Monday, August 6, 2012

Real Power is the Services of Beauty

Power can be very beautiful, in history why all the kings queens built their huge places for their house because it is power they display, symbol of their statue, without saying and actually saying we are powerful therefore we are living this a huge palaces as our home  with millions of  concubines etc…  Now modem nation’s  power is all about economic power and technology, Yankee certainly is in that; i.e. Google, Facebook Twitts and well yes they went Moon first too(  this is my favorite). I mean it is a great privilege to have a such advance technology, and someone they don’t like they go with trillions bucks and get rid of tyrannies regimes. So don’t cross me if I don’t like you I am going to hunt down it doesn’t matter how long i.e. bin Linden. Anyway becase of the Yankee’s  technology( Facebook Google doing it)  brings to end  effectively this immense misery of  millions of Syrian then that power certainly services of the beauty!