protect the civilians.

We demand implementation of a no fly zone over entire Syria to prevent Assad from continuing massacres," Sabra told a news conference in Istanbul.

"We call for international military intervention to 'stop the genocide' in Syria."*
*( I underlined)
Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, told the meeting.

"I appeal to the Security Council to unite strongly behind ending the violence and supporting Mr Annan's mission to help Syria pull back from the brink of a deeper catastrophe," he added.

Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, appealed directly to Russia and China, while also calling on the council to call for an International Criminal Court investigation into the Syria crackdown, where the UN says more than 7,500 people have died in the past year.

"After months of blocking, I appeal to China and Russia to hear the voices of the Arabs and the world conscience and join us," Juppe said.
But Lavrov maintained his argument against "unilateral" UN action, and repeated Russia's condemnation of NATO's airstrikes in Libya to justify its opposition to the West's campaign on Syria.

Change in the Arab world "must not be achieved by misleading the international community or manipulating the Security Council", Lavrov said.
"Since I came to the region I am following very, very closely developments in Syria and there are 
"Since I came to the region I am following very, very closely developments in Syria and there are grave and appallingreports of atrocities and abuses," Annan told reporters in Ankara on Monday, before meeting Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

"Killings of civilians must end now. The world must send a clear and united message that this is simply unacceptable."


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the US secretary of state have urged the international community to speak with one voice on Syria.

Hillary Clinton said that Syria's "horrific campaign of violence" had "shocked the conscience of the world".

Hillary Clinton said no country should hesitate to condemn the violence in Syria

So far so good...

I Say: 
Dear the hotshots, the UN Security members!  You are in hot seat. Around around and no more around, but you have to say! OK! Right you are saying OK! Go ahead you love buggers! Go ahead with your fervent! Happy ever after!  you will say!   You are dealing with the whole world hotspot, the love spot! Tender agonise and it is tragic story so far! But you will make the difference now! No more tragic endings but happy endings! Syrian people love story is should be happy ending! They deserve happy endings! Wouldn’t you want to see happy love story? That is what the world wants now!  the world doesn’t want another massacre tragic story!  You have get to give them happy endings! That is all around good!  You know when people in love they die for their love that is all about love! Simple uncompleted and unconditioned love so they become courageous and brave, and endure everything for their love fulfilled!  We have so many succuss love stories! Modern Romeo and Juliet is all happy endings! No more sad endings!   You have to stand for the Syrian Romeos for their Juliet! True love is giving, kind and understanding!  A killer who carried out massacre his own people that is no way justified and that is not love, but sheer of psycho madness. The Syrian Romeos love was bloody so far it was hard and tough, but we know that love is all about that! Worth for fighting, worth for sacrificing!  That is what they are saying!  We, the WHOLE world are watching! Do not underestimate the world of conscience; they are not silence but watching what you are doing! This is not your own family affair but the world of humanity, the world affair! In the end if you do right thing, it is good for your family too! Do not make your medallion ingoted from million peoples’ blood!  Live up your Charter! We, the world is watching!


My Song Today