Saturday, August 4, 2012

FIM-92 Stingers The FSA Need

FIM-92 Stingers  The FSA Need 200 of them The FSA Can Beat Criminal Assad Terrorists

They do not want the balance in favor of a mile of the Syrian people and the Syrian army's free ... you failed to Arab countries for securing these missiles and may believe the Afghan Mujahideen and thousands of rockets which have killed more than 15 ten thousand Russian soldiers .... in the picture attached. ... FIM-92 Stinger , we need only to about 200 rockets of this kind .... According to the criminal system Asadi highest Brigade breakaway Zoubi Air Force uses this number now in the destruction of the Syrian cities: 1. 150 aircraft helicopter 2. 22 aircraft MiG-25 3. 30 aircraft MiG-21

As they says it is very powerful, it is much cheaper than no-fly-zone! If Yankee worry about  this powerful weapons falling into wrong hands after the war then the FSA give to  US to a written assurance for the stock taking after the war! So they take care of these powerful killer machines not ending up wrong hands.  There are other weapon that can bring down assad terrorists helicopters and fighter jets but this is most effective powerful armor able to annihilate the criminal Assad as he is the enemy of Syrian people for sure  that the FSA able beat the criminal atrocity indiscrimination  bombings cities and towns. This military analysis say it is only major thing the FSA things to  worry as: i) they win Syrian people’s hearts ii) moral is sky rocketing( same time their weapons also able to shot the sky for sure), iii) all these million people’s suffering, food homeless, vi) conflict spill over neighboring countries v) Cost effective ending this conflict proper arming the FSA ( forget about unsc please)! Please the world most powerful super power we the world plea to Yankee’s benevolence! I think also Yankee needs bit show off something that so ingeniously superior why not using this great chance for show it off!  I think if the deadly killer machine that  can save Syrian people from  immense humanitarian catastrophe, able to prevent immense devastations,  it can save millions of people’s from misery well then that can be a  BENEVOLENCE machine. And owner of the BENEVOLENCE certainly its power excises most magnificent way for sure! The UN General Assembly shows also  a huge majority( I bet all of them Yankee lovers for sure!)  of the world support the Syrian people endings their misery and exultation of  their  inspiration of the freedom and dignity!


Alarabiya # shows Recorded Footag of FSA capturing 48 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who came to Syria as so called 'Pilgrims' when infact they weren't at all but Criminals coming to kill Syrian civilians alongside Assad fo

They killers pilgrims of  innocence Syrian people's lives!