Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Mistakes But Stupidity

"We believe that the Syrian leadership responded incorrectly to the very first manifestations of the peaceful protests," Mr Lavrov told Kommersant FM radio in a pre-recorded interview.

"The Syrian leadership - despite the numerous promises it has made in response to our calls - is making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately this is why the conflict is so acute."...

A president of a nation,  every his decisions is relation with millions of peoples’ live hood and the nations future welfare. We democracy nations, our selection of our leaders through well discipline systems, and  the systems have been tested and retested  again again so that make sure the system  is the right working order. Even through that  still have lots of loopholes.   Assad for example,  never been through the system, his abilities as a president never been tested but his father gave it to him, saying “ my son, here is Syria, is yours, you keep it until your sons grow up!” a family make a  running race, a baton to next person, but any relay race, next person inapt of keeping up  the race well then we know what the result is! He  can not just shoot innocence children (under age) and  people, arrest them put them in the jail, sadistically  tortured and killed them, all the towns and cities, shelling, indiscrimination shootings and snipers,  complete destruction  for revenges! For what?  Assad is the problems, all the way long, he thinks Syria is his family owned, his family firm so, Syrian people is  belong to him so he can do whatever he like their life. That is his mentally. I am not surprises his faith same as like other tyrannies before him!  I think Syrian fighters must unite to the world! Make one voice!  Singing One Love Song!  

"People in various Western capitals are calling him a war criminal and declaring that his rightful place is in The Hague," he said. "This means that it is the people making these statements who should be the ones explaining his options (to Assad) -- not us."
You know, it is funny, a dirty geo-politics,  finally Russia had a wake up call from the ghost with dark voice “ hey comrades wake up, Assad dummy useless, no point support him, he won’t give you a ground for your cozy geo-position there, because he is dummy he forget keep his time, so he  can not keep his own ground!  So finally his friend ditch dummy to dumping ground, saying “ Hey Comrades of Syria” you keep the dummy neck! So the Western allies says well yes thanks, comrade we will give you little potion of our geo-position, so you can maintained little footless foot somewhere in Bosphorus!