Saturday, March 9, 2013

UN Faithful Duty to Criminal

In Parts of Syria, Lack of Assistance ‘Is a Catastrophe’ - New York Times

Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

SAWRAN, Syria — The United States and other international donors are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on humanitarian aid for Syrians afflicted by the civil war. But here in the rebel-controlled north, where the deprivation is most acute, that money has bought mostly anger and resentment: the vast majority of aid is going to territory controlled by President Bashar al-Assad, and the small amount reaching opposition-held areas is all but invisible.

Rebels argue that the humanitarian assistance is in effect helping Mr. Assad survive the war of attrition. “Aid is a weapon,” said Omar Baylasani, a rebel commander from Idlib, speaking during a visit to a Turkish border town. “Food supply is the winning card in the hands of the regime.”

The biggest obstacle blocking aid from rebel-held areas is the United Nations requirement that its relief agencies follow Mr. Assad’s rules — which limit access to opposition territory — as long as the international assembly recognizes his government….

That means that while internally displaced Syrians living in government-controlled areas are cared for in United Nations-run camps, with standard shelter and basic utilities, the many who have fled into opposition territory are plagued by shortages of food, fuel, blankets and medicine. 

The revolutionary estimated that about 60% population is based on the rebel control area, most of the aid only way into he criminal Assad control area, because of UN has to worked with this criminal regime whose lost its legitimacy, the hypocrisy is this criminal  break all sort of law every single day for committing atrocity, UN dutifully  help  this criminal monopolising international aid for Syrian people  for his own  political survive! Good on you UN how smart you are!? The Aid is for Syrian people not criminal assad and his regime who lost its legitimacy! Absolutely amazing UN faithful performance  its bolt hole duty to criminal Assad instead Syrian people! Why ARE UN  have to ask criminal for  accessing  suffering people? Or why are you lawful to criminal assad while he lost legitimacy? Amazing again! UN must be a nun and runs a nunnery!