Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Criminal Regime Using Iran Drones

Iranian drones guiding Syrian attacks, rebels say

From Nick Paton Walsh, CNN
Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) -- Syrian rebels call them "wizwayzi," humming eyes in the sky they say guide the government warplanes and gunners who bombard their positions.
They're surveillance drones, easily visible from the ground and seen in video shot by rebel fighters. Syrian opposition activists and rebel commanders say both the tempo and accuracy of airstrikes have increased since government forces began using them -- and they point to Iran as the source of the equipment.
"Of course it's Iranian. It doesn't go up that high. We can see it," Muhiyee Deen al-Zein, a Free Syrian Army leader in Homs, told CNN.
"They say, 'The wizwayzi is out.' It's a small drone that films al-Qusayr, and then you think, 'Oh God, help al-Qusayr, it will sleep under rockets.' "

Old Bloc Mentality

Syria  Al Jazeera Blog 

Russia on Wednesday warned that the "bloodbath" in Syria would continue if the West stuck to its demand for President Bashar al-Assad's ouster. 
"If the position of our partners remains the departure of this leader who they do not like, the bloodbath will continue," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius.
The nearly 20-month conflict in Syria has killed 36,000 people according to activists.
However Assad's allies in Beijing and Moscow insist that it is up to Syrians themselves to determine their future without foreign interference.
- Agence France Presse - Terrorist Assad bombed Homs

I can not understand Russian mentality, they sit ineffectual unsc ‘ peach and security” they are talking and walking about  “ bloodbath”. Remember this revolution start with peaceful demonstration on the streets, the innocence people were killed because they want to change. Instead the criminal terrorist Assad change which he didn’t like it and so he demolished the country, that is not a leadership but “terrorist”, and happen to be Russia likes him  for their geopolitical reason,  so Russia is this criminal regime protector   and master, they speak of thug instead of world leadership of benevolences “ peace and security” well I say to the world remember this, in my view Russia thinking will be harmed immensely Russia’s future more than they will gain.  The world is digital age information flow unlimited speed and space, “ one global family”, refutation or  image  if you like   Russia can not sustained their  old bloc mentality  and image and protecting this criminal terrorist noting more than a butcher in a slaughter house! 

Update: West sees and understand the deformities and benefits of the democracy and  the Syrian people legitimate  demand. West is not like or dislike the terrorist Assad, by any mean West is not a nice guy either, on the contrary but  they know that benefit of “the GREATER” peace and security by supporting the Syrian people instead the terrorist criminal Assad who was not elected by the Syrian people in anyway but born into the criminal blood bathed chair!


Fighter Jets and Unarmed Civilian

The criminal terrorist Assad gangs  bomb innocent civilian towns, they can not fight real enemies so they are bombing unarmed  civilian instead.

Revolutionists Front

Magnificent Sun dawn or sunset?
O autumn always is always heart breaker...
Death of Tyrant

Seeing Syria, terrible ruinous in Syria, every history we have seen this kind of tragic mankind disasters because of a stupid tyrants, this criminal terrorist is destroying whole Syria as if his own.

Syria Syria Syria

Wonderful joyful revolutionary dance:  sings with;
Syria Syria Syria, my love Syria
Our hopes and dreams 
We  are one and other
Therefore we are one
Syria Syria Syria my love Syria
Our love grow stronger stronger
We never leave you you never leave us

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Digging Children from Rubble
I just can not believe international community sit there fold their hands and close their eyes and say nothing! You know whoever support terrorist  Assad  your children will be the same as the Syrian children were killed by criminal Assad gangs bomb! when you support terrorist assad, in fact you are killing the innocent Syrian children!  


Monday, October 29, 2012

Revolutionary Family

Syrian revolutionary families, their ardent personal struggles, whole world stand for  them, their struggle is the world humanity struggle their victory is the world humanity victory!

Father and Daughter
Revolution is a family affair, start from cradle...!

UN Don't Cry for Yourself

Don’t lie and be true yourself you know then the Syria trace was going to be a trash! 

The Man with a Bread Stick
Look at this, how criminal terroist Assad gangs are  farce, they come to arrest a man, who with a bread stick! C'mon you thugs I  beat you with my bread stick!

Last Criminal Assad's Tantrum

Syria Violence: Syrian Warplanes Launch Nationwide Airstrikes Against Rebel Targets

BEIRUT -- Syrian fighter jets pounded rebel areas across the country on Monday with scores of airstrikes that anti-regime activists called the most widespread bombing in a single day since Syria's troubles started 19 months ago.

The death toll for what was supposed to be a four-day cease-fire between the regime of President Bashar Assad and rebels seeking his overthrow exceeded 500, and activists guessed the government's heavy reliance on air power reflected its inability to roll back rebel gains. 
"The army is no longer able to make any progress on the ground so it is resorting to this style," said activist Hisham Nijim via Skype from the northern town of Khan Sheikhoun.
 How wrong the criminal is, he believes that Syria is his to destroys...


صورة جميلة , ومشهَد رائع ..
من بلاد "القوقاز" رجل يؤم ابنتيه في أحد المراعي الجبلية وسَط الثلوج ~

Yemen gate newsletter |
A beautiful picture, and gorgeous scenery ...
Of "Caucasus" man believes his daughters in one of the mountain pastures in the snow ~ AN # YE

Very splendorous, we human, everyone of us are very ritual animals, one or another way! Immense wealth of tales and symbols each culture their own uniqueness, represented our feelings, dreams and make us well! Find our identity and belong to each other and seeking and feeling of kinships!   

What a Grand entrances, I only show once this kind of entrances ever since when  I left my home town, in my home I could see very often from our house, open view of sea, moon rise from sea, deep sound of drum beating from her throne, softly her golden feet  grand entrances of night spectacular! She can be a venial..?!

Son of Free Syria

Even if the world end tomorrow I plant a tree today! - some one said before

Guilty of Being Innocent
Criminal assad gang: My son right there! Don't move!
Syrian children: Who are you? Why are you bombing?
Criminal gang: Son I am your military, you are an easy target!
Syrian children: No you are not my military!   I did n' t do anything wrong!
Criminal gang: That is why, you didn't do anything wrong,  we are going after innocent  people!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mourn for The Beauty

They mourn for the beauty
Without knowing why
But I know their anguish
Dark night tearful bright stars
Deep shaded inside sorrow
Seeking their glittering treasures
Mourn for their lost April morning
Shrouded their innocents seasons
Wrapped into warmth of passion
Stormy strangers’ summer nights
Weaves at from distant
O the beauty they wail for
Sorrowfully bid last farewell
Whose golden hands fold into
Crimson lips frozen to whispers
Founding blood heart of war
Splendors as autumn leaves
We mourn for the fallen heroes
Medallion of our bejeweled season

2012.10.28, 12:41am
 Young Sun Kim-Walker 

What is On Syria

Heaven made a  magnificent sunset at Homs

Criminal Assad rip off their childhood
Criminal assad made them widowhood

Syrian Kurdish Should Neutral Or Sided With The Revolution


Syrian rebels clashed with Kurdish militia in the northern city of Aleppo, leaving 30 dead and around 200 captured, an activist group said on Saturday, sparking fears of a new front in an already fractured country.
The fighting between armed rebels and members of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), erupted on Friday in the majority Kurdish neighbourhood of Ashrafiyeh, it said.
"While I am opposed to the (rebel) Free Syrian Army's entry into safe areas, Assad's regime is looking for to create conflict among Syrians," he told AFP.
About 15 per cent of Syria's population of 23 million are Kurds. The minority has largely remained neutral during the country's civil war, which has sown divisions among its patchwork of ethnic and religious groups. 
The Kurdish area of Aleppo had been relatively free of the violence that has plagued Aleppo since fighting between regime forces and armed rebels broke out there on July 20.(I highlighted and underlined)
 I think FSA revolutionary deal with Kurdish and ask them neutral for their position, also PYD should know they won't gain anything for supporting falling terrorist regime, all but provocation they will lose much bigger if confront FSA revolutionary, if  PYD don't want to support this revolution, they should stay neutral, that is their better position, or sided with revolution that much better position- so that future Syria they won't be accused of sided(wrong side history) with terrorist regime.  


Activists say this video shows smoke rising over Deir al-Zor after shelling by MiG jets.

Trash of Trace ...

Dead Trace Before Its Start


UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi's ceasefire plan to stop fighting in Syria has been a failure, a rebel commander said on Saturday, after at least 100 people reportedly died on the first day of the truce. 
"This is a failure for Brahimi. This initiative was dead before it started," Abd al-Jaber al-Akaidi, the head of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) military council in the northern city of Aleppo, told AFP by telephone.
Anyone still  trust criminal terrorist  Assad's promises?  FSA revolutionary getting stronger and stronger, they are upper hands...!

#SNN | #Syria News Video | Damascus Rural | Douma | October 24, 2012 At Least 20 Massacred

Friday, October 26, 2012

Terrorist Assad Regime Lying


The Syrian army said on Friday it was responding to attacks by armed rebels that were in violation of a temporary ceasefire agreed for a four-day Muslim holiday.
"Armed terrorist groups attacked military positions, thereby clearly violating the halt to military operations agreed by the army command. Our valiant armed forces are responding to these violations and pursuing these groups," the military said in a statement read on state television.
FSA revolutionary certainly not good guys as they don;t need to be but they are not liars, what we have seen if they give their word to international community, for them they have no reason to broke their  promises, as they are not gaining by doing that, BUT this criminal assad regime is lair, they are eat  and sleep with lies, everything lies as the regime based on lie , so the accepting trace, but they accepted because of sake of lie as their survival.

"Our Revolution is not Religious"

Kafranbel attacks Pope

Protesters in the rebel strong hold of Kafranbel have attacked the Pope in this week's banner message.
It reads: “Pope! Your queer submissiveness allowed Assad to kill fathers like Fadi Haddad in order to ignite a civil war”.
Raed Fares, a Kafranbel activist who helped prepare today's banner, said protesters were angered at the Pope's apparent reluctance to criticise the Assad government over the continuing violence.
"The Pope has stayed silent while he can see that Assad is slaughtering us," Fares told the Guardian.
He said Fadi Haddad, who is mentioned in the banner was a Christian father from Homs, who was killed on Thursday.
Fares denied that the banner was sectarian. "You can't imagine the relationship between Muslims and Christians here, we are fighting on the same side, we have attacked Muslim saints and we still do. Our revolution is not religious."
Fares expressed he was sorry that the Vatican had called off the visit..

Christian is side with criminal regime(?) is very opportunistic, because excuses of being minority and try to  survival doing playing act, but soon or later they have to come to senses, must come out and bold, you can not hide behind pieces string of criminal treaty with terrorist regime.  remember before you are Christian you re Syrian too. There is no future to this criminal regime, the greater is sided with Syrian people!  Anyway I never heard of coward Christianity!  Yes the god must be dammed - the goddamned harlotry  god, we  send him/her to rehabilitation center?! 

Anti-Aircraft Weapons Protecting Protesters Hooray!

Far too later but not too later and a great and nice to see some anti-aircraft weapons able to protect protesters and now I am looking forward to hearing " criminal assad regime ending" from the news! hoping soon!   Hoping lots of anti-aircraft weapons for the FSA revolutionary so that they can protect civilian.

House of Trial

 Prayers begging for life, O my god let me live and let Syria die, I have only one life but she has 23 millions lives, it is unfair that she has so many lives to spare but I have only one life my god!  

God: tell me why your life more precious than Syrian people’s  life?
Tyrant gang: well I have only one life that is why more precious than rest of Syrian peopled’s life?
God: I agree with you I like your precious life so I am taking your life!

Their Dreams and Hopes


Thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country to protest against the government of Bashar al-Assad on Friday, the first day of Eid.
Below are some of the videos uploaded by activists.

A demonstration in Homs.
A protest in Idlib.
A march in Deraa. 
A protest in Hama.

Syria, Her Traitorous Wounds


Her wounded soil,  immense capacity of  heard, unexploited time-bomb, if anyone ask them to forgive or forget you are wrong, as Syria  buried her beloveds in her fresh soil as her soil  reborn them again again another. When criminal terrorist Assad and his regime gun pointed innocence people that is end of tyrant.   Listen her agony and her sorrow!

Mother and Daughter Sorrow

Dad, your room is not ripe at the time of parting
She redeemed you my soul, warmth in your cheeks still me antidote
Restore me to life, smiles, today you are with me today, parting
Dad lap leaves, as the full moon is how much I miss you
Dad still smile and tomorrow you took that day, my father returned
And my sibadok moments let you farewell hug

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look at their Eyes

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على رسوله الصادق الامين محمد بن عبدالله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين .
أحبائي وأهلي في ربوع سوريا الحبيبة و في الشتات :
بمناسبة حلول عيد الأضحى المبارك، وهذه الأيام الدينية الفضيلة ، أود أن اعبر لكم عن اصدق التهاني وأجمل التبريكات، داعيا الله سبحانه وتعالى وسائله أن يعيد هذه الأيام المباركة، وشعبنا السوري العظيم قد تخلص من الاحتلال الأسدي وظلمه، محققاً النصر المأمول، طارداً من عاث فيه فساداً ،...
See More

LOOK AT THEM!!! How glittering  innocence in their eyes, any Syrian or international community you have no right take a way  their hopes and dreams which rightfully belong to them, terrorist  Assad and his gangs if you are Syrian you can see the children eyes and reflect  yourself what right you have and what  you are  doing to your own children, you have no place of your own Syrian  as you are traitor of your own people and your own Syria. So nice to see their glittering eyes, all these horrors, death, agony and sorrow, supreme of  their resilience still able to smile, must have been miracle. 


FSA Territorial Gain

Syrian rebels advance into Aleppo  the Guardian 

Territorial gains break more than two months of stalemate as large areas of country's second city change hands.


Syria rebels 'advance in Aleppo'

Syrian rebels have made advances into several central neighbourhoods in the city of Aleppo, activists say...


مشروع كتب لسوريا :
فلندعم هذا المشروع ( كتب لسوريا Books for Syria ) ولا ننسى أن النظام الطائفي حاربنا على مدار أكثر من أربعين عاما بحرمانه للأغلبية الساحقة من المناطق التي ثارت بوجهه من العلم و حرمنا من البعثات الدراسية للخارج ووو....لذلك كان لزاما علينا وحتى نتلافى الفجوة الواسعة جدا التي خلفها النظام بأن نبذل قصارى جهدنا لتعليم أطفالنا وأهلنا اللاجئين لذلك : لاتنسوا اطفالنا في المخيمات فهم امانة باعناق المغتربين السوريين واخوتنا ال
«كتب لسوريا»

Death of totalitarian regime

pondering silence 

Total empty air

Happy children gathering - near Turkish boarder a refugee camp 

Hooray FSA Having Stinger Missiles


The United States said on Wednesday it had not supplied Stinger missiles to Syrian rebel forces and appeared to question intelligence from Moscow that the US-made surface-to-air missiles had made their way into the opposition's hands.
Stinger missiles would help bring down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's warplanes and helicopters, which have bombed residential areas where rebels are hiding. More than 32,000people have been killed in the conflict. 
But in contrast to the Libya crisis last year, the West has shown little appetite to arm the Syrian rebels, worried that weapons would fall into the hands of Islamic militants.
Russia's top military officer Nikolai Makarov, the general staff chief, said Russia's military had learned that rebel forces "have portable missile launchers of various states, including American-made Stingers."
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters at the Pentagon that "I certainly don't know of us providing any such missiles in that area."
 State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the United States had provided no lethal assistance to rebel forces whatsoever, including Stingers.
"Nor will we," Nuland said. Asked about the possibility that Stingers reached the rebels through a third party, she said: "If the Russian Federation has evidence of Stingers in the hands of the opposition, we'd like to see it."
 Opposition activist footage has shown rebels carrying surface-to-air missiles made by the former Soviet Union, but footage of Stingers has yet to appear. Last week, activists posted videos of what they said was a Syrian military helicopter spiraling to the ground and exploding in flames.
Stingers are among the types of shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles commonly referred to as MANPADs.
I mean so what? FSA revolutionary have MANPADs or  Stingers, HOORAY! GOOD LUCK TO THEM,  how could they defend themselves and Syrian people from fighter jets bombardment? By all mean if they had I am so very delighted by it! whose arguing Russia? Well they supply  arms they support terrorist Assad and his regime, remember a great majority support FSA revolutionary have  these stringer or MANPADs to  beat son of despots who born into  a chair?