Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Natural Justice

What goes around comes around! or the Confucius says, you treat other people the way how you want to be treated!  Make sense that is how we learn when we grow up! When you hurt other people, innocence people and you get benefit from their suffering you will be end up punished one or another way! That we believed, not that we afraid the word but somehow deep our conscience that we do certain things that avoid hurt others! But we have seen so many people rotten for their own little feeble gain or other mean! So they are punished by natural law of justices!   Chavez was supporting criminal assad, merely his personal ill-feeling  toward US( which he entitled to so) which nothing to do with  immense Syrian people suffering. Why he took out his animus to US on innocent Syrian people?  He is dead, he is a no body, an ugly despot, who enjoyed, promoted million people Syrian  suffering, dead is dead that is end of story! One less person who supporting criminal Assad that is what I am saying!