Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Huge Revolutionary Mobilization

(03-09-13) #Deir ez-Zor #Syria l Rebels unite and by the Thousands Pass Through the City to Battle #Assad

Thousand of thousand  revolutionary fighters mobilization of Deir ez-Zor I think something  a great things happen! Wind blow northern. Criminal assad using helicopter evacuated officials only and abandon  soldiers from besieged area!  That can says all! To be frank best fighters al Nursa great help their skills and money all the resources, they didn;t do any harm anyone any countries but only criminal assad, after Assad is gone, they are all going to their respective countries or may be going  to Chechnya have another revolution against Russia! All the Syrian revolutionary who are fighting  along with  them because of money and weapons they are all come to FSA folder. Iran& Iraq militants and Hezbollah helped assad, why not al Nursa help Syrian people?  So West et al bit relax in here if West armed FSA al-Nusra would never happen, they comes with a proweles fighitng skill and money when FSA didn;t have at all, nurtaly due in course,  even if they are who they are, a great instrumental of fighting with criminal assad, I am sure the revolutionary leadership will be deal with them great  care and honorable way so that post assad  not into chaos! As they deserve treat with respect because while all the world abandon Syrian people,  the al-Nursa stand up for them fight for them.  They may be enemy to the west but have been a great allies to Syrian people! In my view majority of Syrian people want democratic Syria post assad not a Islamist state so al-Nursra would understand Syrian people's sentiment!