Saturday, October 6, 2012

Captures Air Defense Base

Rebels claim to have captured air base near Damascus

A video posted on YouTube shows dozens of rebels dressed in army fatigues celebrating as black smoke rises from a military installation behind them.
A middle-aged man holding an assault rifle says the assault on the base, in the Eastern Ghouta area was carried out by a rebel battalion from the town of Douma - both places are a few miles east of the capital.
Rebels say the operation happened on Thursday.
Another video showed rebels at the base's weapons cache which included what appeared to a be part of a surface-air-missile.
It is unlikely that rebels have the ability to fire the missile but they might be able to use the explosives to make improvised bombs.
When rebels have captured army bases in other parts of the country during the 18-month-old revolt, fighter jets have bombed the sites shortly afterwards.

WWWOW watch out  Damascus heroes  they will come with wings of typhoon and feet of hurricanes!