Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chinese In Africa

Interesting piece from CNN Re: Chinese in Africa
“The Chinese quid pro quo typically involves lots of Chinese content, lots of Chinese labor that they're sending over to these countries to work, which hurts local unemployment issues. And of course, the availability of commodities, including food, to be exported to China. There's sometimes a Faustian bargain in these countries.”
It appears to be coming without geopolitical or other strategic interest, other than economic gain for China.
“I think it is ultimately good for Africans because Africa is getting governed better," Bremmer said. "Fifty percent of Africa's 1.1 billion people now live in cities. Their women are getting educated. As that happens, you start to see better demographics. They're more sustainable. There's less poverty, of course, and the government improves. And when the government improves, the investment starts looking less colonial.”
Bremmer said if one day China's investments places like Nigeria come full circle and start looking more colonial, “that government has no one but themselves to blame.”

Mind Blogging Sound

Eternal Love  from in here  

The Lone Star of Night Sky

Our reverend journey
Always there for us
The Unknown eternal
O how we long for eternity
To accomplish in earthly time
But we are stars dust
The brilliant star clear night sky
Shining, we are the lone star
Orphan of universes
So alone so splendors
The lone eternal voyager
O love you look at me
How lonesome and brilliant
The lone star of night sky

First draft while I listen this piece... I could not write my poems for sometimes I have been suffering  from depression... gather... so...I only painted two  stillife recently not bad at all given that I have not taken up  brushes for so long time... Make me so tearful that world so much to love and so beautiful and grand... and also so much ugly but I dare not think of these tonight...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

NATO vs Babies - World Heavy Weight Competition


Dead Syrian Baby from criminal Assad airstrike!

Dead Syrian Baby from criminal Assad airstrike!

Fighter jets airstrikes after airstrike, bombs after booms scuds bombs, big cites with  densely populated areas kills  babies, children innocence civilians. Now 2 years, Syrian people ask international community for NO FLY ZONE for their FSA liberated area least, north  vast North liberated now, about some news suggestion that 70% FSA revolutionary is controlling, on the ground they are immensely superiority in every aspects than criminal Assad gangs, they ask international community covering up by NO FLY ZONE, so that internally displacement millions people go there least not fleeting neighbouring counties, practical economical reason too-  but they complete gone to dummies conveniently earshot eyeshot mouthshot, shut themselves up from millions of children agony!  AND NATO Yes the NATO they are bunch of gung-ho males chauvinist hotshots cycling around their buffoon of buffalo ego-  deadly charted  6 missiles battery at their toe shucking distant at Turkish boarder target on the feeble criminal hearts, saying “ ok you little feeble beetle dung you can airstrikes to kill babies children  there inside boarder not outside boarders in here where my toes are! And “ NATO is not intervene!”  Flicking their muscles at world championship of weight lifting competition with babies and children!  That is foulest mouths washing gargles of declaration  I have never seen!  Yeah NATO indeed claim their heavy weight championship by beating killing babies and children under rubble  Horribly horray despicable NATO!

UPDATE: One of the dumbstruck cruellest thing that NATO missile battery right on the board where, every day refugees fleeting and where everyday NATO can see and can hear criminal  assad airstrikes to kill hundred civilians daily,  while the NATO is drowned by self-love reflection- buffoons of  buffalo! If the NATO is truly powerful it should know how to be beautiful too!  Beauty and power is two side of same coin! 

Lovely Lovely

Slops slops
Frost love nest
Sunbeam gilders 
O Love wail not
Blur her teardrops
Only for illumination

The Heroic Battle of Damascus

Urgent video - Message 

News of the Levant always hope to be true and wait know the truth .........
Important Please publishing a wide range

Message from FSA Commador Abu Ali Dumaini calls for Damascus people evacuation within a maximum 3 days period and as we are  going to march Damascus and liberation of Damascus and liquidation of  Bashar and his military gangs.  

Wow Warriors are wearing all black! Greatest fighters gathering and they are ready for  their heroic battle for liberation of Damascus and liberation Syrian people from suffering!  Might God bless them and guide them for the greatest victory in their way! Thank you very much God- Have a beautiful day!  

P.S. Dear GOD, Bless and guide the FSA heroes' swift victory, make sure kill the criminal assad and few of his gangs only if possible, and make everyone surrender!  So that everyone gets their life back and our little friends going to the school soon again! 

Love Story

Song to the Moon

When you are beatific
You love like this
When you are in love
You pleas like this...
 With love... everything possible


Song to the Coward World

World is a criminal
World is an eunuch
Ugly to love  
Blinded by lairs
Deafen by dumbest   
Crippled by limited
Coward by fears
Champion of malice
Gowned wit of plague  
As an aplomb of bum 
Will be dead by deed

Friday, March 29, 2013

FSA Shape Clawed On Heart of Damascus

Syria rebels seize town Dael on key highway

SYRIAN rebels have seized a key town on a main highway between Damascus and the south in their latest advance in Daraa province on the border with Jordan. 
"Rebels seized control of Dael after destroying the three army checkpoints at the entrances to the town," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. "The town is located on a main road linking Daraa to Damascus.
More read 
FSA advance on the ground, See this map Daraa province along the boarder with Jordan very active fighting for sometimes and a huge gains! Many good great news to come! FSA their shape clawed firmly into the heart of Damascus!~    


Criminal's Cross Road

No ways return, his forward looking, only forward!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Meeting in The Cabinet

Think carefully your destiny!    

Minds of Revolution is Volcano

Regardless what, what pessimistic bunch of keyboard commandoes say about the Syria revolution,  here is a some reasons  we have a huge optimism about the revolutions, the below is from Rego's articles as  :

Reasons to remain optimistic about Syria

As fighting continues, with the regime losing ground despite its military superiority, solidarity emerges on the ground.
  • The emergence of a new outspoken and creative Syria!
  • Self-management emerging from the rubble!
  • There is an opposition! …etc…

One thing we know for sure, the magic of  Darwinism,  our minds are endless  evolutionary journey! No mere man no men made system able to stop this active sleepless evolution of our mind, even if our mind are suffocated by  mere tyrants, our internal minds volcano magma always immensely active! When the time comes, due in course-  minds had enough of, hot-blooded explosive volatile anger  that is revolutions! Look at the above magnificent rupture! Our passionate rapture!  The giant rapture any mere tyrant able to tames? The great Syrian people no longer afraid of anything, anything at all!  

Geo Political Mean Or New Emperior Malice - BRICS

"South Africa's position in the world economy is much less significant than that of the other four .... China by far is the most important of the BRICS. Take China away and the BRICS are really deeply insignificant .... There's no doubt of the growing significance ... but let's not forget that the US economy alone constitutes about one-fifth of world GDP which is about the total of the five BRICS put together."
- Michael Cox, a professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics

"I think South Africa's inclusion in the BRIC nomenclature is all around the geopolitical calculation, it speaks to the importance of Africa vis-à-vis BRIC. Let me just to give you some trade numbers: 10 years ago trade between the BRIC and Africa was about $20bn. Today it is  $250bn and I think it was a geopolitical calculation more than anything else to include South Africa in that name ... It [South Africa] is coming in with a lot of noise but ultimately it's not as powerful as it once was ... they are no longer the gateway to Africa." 
- Aly-Khan Satchu, a former investment banker specialising in emerging market financing

More read from Al Jazeera 

Stay With Me Please!

Criminal Assad cabinet meeting.

NO More Airstrike on Civilian

Al-Hasakah ||Day MiG flying in the sky of qamishli countryside down to the Hill and Brak AK pounded HOOL also flew over the city of David, at the same time and in the skies over the city of Hasaka

FSA heroes will shot them down every single criminal assad fighter jets 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NATO is the Killer!

(Reuters) - The refusal of international powers to provide Patriot missile support for rebel-held areas of northern Syria sends a message to President Bashar  criminal al-Assad to "do what you want", Syrian opposition leader Moaz Alkhatib said on Wednesday
NATO said on Tuesday it had no intention of intervening militarily in Syriaafter Alkhatib said he had asked the United States to use Patriot missiles to protect rebel-held areas from Assad's air power.

"Yesterday I was really surprised by the comment issued from the White House that it was not possible to increase the range of the Patriot missiles to protect the Syrian people," Alkhatib told Reuters in an interview.

"I'm scared that this will be a message to the Syrian regime telling it 'Do what you want'."




The former head of a UN monitoring mission who tried in vain to secure a ceasefire in Syria's civil war said on Wednesday it was now time to consider imposing a no-fly zone over the country.

The comments from Norwegian General Robert Mood came after NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen ruled out Western military intervention and called for a political solution to the two-year-old crisis which has claimed an estimated 70,000 lives.
"I have come to the conclusion there has to be a levelling on the playing field," Mood, who headed the UN mission in Syria until last July, told Britain's BBC TV.

"To level the playing field now in the military terms would be to consider no-fly zones, to consider whether the Patriots in Turkey could have a role also in taking on some responsibility for the northern part of Syria."

[Source: Reuters]

Ask them again again, If I were Mr  Alkhatib, what the NATO have done so far, what  western allies and US  have done so far!   Their fat weighted morbid penguin suite cruel wording game is killer of thousand of civilians, millions of people suffering! How many more life will be killed then  they may dropping their jaw-lines, and may some sweat on action!

Update: The biggest killer is the hypotactic NATO, they put large battery missiles, display their powerful male ego mongering plunk at Turkish boarder- protecting NATO, they are the defender of their own toes! – Yes the defender  at the boarder for their own NATO,  gather every information from their super spies,  know exactly what has happening this little criminal Assad, they didn't do anything, let him airstrikes after airstrikes to populated areas and killed thousands people, they just sitting at the defender dumb boo, never even brink their eyeballs  thousand of people were killed on airstrikes light below their noses, they never triggers one little feeble hearts for the innocence people! NATO is the most heartless cold blooded murderous!  Huge inhuman oracular machine gathering!  The are not a human so they don;t feel! 

This is NATO countries  western democracy and most of them are also EU except US and Turkey not yet but they are soon too! they let them criminal assad killing thousand of civilian...!

I strikethrough, he is not deserve such title! Criminal right word for him!

Amazing Grace FSA!

(03-27-13) #Daraa #Syria | #FSA has liberated the Al-Gharz prison, freeing more than 1,500 prisoners

Make Legitimate is very simple!

Russia calls Arab League's decision to hand out the Arab summit's seat to the opposition Syrian National Coalition "legal", "defensible", and "another anti-Assad step".

"In terms of international law, the League's decision on Syria is legal and defensible because the government of the Syrian Arab Republic was and is  the illegitimate representative member-state at the United Nations," the Russian  foreign ministry said in a statement.


Confused Russian sudden change? Read the below  original from Al- Jazeera! 

SyriaRussia calls Arab League's decision to hand out the Arab summit's seat to the opposition Syrian National Coalition "illegal", "indefensible", and "another anti-Syrian step". 
"In terms of international law, the League's decision on Syria is illegal and indefensible because the government of the Syrian Arab Republic was and is  the legitimate representative member-state at the United Nations," the Russian  foreign ministry said in a statement.

There is no such things legitimate or legal, applying  international law for tyrant criminals who killing their people destroying whole country…So make it simple! 

EU Drunken Aimless Parrot

The EU Arms Embargo on Syria Is Not Fit for Purpose

Those who argue that we should not supply arms to the insurgency because they might fall into the wrong hands are confused. Arms are being delivered into the 'wrong hands' all the time, and have been for the past two years. The Assad regime is being supplied by Iran and Russia. Jihadist rebel factions are being supplied by donors in the Gulf. In fact, only those that we wish to ultimately prevail - the more moderate rebel forces - run out of ammunition and weaponry on a regular basis.

Fears have also been expressed that supplying arms to the insurgents would strengthen al Qaeda-affiliated groups such as Jabhat al Nusra. Again, this is looking at the conflict through the wrong end of the telescope. Jabhat al Nusra is clearly a rising force within the insurgency, comprising a significant and effective minority that is by no means representative of the rebellion as a whole. But its rise has been encouraged in large part by the failure of Western powers to provide adequate assistance to the broader insurgency.
Since it has attracted a disproportionate level of support relative to the other factions, Jabhat al Nusra's resulting strength and effectiveness has attracted opportunists and true believers alike. It benefits not only from the disillusionment and cynicism bred by the lack of Western support, which feeds conspiracy theories of Western collusion with Assad, but also from the despair engendered by stalemate and seemingly endless suffering. Ominously for Syria's future, its relative success has given it a great deal of legitimacy with the wider population as a consequence

I underlined and highlighted the above! 

I have been saying similar to this  for long times, but anyway post again here it is such eloquently tell the EU is become aimless drunken parrot, who sings “………! 

Aleppo: a city abandoned by the world?

This is really a powerful report by the UK's Channel 4 from Aleppo showing the situation in the rebel-controlled parts of the city. Probably you will find it upsetting.

It is surreal! Mohamed 12 years old boy-man,  had stretched  his mental age beyond, necessary for sharing grown up heavy burden, lend his  shoulders to care for who are injured,  the cruel  war steal his precious childhood! instead classroom to blood bathing field hospital!  His sadly torn vision is clearly defined what is mean to him this war! Men killing men is unavoidable tragedy for mankind! Brothers killing their own brothers also unavoidable tragedy for Syria!  But he should know he will be the Victor, because of that!    

The Servants of Syrian People

The Servants of Syrian People! Their mission is serving their people! Nothing more Nothing less!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

People Is The King Of Syria

For the first time in 40 years, will continue to address one HSS from the Syrian people.

 Seat of the Syrian people in Arabic

Syrian People's Throne  
Splendorous throne for the great Syrian people! No one above her people for sure!

Syrian People's Seat

Mr Mouaz Al Khatib is addressing at the Arab League

Tales of Warrior, His Grace and Revolution

Great Picture of #FSA Commander & Martyr Abu al Furat kissing the hand of Abu alTayeb who was Martyred Today. May God Accept Them Both Into His Mercy

This older revolutionary was a father, grandfather, uncle and granduncle etc... of the revolutionaries, a grand family of revolutionary, the warrior was  martyred.  He was  fought his holiest obligation to his people his land alongside with his sons and his grandsons...with his bloody passion! Wonders, what he was thinking of he had to gun pointed on his very own young people! But then he wisdom told him that was a part of cost to pay to his revolution!  Hoping the  cost of agony will not be vain! He gave his one life to his people as a preciousness gift, that shall be a shining medallion of the land along with so many great people who gave their one life to the people and the land!   

Note: the above the revolutionary who kissed the older's hand gracefully, was a very prominent  FSA commander at Aleppo, was martyred few months back while he was leading  a battle of liberation of airbase!   

Monday, March 25, 2013

FSA Heros Magnificent Victory

24-3 Al Shaiykh Maskeen Daraa Ugarit Sheikh Miskin Horan, the dawn of Islam Brigade,- Brave FSA fighting lovely  spring field- Finally the spring comes...  Children will be smile at magical scent of freedom land, land of their forbears land of their children and their children of children ... blossoming nectarine flowers, will bear fruits for their land...  a beautiful flowery bed FSA fighting and killing criminal Assad gangs!  It  is beautiful freedom fighting! 

Look at this map of FSA gain on the ground, amazing the Jordan boarder- Joradan closed main boarder because fierce fighting, almost all boarder check points are controlled by the FSA- Daraa to Damascus  FSA's fighting are  very very active!   Also see this from Al-Arabyia, CIA( UK M16, French, German,...allies al)  involved actively in coordination with  FSA, training, procurement and logistic side so the game will be change as you are seeing you are believing!  Also few days back there is a news Russian warship stopover Lebanon, they said that refuelling and the military personal rest, but when you see this map, you can guessing why they have been there,  they may looking into another possible  port for emergency!  Criminal Assad and his regime from Damascus  there is no possible  route escaped through  Tartus where Russian currently has their naval base, the only escapade routes are Lebanon boarders! Anyway the FSA awesome heroes are fighting viciously, their talons dig into criminal Assad’s vein and tear them apart. So we all know what is going to happen!! EU, you will be sorry! Whoever  support criminal will be sorry!

Update: Criminal Assad also failed his sectarian attempt, this from Reuters: 

Syrian opposition Alawites call for rebellion in army 

"We call on our brothers in the Syrian army, specifically members of our sect, not to take up arms against their people and to refuse to join the army," the delegates said in a statement after two days of meeting in the Egyptian capital.Alawite domination of the officer army corp is one of the pillars of Assad's control...
"The Syrian regime is not an Alawite sectarian regime ... the Alawite sect was and is being held hostage by the regime," said the statement, which was read out by Alawite activist Tawfiq Dunia. 
"One of the goals of the Syrian revolution is to restore the national identity and free the Alawite sect from the family of the ruling regime," the statement said.
           Read More

The great people is never deceived by criminal assad!  

Not Matter What Keep Going!!!

The Syrian National Coalition has rejected the resignation of Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib just hours after the former leader announced he was stepping down out of frustration.

"I announce my resignation from the National Coalition, so that I can work with a freedom that cannot possibly be had in an official institution," Khatib said in the statement.

"For the past two years, we have been slaughtered by an unprecedentedly vicious regime, while the world has looked on," Khatib said.

"All the destruction of Syria's infrastructure, the detention of tens of thousands of people, the forced flight of hundreds of thousands and other forms of suffering have been insufficient for the international community to take a decision to allow the people to defend themselves," he added.

Revolution is passion, light of people, dream and hopes of the people, so many people were given their one precious life for this great revolutions,  for the betterment of their people and their beloved Syria! The leadership can not betray his people and Syria by giving it up! Mr Khatib should not underestimated his position, the leadership is millions of Syria people and Syria, and freedom fighters and billion ordinary people  who are suffering from injustices around world, want to see the great Syrian people Victory! 

The world disagree his resignation!  The world understand his bloody pissed off rage! The world agree the team (SNC) has rejected the resignation! So he must stay please!  The International community is a bunch of scumbags!  The revolution is hard, the leader must withstand all the odds and hardship and prepare to dirty work! Bites pride for the noble purpose!  Put up with scumbags!  Put ups with all the asssholes, bitches and thieves of international actors!  All comes with their own bag of agendas! There are no such things as free! Many countries or people in this earth come through these bloody process of achieving their freedom their Victory!  Long bloody struggles! Immense suffering and bloody agonies! Cost of millions lives! The great people, the courageous people dare to stand up tyrants, to  prepare struggles for  the betterment  that is not only for them but for the whole world’s  and make the civilization forward!   The revolutionary  never give up give in! The revolutionary only know keep going until the “Victory!” The revolutionary knows how to compromises!  The revolutionary know how to take advantage what they have! The revolutionary knows how to capture their chance! They also know that they have one step backward for the ten steps forward!  They are resilience, with  a great endurance, so they know how to  achieving the Victory!   No matter what! No matter what!  No matter what! To the Victory!

Here is Mr Khatib Facebook Page 

Tackles boldly to the US, if US says no then the revolutionary takes it as "YES" US can not afford sit at their comfy seat while this slaughtering going on...

Profile: Syrian opposition's Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib - BBC via from Syrian Day of Rage 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Civilized vs and Uncivilized Killing

Baba Amro News 

Obama: Hey you criminal boy,you can kill people with everything but not with chemical weapon!
Criminal Assad: why not chemical weapon sir?
Obama: That is barbaric uncivilized killing!
Criminal Assad: Thank you sir, I can kill them all civilized way!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Awesome Heroes

Today Photo and Today Victory 

Awesome Heroes FSA  All the responsibility on their shoulders!

(03-23-13) #Daraa #Syria l #FSA Rebels Capture #Assad Anti Aircraft Gun from 38th Brigade Air Defense Base

#Daraa #Syria | Regime Brigadier Mahmoud Darwish Killed, #FSA Sieze Anti-Aircraft Weaponry

The FSA revolutionary move this speed, it will be the magnificence Victory fast forward! Sake of Syria and her great people! 

Shot on Assad

According to a single report from a newspaper "Saker": According to a reliable source: Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer - Major Mehdi Jacoby - shot on President Assad was transferred to the hospital in al-Shami. Assad's situation is difficult. Havoc at the hospital. All roads leading to the hospital - were blocked.

via from here  Hoping it is true! Hoping he is dead too sake of Syria!!

The Red Line

Feel the Pain- Learning from Experience

UK Transport Minister feel the pain and feel the gain! 

Waiting on a freezing platform at 6am and not even getting a seat: Transport Minister FINALLY realises what it's like to take the train to work

  • Outcry when it was revealed Simon Burns was being driven to work
  • Reported that the chauffeur-driven car cost the taxpayer £80,000 a year
  • After pressure from commuters he decided to 'adjust' his travel
  • Tory MP pictured taking train from Chelmsford to London for third day

Read more: 
Respect themselves first, respect people! Via from  Dr Mohammad  page 

This is very good example for the all politicians should learn from  Mr Burns! 
This self modularity comes all but maturity. After all UK is the mother of Westminster System.  Not necessary politicians are saints but nice to bit of feeling of the ordinary people when they are in the position so that they know what they are jobs are. When a country political immaturity begotten corruptions… sex parties,  bribery… S Korean politicians should ashamed of their endless scandals of corruptions… Mr Burns  is working more longer hours and saving tax payers £80,000 pa, feel your pain what can you want from the politician- hoping his intention is true not mere publicity! 

Anti-Aircraft Weapon Make Happy Blue Sky

(03-23-13) #Daraa #Syria | #FSA Siezes Regime Weapons Including Anti-aircraft Weaponry 

Shoot the every criminal assad fighter jets make the blue sky happy!

Victory for Heroic Bottle

                   Free Syrian Army fighters fire at Syrian army soldiers during a fierce firefight in Daraa al-Balad, Syria, Monday March 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Shaam News Network via AP video)

"Fighters from the Nusra Front, Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, and other battalions seized control of the 38th division air defence base, near the town of Saida on the Damascus-Amman highway, after 16 days of fierce clashes," the Observatory said.

The Nusra Front is an Islamist militant group suspected of links to al Qaeda and blacklisted by the United States as a "terrorist group". Its forces, which include foreign fighters, have come to increasing prominence in the revolt.

Read more: 
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::
The Nusra is so formidable   on the battlefield, when they arrive at the front line with they black banner flag and when criminal assad military personals see the flag alone they are running away! As some media said. The are like a special force in any military!   .

Doing Things Lawfully

Putin: Hey you idiot,  make sure you kill them lawfully! As long as all of them are terrorists extremists, you are wrathfully lawfully liquidated them remember  that! Even little children too, they are extreme terrorists!
Criminal Assad: Yeah I gotchar!  I made them all extremest and terrorist lawfully!
Putin: Hey you world, criminal assad is liquidating  extremely extremism terrorists, he is killing lawfully the terrorists,   as terrorism violates the International law!
World: how about babies and children?
Putin: Well they are all terrorists and extremest, as they against assad, so his killing them lawfully! He is doing right thing!
World: are you sure? We will be calling meetings and meetings and we will then talk about it length of time, re this issue.  We will then launch an  investigation within next few years!
Putin: Good on you world, you gotchar too! We are very good backscratchers!

Mindful about Propaganda

This is the world should careful about  criminal Assad accuses the rebel force of using chemical weapon in order to justify then retaliating in kind
One disturbing possibility, though -- raised by the opposition -- is that the Syrian government would accuse rebel forces of using them in order to justify then retaliating in kind.
First time unsc agreed same voice,  US et al and Russia come agreed upon tier own different agenda as both-side accusing each other, this is another bullshit song-sheet from criminal assad for their Russia comrade!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Gazing each other's eyes  affectionate hand shake world peace and security! I kill you, that is my territoriality!

Hey see my hand I have nothing to hide, see my claws I tear you alive if you don;t believe me!  

I know what you up to! Hooha, it is hard to lie! 

Chemical Weapon is Criminal Wild Card


The United States demanded that the Syrian regime allow full access to UN weapons inspectors and cooperate with a probe into claims that chemical arms may have been used in the conflict."We support an investigation that pursues any and all credible allegations of possible use of chemical weapons," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told inspectors.
"And we demand the full cooperation of the Assad regime in letting the investigators in and letting them go wherever the trail leads them," she said, adding they should have "free and unfettered" access.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced on Thursday that the United Nations would investigate claims by both the Syrian regime and the opposition that the other side had unleashed chemical weapons in an attack this week.

 Criminal Assad most prized possession chemical weapon his wild card 

It's difficult to quantify how large its stockpiles are, but experts believe that Syria has the largest program in the Middle East and the fourth largest in the world.
"It's like a 'wild card' -- it's the core of Syrian security policy because it prevents Israel doing anything too rash."
"If you shoot a missile at a a population center, you can be fairly certain that anyone it hits will die," she said. "Chemical weapons use is not as clear cut as that -- it depends on topography, weather, how you deliver the chemical weapons, and you can't always be clear it will cause maximum casualty."

Their real value is in their psychological power, she said. "It's a fantastic weapon of fear."
They can cause economic damage too if their use contaminates agricultural areas or water, making them also "a good weapon of disruption," she said. 
"Keep in mind that this is Assad's most prized possession. How likely is it that he's going to hand over such important stockpiles to his enemies?" she said.

One disturbing possibility, though -- raised by the opposition -- is that the Syrian government would accuse rebel forces of using them in order to justify then retaliating in kind.

Chemical weapon cheaper than nuclear weapon as mass destruction very effective! Does World thinking let criminal keep his chemical weapon and his killer seat? Wow! Awesome stuff world truly yours only!   

Update BTW: Other day Russian un envoy were saying that their friend lair-criminal assad promised them, they will not use chemical weapon, so Russia trust lair’s lies, sake of world peace and security!  

Last Hysterics Propaganda

Opposition airstrikes! He can not says yet it is too obvious!  

Kill Everyone Who Disagree

Killing Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Buti is  criminal Assad job; apparently  he has been changing his supporting the criminal regime, the below is the President Mouaz Al-Khatib's Facebook page as: 

We have information and evidence confirms Dr. Bouti God's compassion,  he was  beginning of  supporting revolution and change his way of thinking, and we believe that the regime has to liquidate him, fearing courageous stand it may turn the entire balances.
AND here from the Reuters : It says criminal Assad vowed to wipe out mosque attackers:  
al-Assad vowed on Friday to purge Syria of "extremist forces" he accused of assassinating a leading Sunni Muslim cleric who backed his two-year battle against rebels and protesters.

Isn’t he so obvious? He needs something set up so that can excuses to blames to “extremist forces" try get sympathy, obviously killing the cleric is one of these his malice set up, clearly criminal Assad calculated mascara! He should wipe out himself 

AND timely President Obama has been visiting the region and he said that as:
 ..."I am very concerned about Syria becoming an enclave for extremism because extremists thrive in chaos, they thrive in failed states, they thrive in power vacuums," he told a joint news conference in Amman with King Abdullah II.

So it appears that criminal assad little  plane we all figured out