Sunday, August 19, 2012


Start pursuing with US and west  and regional alliance military intervention and down track who know Russia and China see danger of their “useless vetoes” that make them come to table but as without that, they will abuse the power so, take it away from it.  They try to desperately to bring “Syria” issues back to “unsc” no fly zone I agree, that gives a huge advantage of boost speed up FSA, all the fighting now spill over neighboring  countries.  How anyone can kill criminal assad that would be a huge hero, the FSA and Syrian people put price on the criminal assad neck for ransom, anyone who kills asssad, they are the biggest decorative heroes for the Syria and Syrian people! 

I think FSA actively promote citizen awareness of major defection on the government level i.e. Prime Minister Riad Hijab defection.  There is no sectarian revenge after the war, Kurdish, Christian Druze all are Syrian. I read they are beautiful prose very simple children song , same like every holy text full of goodness how we conduct our life same as like any other holy text full of beauty and goodness... why people so discrimination for  you don;t need to be fundamentalist fantastic read the prose, it is life human life story, I tell you what I was given three children version Quran books sometimes back, the little girl who gave them to me thought I was a little girl too do you think?