Friday, August 3, 2012

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syrian refugee crisis: we can't feed our people, say advancing FSA rebels

Abu Hamza, a Free Syrian Army colonel from the Jebel al-Zawiya district south of Idlib, told the Guardian that neither the FSA nor local communities could provide shelter or food for the thousands of displaced civilians being forced to sleep in fields or on the streets of towns and villages. 
More than 250,000 refugees are believed to have fled Aleppo in the past fortnight, with large parts of the city of 2.5 million people now empty. 
"We can't feed them," he said. "We need help. We don't even have food for our own families, or for ourselves. We cannot survive for much longer under these conditions. We are talking a few weeks."
This is what the useless unsc has done.  Russia harvesting their little inhuman profit cost of Syrian people suffering and their blood.  I think criminal assad regime went to Russia for asking aid, I think post-criminal Assad, the New Syrian Government  is not going to pay back to Russia whatever criminal borrowed or  bought from Russian carried out for  killing Syrian people. Also some of these UNAS nations who vote against Syrian people you should discriminated  between whether you vote against  to Syrian people  or vote against US et al. then you know where you standing.

The World should focus on get rid of criminal assad, so the solution is i)  arming properly the FSA ii) encourage defection iii) continues sanction, vi) the million  homeless  people accommodate within Syria ( along with no-fly-zone), now is summer so that is less hard  but if winter season we have to consider if this conflict drags on... what Russia is should know that Assad is no future why Russia betting on donkey assad  instead the thoroughbred Syrian people?