Saturday, August 11, 2012

Curiosity Affair

Work hard Curiosity day and night 24/7  send us full of goodies, gee look like deserts, soil there dust it could  be somewhere ET would there some corner of the desert. soil there so water wonder what is in there?  beneath probably lots of natural resources, some unknown ET civilization, acutely I had dreams sometime ago bit of like that scenes, there was moon up there top of red desert, and whole city  buildings but no people were there I knew someone there watching  over me then I was little girl then I was doing  Hopscotch   tall  building lone depict its sunset  I was counting 1 2 3  and singing, walking down street there were street plants were all dead that could be year 3000? Do you think all people dead, I am the only survivalist? The magnificent sunset and moon and I?    I have this long memory of this dream ever haunting dream strange but very comforting dream so even we are all ET land there would be no problems