Friday, March 1, 2013

My Friends

Look at the flower, how to attract butterfly, it is serenity charming

Beautiful purple pink flower attract charming black butterfly

Purples winged butterfly purple flower 

Eye of frogman,  frogwoman is the most beautiful frog, so in love affair,  beauty is eyes of beholder! Frog frog rog ro rog...

My liazad slizt slzit twit twit wittly walking  

My  friends, they were part of my life when I was a child  all these beautiful things interesting creatures of our nature, I was grown with them, now days children learn from computer screen! I know all of them their colonies their nests and their habits etc...without reading any of these stories, little artificial shallow play grounds they learn from distorted nasty bolted  parrot holes, which only dead end vision    I learn from wild blue sky eagle eyes, see thing bird eyes view, so I know what I am talking about, all the wiz people,  splurge their ideas in diagrams and charted brains drains but they would have no clue of how butterfly are so beautiful!  That is what I am saying.

UPDATE: I love summer, there so much things going on our backward town,  insects colonies, butterflies, bees flowers sea stream, birds rainbow fishes and horizon cloudy sky and seamless could in our pond, there is a huge black snake twist around summer rose fence, swelling wild lily, sometimes wild dark sea like a mad woman  or blazing wild cobalt sea with snarling white tongue wave girl, anyway butterflies I never catch same species but all different I remember all of them look so I never catch same once.  They flock at wild rose jasmine shade softly softly scent of air so quite, lazy summer muted at the bluest sky, I told the sky "...hush.." you look at them what they are doing, softly lofty kiss buds, that is how summer...