Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crime You Never Commit

The FSA the Revolutionary Never Wrong – Millions of Homeless, their duty by any means end this battle soon as possible so that everyone able to come home!

"Many people in al-Bab [city NE of Aleppo] - and apparently across Syria - were arrested just to extort money from the detainee’s families. And this was not unique to the uprising - it had been going on for a long time, former prisoneers an
Locals told us that the sheer scale of the security services' corruption and sadism in the end proved their undoing. "Some people were tortured too much,” explained Hozaifa. "If they came home, they sold everything they had to fight the regime."
To be honesty to us!  whatever FSA the revolutionary  does their action is justified, in my eyes the FSA everything right and heroic, 2 or 3 million need food and same number of people homeless ! How do you describe  this massive scale of atrocity? by any mean if the FSA carried out  any actions  to end this atrocity, end Syrian people's  suffering   their action are justified, I know you journalists, sake of your bonfire nature you would like to bonfire from nothing to something but you would know you have seen it! So be honest yourself!

MNA palaces Homs district report shows the effects of mass on the neighborhood and its residents free of palaces and streets, which are stationed in the army as well as how to cut the streets of snipers freed the car and shot the crew also show small details relating to destruction, both 
Were in the indoor or outside 
and we note that the report would not have been without the hero martyr Abu Khaled, who died when he finished the report and we started to cut off the streets subsidiary of snipers with the criminal sniper Street Babai will of a martyr 
photography :: Mujahid al-Homsi 
submission :: Abu Anas 
directory :: martyred hero Abu Khaled 
videos is strictly HD, but was partially compressed for ease of lifting 
this Alfedo from inside the car with show how to navigate the streets of Homs lump streets Balguenasin who been killed so many young people Alhamasna These buildings collapsed in the street, from palaces have collapsed as a result of the continuous shelling of the system failure Games Children palaces how you became after the bombing = onRzy-AExLwdestruction of furniture in the house of mortar injury in the castles and the mortars of 120 mm and the average is not large This video shows the severe damage caused to shops and buildings at the park even in the palaces The trees have not received them broken glass in a room in the house of deficient children how it looks in the entrance building palaces after the bombing of the system a snapshot of a nearby tree appears later in the palaces of mass This video shows the impact of flechette shells and mortar on the street and buildings mass street market near the cardamom with the knowledge that the army occupies the blocks corresponding to the capture location explanation for the intensity of the shelling buildings, palaces, so that every house infected by more than a mortar shell destruction of the walls and furniture and household appliances in the home of palaces after a tank shell ? v = TwSoNbisl88 filming soon for details at the entrances of buildings, palaces wait here a moment before he cut off by a sniper a professional army of occupation in the street, from palaces com / watch? v = _Y09qX4gu-4 guest room after the bombing, how you became imaging relative to the details of the deficiencies of mass 2Http:// = l0_dJk1biAw shells of caliber in the roof of a house palaces imaging relative to the details of the destruction in palaces in the car and how to movement in the streets of the shortcomings of this Alfedo inside the car with show how to navigate the streets of Homs lump streets Balguenasin who been killed a lot of young Homs