Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Money + Super Power = Super Victory

US, Saudi united on Syria, Iran 

After a series of meetings in the Riyadh on Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told reporters Assad must understand recent scud missile attacks on regime foes in the city of Aleppo would not be tolerated by the international community and that he had lost all claim to be Syria's legitimate leader.

Saud, whose country along with other Gulf states is widely believed to be supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels, said Saudi Arabia could not ignore the brutality Assad is inflicting on his people, even after two years of escalating violence that has claimed 70,000 lives.

He said history had never seen a government use strategic missiles against its own people.
"This cannot go on," he said.
"He has lost all authority."

In his discussions with Kerry, Saud said he had "stressed the importance of enabling the Syrian people to exercise its legitimate right to defend itself against the regime's killing machine."

Saud also decried the fact Assad continued to get weapons from "third parties," a veiled reference to Russia and Iran, which have backed the regime through the conflict.

"Saudi Arabia will do everything within its capacity, and we do believe that what is happening in Syria is a slaughter, a slaughter of innocents" he said.

"We can't bring ourselves to remain quiet. Morally we have a duty."

Kingdom of Saudi never let down the world, the world never forget about the Kingdom’s generously and benevolences for the Syrian people their great struggle.  This is where money and power getting together. Criminal Assad is dead now!  When you look at the geography   US and Gulf State have to stick together beat criminal Assad, that is best for US interest too and Syrian people of course and all around, that one criminal cause so much headache!   So much  immensely misery so many people! I can not just believe why the criminal still breath in the earth!