Monday, March 26, 2012

Futile Peace Plan - How Long?

Annan 'studying' Syria response to peace plan-

(Photographs by Rodrigo Abd)

(Photographs by Rodrigo Abd)

Innocence child eyes, their bullet ridden little bodies their dying, their bloody silences wail, their hopeless lifeless  defenseless plea! How long? Now no more listening to the criminal’s lair! His ending is clear, doomed!   No more read, no more dealing with the lair’s endless lies expenses of defenseless innocence people life! The killer’s words you study that are defenseless child dying eyes, peoples’ silence wails, the world you are sinner you should not blinded by their defenseless tragic plea!   Remember that!     

UPDate:  Assad regime  responses formally to Annan's because of April 1st Istanbulmeeting:

So they aim to diffused of Istanbul meeting, so the fools of the “Friend of Syria” they may believed that Assad truly agree with Annan’s peace deal. But hey you, all of the “Friend of Syria” if you do that you are the dummies of all! If you are wetting your conscience blanket by Assad lies you are foolish fool! He is bidding his time and using  Russia made weapons to kill millions of civilian while you study his words, his responses! Wake up you all!  Do not swayed by his lie, open your eyes to see, to feel and be human and be wise!  You are a child of your mother and you are the mother of the child,  to see how innocence and defenseless people are suffering and dying in this senseless malicious sadistic madness! Think of how your mother,  if you  are dying blood socked bullet ridden body dying front of  her eyes! Or you hold your bullet ridden your child body and watching him, extinguished his yet bloom life front of you! Aplomb of decency is humanity! Democracy and freedom and open society is much nice to do business that is how we make our civilization forward!