Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lie Lie Lie

What Is Happening Ground Now! 

Mother die front of her children 

Armless Legless children 

No Safe places for  nourishes their young minds 

LAST  few days, there was media propagandas from criminal side;
i)                    Criminal regime want to dialog with the Opposition and the criminal ready to step down- what is new, same old story lying
ii)                  Criminal sent his cronies to his mater Russia, Russia confirmation,  “criminal Assad is not using chemical weapon”  and telling US et al strictly adhere international law… While
iii)                Criminal makes people demonstration for supporting his criminal carnage…

This says all,  there is another the useless unsc meeting coming up for  something fabricated  for Russia and China, veto for deceiving the world again and to give green light to criminal Assad for keep carrying  out his carnage. While Russia et al  endless lying  goes on,  Syria is completely going to be ransacked by the criminal   madness while the international community fold their hands just watching as spectators. 

Shelling bombing goes everywhere  via NYT

One thing the international community must know, the criminal is not going anywhere until he is removed by force! He has no intention of negotiation the Opposition whatever he says,  is bidding for  his time and deceiving the world and give something to his mater Russia for argue on the useless unsc