Saturday, March 16, 2013

Non-Lethal vs Non-lethal

EU Non-lethal reasoning is pluming criminal lethal head - more motivation to the criminal killer!
Lethal vs. non-lethal. #Syria
 None lethal mind of world math;  knows how to count children numbers but they don;t know what is economic cost of! More suffering
 Children make up roughly 1/2 of the refugees. #Syria

Benevolence non-lethal  world mind knows how to deal lethal cause!  Kill more!
Lethal International aid to #Syria
The result of non-lethal effectiveness 000%! If keep non-lethal i) Russia feel good about its power, no reason give up its power to negotiates US et al, ii) Licence  to the criminal assad  more to kill under the Russia beneficence protection, iii) while time to preparing Iran et al protecting/supply to  criminal assad.  vi) wide spill over  around region and beyond, now criminal assad call  BISCS intervene his killing endeavor! Is this heading to III world of war?