Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chinese In Africa

Interesting piece from CNN Re: Chinese in Africa
“The Chinese quid pro quo typically involves lots of Chinese content, lots of Chinese labor that they're sending over to these countries to work, which hurts local unemployment issues. And of course, the availability of commodities, including food, to be exported to China. There's sometimes a Faustian bargain in these countries.”
It appears to be coming without geopolitical or other strategic interest, other than economic gain for China.
“I think it is ultimately good for Africans because Africa is getting governed better," Bremmer said. "Fifty percent of Africa's 1.1 billion people now live in cities. Their women are getting educated. As that happens, you start to see better demographics. They're more sustainable. There's less poverty, of course, and the government improves. And when the government improves, the investment starts looking less colonial.”
Bremmer said if one day China's investments places like Nigeria come full circle and start looking more colonial, “that government has no one but themselves to blame.”