Friday, August 31, 2012

FSA Making Airplan

Sink or swimming of course FSA is swimming battleship and  criminal assad army is sinking ship.

To the criminals 
Profess not your cowards
When humanity swears
Name of the god
The great people will be housed
Full of aspiration tamaqua
Punish wrongdoers name of the god   

Dimwit Little Bullies

Iran’s inability to help Syria at the conference came a day after Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, surprised his Iranian hosts with a ringing repudiation of Mr. Assad’s government that reflected broad Arab support for the insurgency in Syria. Experts said the speech by Mr. Morsi, whose participation in the meeting had been welcomed by Iran as a sign of an anti-Western power shift in the Middle East, should have been a wake-up call to the Iranians.

“On the one hand, they got a predictable but very helpful endorsement of their right to develop peaceful nuclear power, but their strategic position on Syria was not helped at all,” said Augustus Richard Norton, an Islamic scholar and professor of international relations at Boston University.

Take bit of time, awaking of criminal supporters dummy nerve system  but inevitably they come to sense. You should know that is a vintage points of our conscience, deep down our proud imperial mind dealing with  these dimwit little bullies.   

Volcano of the North

Rebel forces in the northern province of Aleppo announced the formation of the Revolutionary Transitional Council in a statement aired on Al Arabiya on Friday.

“[The Revolutionary Transitional Council] includes all those working in the revolution; civilians, politicians and military men,” one member of the newly formed council said in a statement recorded on a video. 

Cleary criminal regime indiscrimination shooting is deliberate act  of destruction for driving people out of their town and cities, fleeting neighboring countries so that people overflowing these countries and burdened them so eventually criminal regime hoping these spill effect give these neighboring tiresome, so fed up and stop supporting FSA revolutionary. I don’t think, criminal regime miscalculated this areas, stupid mistake attacking people, fear turn into profound resentment and hate. it is not go back but only forward force of stream no one can stop! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Refugee Camp and Safe Heaven for the Children!

RE: Refugee camp and safe heaven for the Children! 
Western et al should not say things difficult, there is 
always way to do it, we should not consider the criminal regime his few donkey kowtow corniness words. Setting up refugee camps inside Syrian and safe heaven for civilian is absolutely necessity  for protecting Syrian people caught up middle, the refugees  are majority of them all children ( over 79%)  and elderly and women. The UN must response this  absolutely necessity  under the humanitarian crisis, the UN can not afford to fail to do this absolutely necessity.   This  absolutely necessity.   This  absolutely necessity.   Indeed! World should not avoid their obligation for welfare of the children!  the criminal regime after children  to kill! 

The War Against Civilians

The War Against Syria’s Civilians

It’s becoming increasingly clear in Syria that the Assad regime has adopted a strategy of total war to stave off its collapse. If the claims made by opposition activists are true, last weekend’s mass executions of as many as four hundred suspected rebels and civilians, including children, by regime forces in the town of Daraya near Damascus, was the single largest atrocity yet committed in the eighteen-month-old conflict. There is no reason to believe that it will be the last. In this kind of war, it’s not about winning hearts and minds. This is old-school: you don’t try to win over your enemies and their family members, you kill them.

Read more

Yeah criminal regime collapsing near!


Morsi openly expressed solidarity with the Syrian opposition. "Our solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against an oppressive regime that has lost its legitimacy is an ethical duty as it is a political and strategic necessity," Morsi said. "The bloodshed in Syria is hanging over all of us. It is our responsibility... to actively intervene to stop the killings," he added.

I don’t think  Mr Morsi  comment is not necessary about Sunni against Shiite, but rather inevitable force of change in Arab world, also ethical concern. Criminal Assad regime is exceptionally brutal and sadistic killing Syrian people. have you seen any regime survival after that kind of brutally and destruction? No there is no way!   

Heroes and Warriors

Heroes shot down enemy fighter jets, this is only beginning, this will be string of

The World whole world stand by Syrian people their aspirations and struggle against criminal regime!

RE: Refugee camp and safe heaven for the Children!  Western et al should not say things difficult, there is always way to do it, we should not consider the criminal regime his few donkey kowtow corniness. Setting up refugee camps inside Syrian and safe heaven for civilian is absolutely necessity  for protecting Syrian people caught up middle, the refugees  are majority of them all children and older and women. The UN must response this  absolutely necessity  under the humanitarian crisis, the UN can not afford to fail to do this absolutely necessity.   This  absolutely necessity.   

Know How To Shoot Both Lens and Guns

“If you keep giving people videos and cameras and satellite equipment so they can document how they are getting killed, it won’t stop the killing,” said Louay Sakka, one of the group’s eight board members, referring to the American aid. As for Mr. Assad’s loyalists, he added, “it’s only the language of force they understand.”
“Without force, tyranny will persist,” Dr. Danan said. “We will advocate with whatever means we can to mobilize the United States and other world powers to support the Syrian people, and not just with mere rhetoric.”

Yes, they know how documented but also they should know how to kill enemies too, so many field revolutionaries were killed, they should trained to shoot lens  as well as shoot gun shoot enemies hearts too.  

French official said that it is difficult to no-fly-zone, why can’t  you make yourself  is doable,  to set up the refugee camp in side Syria, it is not easy task but if solved international law( I don’t know this area so I can not make assessment) but under the UN Charter surly humanitarian base it can be done.
i)          Just shifted few yards from Turkish side boarder to Syrian side boarder build the refugee camp( this won’t be difficult).
ii)        Armed UN military for protection ( I think under UN humanitarian force it can be done) .
iii)       Declare that area  no-fly-zone or safe heaven for civilian(working at the Turkey which is NATO under NATO and Arab League( or unsc can’t be veto on this).

It is matter of urgency UN has  to prepare refugee camps for inside Syria for cope with the over flowing civilian, this can not be delay, before winter comes, it will getting worst.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Warrior FSA Creativity

Taking over airfield and sky and making own guns weapons, this is all motivation, their own personal war, their Victory belong to them, every day bit by bit they beat the criminal gangs, whose fighting is belong to one donkey family!

Just one quick note for criminal Assad tv interview. He is a donkey, made a donkey statement, he said that, he need time to kill about 21 millions  people, well yes certainly he needs time to kill 21 millions!” Anyone not killing him please? Surely somewhere in a deep bunker he live like rats. Well his rat hole there will be no sunshine forever, he will be dead dark deep rat hole for sure!   80% literacy and median age of 22 years old,  majority of young people are accessing internets Google Facebook… this pitiful donkey family shelter behind  polices security systems, starvation of modem minds try put them into few centuries past time machine. Well there is no go back but only forward, our impressive minds are progressive change all the time and challenge limitation,  any system failed to accommodate  they  should die out!   

Why the FSA and the Revolutionary Will be Victory:
i)        Because they nowhere but they are everywhere.
ii)       They are creative and ingenuous and resourceful.
iii)      The are marking history.  
iv)      They are making out of comedies from their personal tragedies.
v)       Their view wide open.
vi)      They know they are doing for whole not for their own little  personal gain.
vii)     They are most of beautiful and strong minded people who willing give up for their life for      others. … etc…. 

Criminal Assad is Preparing for Chemical Weapons

FSA Captures A Missile Storage Base Near Damascus, SYRIA - Free 

The FSA captures a missile storage base near Damascus. Some of the missiles were being modified by the Assad regime so that chemically charged warheads could be fixed on them 


Few days back criminal assad  premised to the world  that  he  will not going to use chemical weapons, even Russia ensured that  criminal gave his words for noting using it but  we know criminal Assad word is based on baseline of lie lie lie  so he was preparing for using chemical weapons behind back of world. How long we the world let him alive? You know, few of these missiles blow off air with bio-chemical gems well you know the horrors story of chemical warfare, criminal Assad more than welling to use it.  A horror is just around corner, a mass destruction... criminal regime just become a mere killing machine 

Heroes FSA Liberated Airport 8


Syrian rebels armed with truck-mounted anti-aircraft guns and tanks captured from the government attacked the Taftanaz air field near Aleppo on Wednesday, seeking to destroy attack jets and helicopters housed there.
Video posted on YouTube by activists showed rebels firing, tracer bullets arcing toward the air field, scattered explosions and some damaged helicopters. The extent of the damage and the casualties suffered were unclear, though a unit of fighters known as the Flag of the Umma Brigade - led by Libyan Mahdi al-Harati, who joined the uprising in Syria earlier this year -claimed to have suffered a casualty.
Videos below show some of the attack:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Story of Challenge

I am not an angel far from it. But I consider myself good at my own arena. My personal experiences, sometime within only a month most or few weeks, you have to take over a business which were often last end result I was appointed. Hundred of people’s life-hood also should consider and sometimes hundred of people( only with rough training) mobilizes very short period of time.  There is no time because the business going down drain or change into  hands of others or take it over etc... In that situation I considered myself a surgeon emergency table, you make your own decision no one make it for you; i) Is this savable or not? ii) Where is the deep haemorrhage spot? iii) Courage. As always has been the deep bleeding spots are, people + system= variables=old mentality.  Change or reengineering among many things, reengineering human resources is the main theme along with technology. There is no text book you can consult to, you are your own! One of the key challenge is dealing with paradoxical force of  “fear and motivation” within, how the fear turn into the “ aspiration”  I  save you, you save me, we save together! So unshakable  integrity and commitment for betterment for all of us!  Our theme has been a simple, without organization  you will have no job, so no business no job, what is gone be?   I am not doing this for my own benefit but for all of us OK? Are you with me or not?  You have to camp on yourself mentally and physically within few months.  I become a skeleton always after each assignment. Well each day you need a few glass of red wine! This is my story.  Have a happy day I shall certainly do!

Update: not all daunting and heavy stuff, sometimes very simple solutions, just redesigned incentive systems and services delivery,  not only money but  how to do...very simple things make it a huge different.

Insulting World Intelligent

The Syrian  criminal army has been dropping leaflets from helicopters over Damascus, warning rebels to hand over their weapons, according to the Associated Press:
The leaflets dropped Tuesday are signed by the armed forces and the army's general command.The leaflets said the Syrian army is determined to "cleanse every inch of Syria" and that "gunmen" have no choice but to give up their weapons or face "inevitable death."
Clean every inch Syria mean  they least about 21 million( my gut feeling number) people criminal talking about, of his support say about less than few million because of their involvement with criminal. Well yes 21 million people they are talking about cleaned up every inch. You will never ever rule people bombs and tanks. Also they Revolutionary/FSA  true lawful army, they are legitimate of  Syrian protectors, criminal Assad army is perpetrators, lost its legitimate long ago, now mere killing machine carried atrocity of  Syria and her own people criminal own family pitiful  survival!  In this game, either you are the criminal  side or the Syrian people side that is your choices! then you know which side has bread and butter!  Why all these heroes die  why not useless criminal is not die? Why keep him alive? For what? (I strike line). inevitable death of criminal army for sure!  People can not be ruled by bombs and tanks...

Certainly criminal is  doing fine job of atrocity! Hitler and Polpot can only match this! Coward gutless feeble inhuman.

UPDATE:  Last few days, criminal regime is criticizing about foreign power helping the Revolutionary. In this conflict there is two side, either you are the Revolutionary  or killing perpetrator regime their own people. what criminal regime want is that no foreign intervention.  In fact, the Syrian people went out PEACEFUL demonstrations, they sang their dreams,  they chant their aspirations, they were drumming their  non-violent plea, but this criminal regime started shoot, killed  the demonstrators ganged with their thugs. What do you expect? Their own military refused to shoot their own people instead they defected and set up their own military(FSA) fighting against the criminal regime, and that is end of the beginning the criminal régime.  No country interest in involved early on. So the revolutionary ask international community to intervene of extraordinary brutal crack down and atrocity. And criminal regime turn into a pure killing machine, no rational mind and body able to function as a governing authority but mass destructions of mentally “ if I can not have it you can not have either!” kind of mentally, and criminal don’t want to any  international community intervene in any form to help the revolutionary  while they want their few allies help them to carry out mass atrocity,  because they know they lost lawfulness as a governing body. Basically it is a outcast. They can not rules people by bombs and tanks, that is end of it,  it is ended by their own course! It is ended! 

Daraya Will be Rise From Its Ashes

Monday, August 27, 2012

FSA Shoot Down Choppers

This is Beginning of Criminal  End of Sky

Shot down every criminal  choppers and and fighter jets! Anyone can't you see so obviously lie lie life  of lie by criminal and his cronies! FSA never lie intentionality, but sometimes out of hand that is all. 

World You Should Shame OF - Darya Massacres

Looking at them, are they animals or humans?  like you and I, how dare you world let hits happen?  Are you not shamed of to be breathing same air as the criminals who has done this to us? Are you not shame of being human to see this? Are you not angry of seeing this slaughter  houses? Or simple you close your dammed eyes turn your bloody neck to, massacre your conscience of this bloody horror?You are   Why are you let his happen? Look at them? You are all accomplices! Sucking on your tedious pigeons holes morals and sterilised halogenated tail attached on a  few inches behind your fat asses, push button just before your own entrance then you know the senses of urgency!  Kill the criminal Assad and his cronies! 

How Innocent People in Syria

HOW sister and brother die together 

HOW mother and child die together 

Therefore cross the criminals off this planet 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Word Open Your Heart - See This Atrocity

The world see what is the cost of this, more delay more cost, you know the criminal never ever going win or even if one in  billion chance he win this conflict there will be  no peace, it is more atrocity. This far, do you think anything other than the criminal continues rule this great people after this inhuman brutally? No there is no chance of that then you know what to do. No more delay how many more people death you want to see? There is no way out, but only one way out this tragic is kill or remove the criminal and few of cronies. There no way but one way!  why all these young people all these innocence people die senselessly? Because criminal is mad, like a  mad dog in the street he completely stupid, destroys as much as possible knowing his ending is near. by the way when dog is mad what would you do? well put it down! that is the only one way!

Destroying People's Heart

Destroying bombing civilian life and town cities are  not commanding people's  heart for sure! Click here see more images how criminal regime is destroying civilian life.

International momentum for limited military intervention in Syria gathered pace yesterday amid opposition reports that 4,000 people have been killed this month, the deadliest since the uprising began.
France signalled it would be willing to participate in the enforcement of a limited no-fly zone and suggested for the first time that such an operation could be mounted without reference to the UN Security Council, where Russia and China wield a veto.


(Reuters) - The bodies of at least 200 people were found in a town close to Damascus on Saturday, according to activists who said most appeared to have been killed by Syrian troops "execution style".
"In the last hour, 122 bodies were discovered and it appears that two dozen died from sniper fire and the rest were summarily executed by gunshots from close range," Kinan said.
"Assad's army has committed a massacre in Daraya."

More than 200 bodies were found in houses and basements around Daraya, a working-class Sunni Muslim town to the southwest of Damascus, according to activists who said most had been killed "execution-style" by troops on house-to-house raids.

Criminal gangs are conveniently sealed off international media and pounding helicopters and fighter jets backed Russian and china, search house to house, if found any young men, regardless whether he rebel or not just shot them because the criminal don’t like them because they happen to be there. Criminal make his mind whether any Syrian people or alive or killed, he just don’t like Syrian people against his family and him. All your idiot who is criminal defects.  

the below is link where you can see clip the massacre  middle of the page ---Ugarit | | island 26_8_2012: Murad Shami intervention - Darya massacre- horrific

Astronaut Neil Armstrong Pass Away

Neil Armstrong - the First Man at the Moon

I am so sad today that is all, farewell my friend!


Here F. Stephen Larrabee from Project Syndicate insightful commentary what US et al should do, they can not be a bystander and just provide “non-lethal non-of their core business” approach.  The Syrian are feel betrayed  by the US et al non-violent approach while hundreds people are being  killed every single day and criminal regime brutally escalated extreme degree violent and refugee over flow and conflict spill over neighboring  counties, PKK movement northern Turkish boarder –criminal regime calculated  tacit- it is almost out of control. So US et al must act NOW, more actively and assertively supporting the FSA  as the below is from Larrabee’s:

Moreover, the conflict in Syria has significant geostrategic implications beyond Syria’s border. The issue is not simply Syria’s evolution, but the nature and stability of the future political order in the Middle East.
             The US should provide opposition forces with increased intelligence and communication equipment, thereby enabling them to coordinate their attacks more effectively.
             The US should supply arms, ammunition, and logistical support to the opposition, beyond what Saudi Arabia and Qatar currently are providing. Additional weapons – including anti-tank guided missiles, mortars, and sniper rifles – would enable the opposition to launch effective attacks from a distance, and challenge the pro-Assad forces’ air supremacy.
             America and its key allies should help to train the opposition forces to operate these weapons. The training provided by France, Britain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates played a critical role last year in shifting the balance in favor of Libyan opposition forces, and it could have a similar impact in Syria.
 I add few more point is that, “No-Fly-Zone” is most urgent, it can stop the criminal regime indiscriminate attacking  by air this not only able to change for ground situation for FSA also the protect innocent civilian and also able create somewhere near Turkish boarder safe haven for refugees and international community provided the military protect the refugees. Do not waste your breath on the unsc anymore you won’t get it. There is “ Friend of Syria” there is 133 or countries  vote for the Syrian people. 
Most saddest thing is, Syrian people life is not important as much as other national’s  life.  Journalists’ death and missing have intensive coverage while so many Syrian people's  death treated as non-human entity, borderline nonexistent of human life  trashed into tornado pieces spread around rubbish dumping ground as if they were never have been someone beloved  sons or fathers. Our humanity no conscience, vacuumed off its innocent mentally by greediness blindness of its comforted sphere.  One of supreme comic is unsc, Charter is “ world peace and security”   they consider themselves superpower of keeper of world pieces( not peace) et al.  Just not right, their backstreet parish peace operation under the banner of the unsc, their seedy conscience nothing more than a mere bully they lost their legitimacy eye of the world

World Open Your Eye to See

Bloody  World open your eyes to see -River of blood 

 My son you will be the freedom rider! 

An innocent  guy from Aleppo -was arrested  and released -by criminal assad  gangs 

Phil Moore/AFP/Getty Images - Season of great  runners 

Reuters - Heroes Leafy grace

Friday, August 24, 2012

FSA New Discovery

Sri Free Army discovers caches Iabtal carried Iabtal 24/08/2012

The Syrian People, They Will Be Our First Masters!

"Secretary-General, when you called me I told you that I was honored, flattered, humbled and scared and I am still in that frame of mind," Brahimi told Ban, when the pair met in New York.

"The Syrian people, they will be our first masters. We will consider their interests above and before anyone else. We will try to help as much as we can, we will not spare any effort," he said. "Let's try and see what we can do." 

I high-light the above...Then we know what went so wrong, the stupid criminal thinks he is master of people that went so wrong, all these years his family surpass 23 million people  for his little donkey dammed-doom! Anyone not killing him by bomb or anything for getting rid of him.

Healthy Rice with Full of Goodness

Image from 123rf

Image from Panoramio

Season of the autumn, all blues sky heartfelt  come to closer,   field of goodness the harvest season, the farmer is looking for his harvest, all the hardship all the pain he endured day and night for his cultivation of his soil, for him the soil is  holy, his soil never betrays him, sometimes drought take away from his belief but soil promises  him another season, that is his duty bound so he commit  his soil, so he knows his soil intimately and humbled by, when  he has a great good season for his rice, the rices in his field  bow to him their heads humbly and sincerely, signed of full of goodness and wisdom, and they ready to serve their  purpose for nourishing for humanity. Confucius teach us humble is virtue and wisdom  Learning from the rice farmer.   I am just saying. 

Arabian Night and US Politic


Mitt Romney says he's willing to send US troops to Syria if needed to prevent the spread of chemical weapons.
The Republican presidential contender has told CBS News that the United States must take "whatever action is necessary" to ensure weapons of mass destruction don't fall into the wrong hands.
Romney says that may require ground troops or action by US allies such as Turkey or Saudi Arabia.
The former Massachusetts governor has limited foreign policy experience, but has so far outlined aggressive positions on potential threats. He told CBS that he would also support military action to prevent Iran from "becoming nuclear" or providing fissile material to Hezbollah. Romney says a nuclear Iran is unacceptable and could allow America's enemies to
attack the United States.
The Syrian government has acknowledged that it possesses chemical weapons, but says that it would only consider using them in the case of a foreign military intervention, and that they would not be used on Syrian citizens.

Asking For No-Fly-Zone

Urgent and emergency: a statement of Colonel Khaled  calls on the international community to immediate emergency intervention to enforce a no-fly urgently .23/08/2012


(AP Photo/Shaam News Network SNN via AP video) 

BEIRUT (AP) — France signaled Thursday that it was prepared to take part in enforcing a partial no-fly zone over Syria, piling pressure on President Bashar Assad's embattled regime as it widens a major offensive against rebels in Damascus and surrounding areas. 
French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged the international community to consider backing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, but cautioned that closing the Arab nation's entire air space would be tantamount to "going to war" and require a willing international coalition that does not yet exist.
.... Keep reading in here 
International community can not be as a bystander any more, you should not betray yourself  any more! you have to stand up for your conciousness!

Common Goal - Freedom

We want to free this country from  criminal regime so that we can see the smile of people, we are servant of the people! 

Her Last Moment

This is deeply touching moment acutely the shot was her last shot too! Bye my friend! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carnage of Carnage

Criminal gangs search for house to house for young man and kill them and  after that people go after searching for dead bodies... for burial, a criminal regime gang speak  fitly of... while bombs towns cities....


France signaled Thursday that it was prepared to take part in enforcing a partial no-fly zone over Syria, piling pressure on President Bashar Assad's embattled regime as it widens a major offensive against rebels in Damascus and surrounding areas.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged the international community to consider backing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, but cautioned that closing the Arab nation's entire air space would be tantamount to "going to war" and require a willing international coalition that does not yet exist.
- Associated Press

...State media hailed the recapture by the army of three Christian neighbourhoods in the heart of Aleppo, but clashes between troops and rebel fighters raged in other parts of the city and in the southern belt of Damascus

Christian and criminal Assad killers they have cosy dozgy deals well OK  so bear hallelujah... scathed back each other-   they sold their souls to evil satan... that is why  I am not going to church any more they are all evil traitors...  Judas hallelujah... punish Judas... send them hell... hallelujah... remember Syria people and FSA  will be the winner! This is inevitable, remember that! You Judas will be sorry for sure!


All the young blooms fallen under the freedom tree, their blood is covered by agony of soil, but remember, she is indomitable she will thwack her soil in her spring and blooms her flowers again!