Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Insulting World Intelligent

The Syrian  criminal army has been dropping leaflets from helicopters over Damascus, warning rebels to hand over their weapons, according to the Associated Press:
The leaflets dropped Tuesday are signed by the armed forces and the army's general command.The leaflets said the Syrian army is determined to "cleanse every inch of Syria" and that "gunmen" have no choice but to give up their weapons or face "inevitable death."
Clean every inch Syria mean  they least about 21 million( my gut feeling number) people criminal talking about, of his support say about less than few million because of their involvement with criminal. Well yes 21 million people they are talking about cleaned up every inch. You will never ever rule people bombs and tanks. Also they Revolutionary/FSA  true lawful army, they are legitimate of  Syrian protectors, criminal Assad army is perpetrators, lost its legitimate long ago, now mere killing machine carried atrocity of  Syria and her own people criminal own family pitiful  survival!  In this game, either you are the criminal  side or the Syrian people side that is your choices! then you know which side has bread and butter!  Why all these heroes die  why not useless criminal is not die? Why keep him alive? For what? (I strike line). inevitable death of criminal army for sure!  People can not be ruled by bombs and tanks...

Certainly criminal is  doing fine job of atrocity! Hitler and Polpot can only match this! Coward gutless feeble inhuman.

UPDATE:  Last few days, criminal regime is criticizing about foreign power helping the Revolutionary. In this conflict there is two side, either you are the Revolutionary  or killing perpetrator regime their own people. what criminal regime want is that no foreign intervention.  In fact, the Syrian people went out PEACEFUL demonstrations, they sang their dreams,  they chant their aspirations, they were drumming their  non-violent plea, but this criminal regime started shoot, killed  the demonstrators ganged with their thugs. What do you expect? Their own military refused to shoot their own people instead they defected and set up their own military(FSA) fighting against the criminal regime, and that is end of the beginning the criminal régime.  No country interest in involved early on. So the revolutionary ask international community to intervene of extraordinary brutal crack down and atrocity. And criminal regime turn into a pure killing machine, no rational mind and body able to function as a governing authority but mass destructions of mentally “ if I can not have it you can not have either!” kind of mentally, and criminal don’t want to any  international community intervene in any form to help the revolutionary  while they want their few allies help them to carry out mass atrocity,  because they know they lost lawfulness as a governing body. Basically it is a outcast. They can not rules people by bombs and tanks, that is end of it,  it is ended by their own course! It is ended!