Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minds of Revolution is Volcano

Regardless what, what pessimistic bunch of keyboard commandoes say about the Syria revolution,  here is a some reasons  we have a huge optimism about the revolutions, the below is from Rego's articles as  :

Reasons to remain optimistic about Syria

As fighting continues, with the regime losing ground despite its military superiority, solidarity emerges on the ground.
  • The emergence of a new outspoken and creative Syria!
  • Self-management emerging from the rubble!
  • There is an opposition! …etc…

One thing we know for sure, the magic of  Darwinism,  our minds are endless  evolutionary journey! No mere man no men made system able to stop this active sleepless evolution of our mind, even if our mind are suffocated by  mere tyrants, our internal minds volcano magma always immensely active! When the time comes, due in course-  minds had enough of, hot-blooded explosive volatile anger  that is revolutions! Look at the above magnificent rupture! Our passionate rapture!  The giant rapture any mere tyrant able to tames? The great Syrian people no longer afraid of anything, anything at all!