Sunday, March 4, 2012

World of Responsiveness

NATO and alliance with Arab should help Syrian people.  

Evidences of Assad war criminal,  ICC should launch an investigation Assad and his allies crime against humanity.


Well Chinese is getting around but, their wordings are meaningless. They can not afford offside of all the oil rich Arab countries for sure. He is one man, thousand of innocence people blood in his hands. He can not wash his stain as a leader or  as any ordinary man, he is lost his soul, and he is a dead. What after this? Through massacres to  innocence civilian for his revenge, they were unarmed woman and children, there have ears on the blank walls, eyes on the distant. He can not hide his carnages. Syrian people never forget and forgive what he has been doing! Why should they? They have years years if that is necessary with millions millions of people.  They will rise like dark hurricanes with multitudes from their lovers' graveyards,  from ghostly mirages, from the conquers battle fields! They are faithful to their own destiny, the free men!