Saturday, October 6, 2012

"The Syrian People Want the Arming of the FSA."


Discouraged by lack of US support, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have stopped short of arming Syrian rebels with the heavier weapons that could turn the tide of the war, The New York Times said Saturday.
Without the heavy weaponry, the rebels are only able to maintain a stalemate with President Bashar al-Assad's better-armed security forces, possibly prolonging the brutal war that began nearly 19 months ago and has already killed more than 31,000 people.
Saudi and Qatari officials told the Times that they hoped to convince the United States, which worries that shoulder-fired missiles and other heavy weapons could end up in the hands of terrorists, that these concerns could be addressed.
"We are looking at ways to put in place practices to prevent this type of weapon from falling into the wrong hands," an Arab official said.
Qatar's State Minister for Foreign Affairs Khaled al-Attiyah said that "you can give the rebels AKs, but you can't stop the Syrian regime's military with AKs."
He expressed support for providing heavier weapons to the rebels, but added: "First we need the backing of the United States, and preferably the UN."

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