Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Friends of the Syrian People No More Excuses Executioning

Powerfully Beautifully 

AP Photo/Brendan Smialowski, Pool

Very luminous luxury, beautiful azurite soft lines all gold and brown, softly famine but immensely powerful so nicely matches with scheming lines!  That is real a classic beautiful game of power, you can play a killer game beautifully gallantly and gracefully! They kill you they can save you! It would be so nice if their magnificent game lay out for easing Syrian people suffering? Here is all the money and power lays upon the God’s hands 

This Warrior also have a splendorous and powerful rob too it goes with his gallantry for his Syria! 

The importance of today’s Friends of Syria conference in Istanbul is that this is taking place at a stage when almost all the lies and delusions that have been promoted about the Syrian revolution have been exposed; whether we are talking about those lies defending the tyrannical Assad in order to allow him to buy more time (to crush the revolution), the lie that the Syrian revolution is not real, or the lies based on an ignorance of Syria. 

This is pretty perfect distributable able song sheet for the Istanbul Friend of Syria Conference. If anyone have this song sheet they able to sing loudly their heartfelt in their scheming mind, how to nibble their forbidden fruit at the Eden of the geopolitical field. We are not asking all the hotshots of Friend of Syria  are  angels,   but land of promised we want them wise qualifies mobsters(hey mobster can be wise wizard which side you are in)  how to deal with  criminals and  killers the international stage and think of what counterfactual may be if the killer left alive, because they don’t want to involved. The thing is this is rotten full blown cancer; you can not avoid by dragging,  it left without proper treatment it will be fatal. Again, arming FSA is the key; they are trained solders ready and more than willing, all the FSAs’ would have  personal tragic for sure. They will not surrender either other revolutionary too, it is unavoidable war you are avoiding if you are not arming the FSA.  Only the way able top crack Assad personal army. Cleary message cross to Assad personal army. They are not the Syrian Army but Assad personal army, if they don’t want to be personal army, they should defect. Friend of Syria should provide all the right environment for the defectors then we can see massive defection. Oil rich Gulf nations willing to arm the FSA then that is the key strategy!   

Update: Dear Gracefully foul wisest willy Excellencies of Friend of Syria, the rest of world devotees is watching your wisest winsome decision at our bullet proof scheming gate; with  bit of wearies and bit prejudice, bit of gory and bit of nobility and bit of hardcore mobsters in executioners style and bit of truth and  absolutely that is all!  

UpDate: The Syrian National Council at today meeting, they must sincerely convey they are they will  unite all sectors of the Syrian society, any religion whether  they are  Arabs, Kurds, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Christians, Druze and other ethnic and religious groups and they will be no retaliation  or no vengeance after Assad fail, this is very important point they have to make sincerely to the Friend of Syria!  

All Syrian all victim of Assad and his family. This is a nation, is not belong to one private family  but belong to 22 million people. If he had known this, Syria never be in this midst of catastrophe!   

This is Syrian people:

What CNN is saying, Assad went Hom and had inspection personality and do the same thing other cities for suppressing up rising!  

Religions are very funny things,  religions is for me like sweet candy, that was I went to Sunday church for it when I was little.  For me brought up concoction of Buddha, Confucian, Sharman,  and Christian or other ten thousand gods  I befriends,  all of them are all my friends when I need them if I don’t’ want them I tell them bugger off your idiot  then they all happily bugger off, leave me alone, for me god conveniences store, if I need it availably for me 24/7.  Few months back I was given beautiful books for Islam, interesting, they are pretty same as other religious books, all but nice and kind other people etc… definitely when a big crisis like Syria at the moment  Syria people and the revolutionaries need the God, and the God help, chant is pretty powerful, that is all the religious chant are nice and powerful.   That way they can comfort something other than their own, when help is far away and  immense hardship you have to go through yes they need their God to help them to go through that hardship. From today (again I did this before Libyan people too) my God is the benevolent Allah, I will play for Allah Syrian people dream come true! Knowing that compassionate Allah is Syrian people side!