Monday, March 25, 2013

FSA Heros Magnificent Victory

24-3 Al Shaiykh Maskeen Daraa Ugarit Sheikh Miskin Horan, the dawn of Islam Brigade,- Brave FSA fighting lovely  spring field- Finally the spring comes...  Children will be smile at magical scent of freedom land, land of their forbears land of their children and their children of children ... blossoming nectarine flowers, will bear fruits for their land...  a beautiful flowery bed FSA fighting and killing criminal Assad gangs!  It  is beautiful freedom fighting! 

Look at this map of FSA gain on the ground, amazing the Jordan boarder- Joradan closed main boarder because fierce fighting, almost all boarder check points are controlled by the FSA- Daraa to Damascus  FSA's fighting are  very very active!   Also see this from Al-Arabyia, CIA( UK M16, French, German,...allies al)  involved actively in coordination with  FSA, training, procurement and logistic side so the game will be change as you are seeing you are believing!  Also few days back there is a news Russian warship stopover Lebanon, they said that refuelling and the military personal rest, but when you see this map, you can guessing why they have been there,  they may looking into another possible  port for emergency!  Criminal Assad and his regime from Damascus  there is no possible  route escaped through  Tartus where Russian currently has their naval base, the only escapade routes are Lebanon boarders! Anyway the FSA awesome heroes are fighting viciously, their talons dig into criminal Assad’s vein and tear them apart. So we all know what is going to happen!! EU, you will be sorry! Whoever  support criminal will be sorry!

Update: Criminal Assad also failed his sectarian attempt, this from Reuters: 

Syrian opposition Alawites call for rebellion in army 

"We call on our brothers in the Syrian army, specifically members of our sect, not to take up arms against their people and to refuse to join the army," the delegates said in a statement after two days of meeting in the Egyptian capital.Alawite domination of the officer army corp is one of the pillars of Assad's control...
"The Syrian regime is not an Alawite sectarian regime ... the Alawite sect was and is being held hostage by the regime," said the statement, which was read out by Alawite activist Tawfiq Dunia. 
"One of the goals of the Syrian revolution is to restore the national identity and free the Alawite sect from the family of the ruling regime," the statement said.
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The great people is never deceived by criminal assad!