Saturday, March 23, 2013

Feel the Pain- Learning from Experience

UK Transport Minister feel the pain and feel the gain! 

Waiting on a freezing platform at 6am and not even getting a seat: Transport Minister FINALLY realises what it's like to take the train to work

  • Outcry when it was revealed Simon Burns was being driven to work
  • Reported that the chauffeur-driven car cost the taxpayer £80,000 a year
  • After pressure from commuters he decided to 'adjust' his travel
  • Tory MP pictured taking train from Chelmsford to London for third day

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Respect themselves first, respect people! Via from  Dr Mohammad  page 

This is very good example for the all politicians should learn from  Mr Burns! 
This self modularity comes all but maturity. After all UK is the mother of Westminster System.  Not necessary politicians are saints but nice to bit of feeling of the ordinary people when they are in the position so that they know what they are jobs are. When a country political immaturity begotten corruptions… sex parties,  bribery… S Korean politicians should ashamed of their endless scandals of corruptions… Mr Burns  is working more longer hours and saving tax payers £80,000 pa, feel your pain what can you want from the politician- hoping his intention is true not mere publicity!