Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Want President Obama To Be Feared

MANU BRABO / Associated Pres
There's an old saying that liberals will support armed intervention in a foreign conflict only so long as nothing resembling a self-interest is at stake.

If the cause is purely humanitarian - if the refinement of American morality is the only possible domestic benefit - liberals just might be persuaded to support the use of military force to help a starved, invaded, or otherwise oppressed people.
The Syrians who are rebelling are in dire need of the sort of support that the United States can best provide. The United States has the capability to efficiently neutralize Syria's air defenses and impose a no-fly zone to ground Assad's attack helicopters. And as Michael Doran and Max Boot pointed out in a recent New York Times opinion article, only the United States can lead a multinational effort to establish safe corridors between the Turkish border and the besieged city of Aleppo. If Aleppo was under the stable and permanent control of Syria's rebels, it would spell the end of Assad's regime and its appalling brutality.
Leaders across the Middle East don't take Obama's threats seriously. Neither Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor the Arab leaders of the Gulf countries believe he'll act militarily against Iran's nuclear program in his second term.

We want Middle East leaders fear of President Obama!  He has the power make him most feared man in the earth! And tell terrifying voice to the terrorist criminal Assad step-down!