Sunday, March 25, 2012

Every Bloody Word Of Love - Homs

Here from BBC 

Moscow has said that no deadlines should constrain the peace efforts.

Removal Assad is last chance to avoid civil war and atrocity and avoid fiasco in Middle East- Syria people would say! Also if anything on the table has to have deadlines. I think Syrian people not accept anything other than removal Assad, see the all atrocity, all the destruction, all the killing,  Free Syrian Army never fight senselessly,  they are protecting innocence Syrian people and peaceful protesters from Assad regime thugs!    

... Citing witnesses and YouTube videos, the Human Rights Watch accused the army and Shabiha pro-government militia of forcing people to march in front of them as they advanced on opposition-controlled towns in northwestern Idlib province.

Here more of clips 

Wake up you stupid bloody world! How could you blinded by this senseless destruction! Where is the world? Where is all virtues all the decency of world!  Where is the world of democracy? You are all dead desolation and coward! His every single word pains and agonies bloody his words spewed fires infernos stormy feets and flying hurricane wings, bold strike every decent shores, every decent human souls to the world!  Where are  the world of consciences? Where are you the world!  His love his pain veneration of his lion dean!   How could you world just watching? this, and there and here and there, all the bombs all destroyed all gone, bombs there top of the building erecter, rootless roof, vocation absentees, all desolation, you destroyed yourself you denied yourself if you avoiding this! You do not blind this!  you should not avoid to see this! You must to see this! How could any people endure like this?  This is how you world do nothing about it?!  How could you world so stupid?  How could you so useless?  How could you be traitors for your own kind!  He says! 

Omar al-Tallawi in Homs from

The evidence of reformation! A sheer of senseless, madness disarray,  these streets are ordinary residential areas,  marvelous courageous people still there do you think?! So surreal how could anyone do this to their own people and still  breathing!