Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Worldly World Lesson

The Monk and the Child

Wow you virtuous nasty old man when I was hanging out with you at the mountain you didn’t teach me right thing. You see this world revolved around
virtue becomes vice and prudence is folly
I deeply regrate that wasting my time deep deep mountain, kissing misty mornings their virgin mouths in a hard wooden floor, I was shivering as you told the “Way” to myself. Well after all but you vice old man you lie to me, you didn’t teach me the worldly word is all about vice and folly!

Well my Child without my teaching you ddin’t know the differences! The Monks says mawkishly

BTW: PS I get the above folly from here

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dark Mad Horror Show

The Bush Ranger’s Ethics
The Teacher Nerd Kelly and the Child disciple are walking side by the early birds’ footy mad show.
All towns gone to a mad lucky horror show. The Gang of Gongs
Smelting of brewery house in a dark cave and a scary moral lesson.
Mr Nerd what is Ethics? The Child ask
O it is the worthy of man is a few bob!” The Nerd told splay
Why? The Child ask
It is our foundation! The Nerdy Nerd says
You mean men must be a worthy of few bob! The Child says
Don’t ask such useless question, it is better then nothing! Mr Nerd says
Well that is why you end up at a hanging gallows!
The worthy of man is he is the foundation! The Child whispers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


HHAHAAHAA, I AM THE FISH KILLER!!! If Fish Could Scream, I never thought of about fish of life fish of speak fish cry fish scream fish oscillation miseries desirers. The felling feeling of fishes, I am not sure why. As long as I remember my bluest vest cobalt sea shore I am the King of the Fish Killer, remember that. I used this kind bamboo spear, of course not looking good as like this but old ones but sharp enough to kill anything. Cool summer around mid day, when the cobalt is no longer cobalt but divine breasts, she has snobbishness bossiness. Soul is crippling to the sea sounds, morning purple sea, her grand invitation, come my child my cool breasts, I give you a best prize. Rest tiger lily summer bed, hot stone burns your little feet, you jump jump top tiptoe dance to the sea song lullabies to the sea. It was a great masterpieces all things happen in that seas. Jumping in, across short distant little rocks –too small to call them island --- hehehe you can see fishes, all rainbow fishes crazy buoy around crystal waters, catch catch me, none of them told me their agonies, I couldn’t see their tear drops and couldn’t hear their agonies even if they had one, busy to chase and to kill them. So I was turned into a monster, the Killer. I think I have long lung, I can stay down at water very long time for holding my breath, I didn’t know how long but very long time. Without goggle, I can open my eyes and see the fishes and sea bottom, magic things down there; I chase fishes, I am a natural born swimmer, mind you, -- never swing rotten indoor swimming pool for sure-- easy to kill after few years practises. I am the Killer of Sea, the dominant killer! And pierce their body and hook them out surface, the magnificent coloured body try to escaped my spear by flick flick folic ferric, every move the fish took it hurt more but then it was my magnificent catch, I yelled at the shore “ here is my cacthhhhhhhhhhh…,” I rise my prize high with a great pride and wave it for my friends at shores to cheer. They yell back! When you are the killer you don’t hear what your prays’ feeling. Why should I? Ofcourse we only cares our summer barbecue at the shore! What are ethic of fishes? I only have a barbecue ethic.

P.S The King of Fish Killer Ethics; Kill, Kill and Kill truly sincerely,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Endearing Friendship

Monk and Atheist meeting at a timing bridge, long lost friendly coupling as:
Hello there how is going my friend? The Atheist asks the Monk.
Not much really doing nothing! How about you my dear friend? The Monk asks
Well I don’t believe what you are saying! The Atheist replaysreplies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Name is Pearly Smile!

Thank you soooooooo muchhhh…! Cool summer morning, if you are not nice to me I drink you alive, morning birds say to pearly mist. Gum trees along with billabongs are all mine! What is your name? My name is Pearly mist! My name Wild flower!! My name is Uluru! I have a little tidied laptop, it only recognise my beautiful face! I can make the world beauty….fuuuful…! Thank you sooo muchhhh…hh.. Knightly brilliant investment for your portfolio, diversification of vivification, risks free return your wiz investment buz! I will grow like tall as the bluest sky, wings of your investment!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sheer Fortune of Bushrangers

Reintegrating Australian outback, a finest evening under the starry night, Nerd Kelly the King of bushranger, and the timid Child turn into the Hell-Rising-Wild-One from old ancient squeaky backward east, a kingly banquet bush tucker under reversed notional talismanic dining table, formed a teacher and a disciple relationship and celebrate their fresco bush tucker with drinks misty billabong wine. The King Nerd happy to teach his wizardly bushranger skills to his disciple with affection, dedication ambivalence. Hoping someday the Child will rules the vast outback, inherited his title of the King of bushranger. The Child also so enchanted by his heroic bushranger endeavours. Every Mr Nerd words the Child hangs on…

It is very important to us know who we are! We live and die with our own accord; we must rule this wild country with our trilogy! Our motto is “we never treat others what we would like to be treated OK! So we have to know other-kind in our extra-ordinary bush of life. Currently the parliament is hanged at open gallows. The power seat is siesta! We are going to overthrown them OK! Conquer the seat! You get it Child? Mr Nerd says
Yes Mr Nerd, I get it, gee you are the King of Wiz! Do you think, where the headless parliament heading for Mr King Nerd? The Child asks
I consult stars on my sky; umm… consecrated life with headless stars and heading for deepest long last fiasco of adagio…headless, powerful omen for our bush tucker for mankind. All the city people will be dead soon because they are dead-meat. Mr Nerd replies empathically.
Wow we can all go to profane of Benedictine, bars and nightclub dance lustful life away! Bonfire barflies bushrangers! The Child says
Well once we are out of bush we will be the once are warriors, then the once were bushrangers! My nerdy Nerd says
Aha! We are all parliamentarian then well well we are well equipped for ripping the whole system off from the bottom-line! The Child burst out.
Well Well you are indeed fast learner, my wiz disciple! The King Nerd bust his beaming his good fortune! You will be the King of warriors!